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Game of Thrones: The Last Watch | Official Documentary Trailer | HBO

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From director Jeanie Finlay, a farewell to Westeros with the people who built the realm. The Last Watch, a two-hour documentary, premieres May 26 on HBO.
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Joel Sattler (14 minutes ago)
The part with the Night King actor in Spain just killed me!
Show ended with Winds of Winter
Eleni M. (21 minutes ago)
Is anywhere online ? Because i am searching everywhere and i can find any site for free
Kinkoyaburi (21 minutes ago)
So, you can't watch this without a HBO subscription?
capsula68 (33 minutes ago)
Fuck off
StubenhockerElite (33 minutes ago)
I feel so bad for everyone involved. Such fucking legends, from set design to vfx, wasted on one of the worst scripts in tv history.
Aygerim Kumarbekova (35 minutes ago)
where can we watch it for free?
cc22ful (40 minutes ago)
It didn`t have to be this big, it just had to make sense.
xian weber (51 minutes ago)
TB 12 (1 hour ago)
Comment: Why do GOT fan hate the last season? What was so bad about it?
Talha waheed games (1 hour ago)
Ceiwyn (1 hour ago)
Can I watch this somewhere expect HBO and Sky?
La Belle Époque (1 hour ago)
Watch this for those people who still think that was a *Starbucks cup*
Annetta Waiz (1 hour ago)
When you build a house on a fragile, badly constructed grounding, the house is going to suffer from it and fall apart sooner or later, no matter how beautifully the house is done. That is exactly what happened to this show.
Annetta Waiz (1 hour ago)
Man....the people working on this don't deserve to hear all the backlash the show is getting for trash writing...it must be really frustrating to work so hard on something just for it all to be disregarded because of two people. The bad writing truly casted a shadow on the amazing production. It's tragic.
msto64 (1 hour ago)
Boski Szumi (2 hours ago)
8 season sucks D&d sucks, scenario sucks
Maxi Montenegro (2 hours ago)
serenading Bee (2 hours ago)
Myaso (3 hours ago)
Where else can I watch it?
zebble ganubi (3 hours ago)
the last subscription, to hbo
steven gordon (4 hours ago)
Acting is now profession, not an art form... Take the show for what it is... And to HBO and all the cast, thank you guys!!
Hari Haran (4 hours ago)
Any have link to this documentary?? I searched alot..
Mo's Art (1 hour ago)
lusss Lus (4 hours ago)
İdiots new alternative season please very very bad season
Ezekiel P (4 hours ago)
I found this 2 hour documentary terribly boring. It has only about 10 minutes of footage of the main actors and the rest of it is production crew, extras, food vendors and security guards whining about how hard they work; how tired they are; how cold it is; how difficult is it to use the copy machine; how they miss their little children -- ugh.
Akshay P (4 hours ago)
Where can i watch this?
Hi Jack (3 hours ago)
WiNKZ typeBEAT (4 hours ago)
Final Season was 💩 Finale was even more 💩💩
anuj dhyani (4 hours ago)
Salute to all those the cast, the crew from camera man to a person who is providing the light The best cast, VFX design almost everything except for one thing the stupid screenwriting by D&D(fuck you both you ruined the most amazing show. The show which took 7 years to create a godly level you destroyed that godly level and you made it even worse than some shows like Gotham or etc)
Josh Rabatin (4 hours ago)
When everyone is able to read winds of winter just tell yourself it's ok and your gonna be all right lmao a dream of spring is a sequel so it can't be over.
Josh Rabatin (4 hours ago)
Haha for the snowflakes just watch the series over and over until you remember it is epic and came a long way. 😁😚😉😎
nathanephraim (4 hours ago)
Um... isn't it supposed to be uploaded today? ....
Fahri Herlangga (5 hours ago)
the Biggest season ever and the WORST
Unbox It (5 hours ago)
where can i watch this one ?
s. elizabeth (5 hours ago)
I just feel depressed watching this. Season 8 was horrible. All that build up, and it went no where. As someone who has been a fan for over 10 years, the season made me fall out of love . So much work was put into it, but none into the writing. every character arc was destroyed. breaks my heart. The writers ruined the best television series in history
Puddylicks1 (5 hours ago)
Sad to say I watched this, but anyone else notice D&D were no where to be seen?? Just two hours worth of technical stuff. We already know this was above and beyond good, I wanted to hear from you two see where in the fuck it went wrong?!
Jon Doe (6 hours ago)
Fuck you HBO and fuck you Dumb and Dumber. You two bozos should be castrated and banned from Earth.
Zohar Uzuki (6 hours ago)
They didn't interview the starbucks cup or water bottle? They were some of the most popular characters this season...
Bridgette Love (7 hours ago)
Who's here after seeing Conleth Hill (Actor for Varys) throw his script on the table, after the shit revelation of his character arc?
Purple Carrot (7 hours ago)
Kit when he receives his script for season 8 Kit: I dunwannit
JohnBillings (7 hours ago)
I just watched this on HBO and Conleth Hill's reaction says it all. He is really disgusted how they treated the last season and what they did with his character. It's really disappointing.
Jim Bean (7 hours ago)
thanks for fucking up the season guys
Babar Asghar (7 hours ago)
best episode of the season :D :D :D :D :D
Platerpus7 (7 hours ago)
Best episode of the season
Just a human Being (8 hours ago)
Still even though they gave us a shitty ending it's DA BEST TV SHOW EVERRRRRR
Susi Lemar (4 hours ago)
Hi beautiful, where's the full inspiringly great documentary GOT The Last Watch! IT'S QUITE A UNBOUND RIDE!!!⚟⭐ LOVE Y'ALL!⭐ ⭐FoREVer!⭐-*-<3⚟ If y'all love knight fighting, :) After sadly missed GOT, Tune into Knight Fight A&E 🗡️ 🛡️ ⚒️ 🛡️⛏️ AMaZin! Guys! Battling it All Out in the Knight Fight Chamoionships 🗡️⚒️🛡️ Big Prizes And More! Shout Out to Ringo Blood n All hope your stiches heal praying 🙏 for your beautiful mom! 💖 💖Glad you Won! 🙏 All great fighters! / zknights! Love y'all! BIG MASSIVE SHOUT OUT!!!!... TO YOU ALL IN GOT!!! MISS ALL! GOT<3 🌟🐉 YOUR ALL BEAUTIFUL! 🐉⚟💖💖💖⚟🐲 BEST RAD ! SHOW! HOPE MORE NEW GOT SHOWS!!! COMING!!!⭐ LOVE <3⚟FOREVER!<3⚟ 🐲💚💖⭐👑⭐💖💚⭐🐉🧝‍♂️💋🤴👸🦌🦁⭐🐺🧜‍♂️💋Hi GRMartin More plz!... ⭐👑👑💫 ☄💫👑👑 ⭐ Have A Great Day!...
Matt·Dylan (8 hours ago)
"Wah it didn't end how i wanted" - shut up ya fucking whinging fairies
katt (7 hours ago)
exactly !
Sankul Bhan (8 hours ago)
Where is the documentary on YouTube????
no one (8 hours ago)
Sankul Bhan hbo
B Vyner (8 hours ago)
Just tried to watch it... I couldn't, I truly just don't care anymore. If you told me that 3 years ago i would punch myself in the face saying "not possible" I bought merchandise (I never have done that and never since for any show movie, cups, t-shits, sweatshirts)... But i just don't care... Seeing the actors again just makes me think of Season 8 and most of season 7... im just sad most of all now and dont really want anything to do with Game of thrones... prequel, squeal/ who cares at this point
B Vyner (8 hours ago)
+no one I wish i did... i truly do
no one (8 hours ago)
B Vyner i do
趙子賢 (8 hours ago)
Srija Jha (8 hours ago)
Why isn't this available in India yet? ?????
Ms Lavender (8 hours ago)
Really?! This was hardly a documentary! It's more of a behind the scenes trailer! Can't believe I spent 10 minutes of my freaking time watching this two hour snoozer!
Fabiola Arraya Guzmán (9 hours ago)
Congrats to everyone who worked so hard...except Dum n' Dummer. Lazy writing and the ruin of the show
Leon Jee (9 hours ago)
Michael M (9 hours ago)
I watched it. It was lousy.
Flos Li (9 hours ago)
Why there are so many dislikes on this documentary trailer? The cast&crew are so beyond amazing!! C’mon guys.
Liz P (9 hours ago)
Where is this docu? It should be up by now &it's not showing up on my hulu/hbo now😒
cableaddict (9 hours ago)
Dumb Shit & Dumber Shit need to die. That is all.
Shubham Sharma (9 hours ago)
Bkc India meh nhi aayi😞
Yong Yong (8 hours ago)
I just watched the episode, I just want to say to all crews, casts, directors and creators, thank you so much for your hard work and sacrifices to brought us the greatest, most entertaining and fenomenal TV Show ever made, thank u, thank u and thank u so much 👍👍👍👍
Umbral Assassin (9 hours ago)
This Documentary trailer is truly (for me) better than 3-6 Also, 0:15 "Oh my God, what was I thinking"
Vinista (9 hours ago)
Kaya (10 hours ago)
What was the whole “a girl has no face?” We didn’t even see Arya switch faces only one...
Spiralox 231 (10 hours ago)
I still feel dissapointed with the ending, but big Thank You for the production crew that makes this series amazing for the past years. Not sure if we will get to see another show as amazing as this. Good Job GoT crew members! 👍👍👍
Shubham Bhosale (10 hours ago)
why havent they broadcasted it yet?
Deepesh Pokhriyal (10 hours ago)
Is this available on hotstar?
dragon knight rules (10 hours ago)
Imagine creating this magnificent show and ending it with FUCKING BAD WRITING AND SHITE PLOTWIST
d c (11 hours ago)
i really hope when george martin finishes the series they will have to remake all of this with a real ending not the drivel they presented us with
I Alya (11 hours ago)
They look so proud of their work, aren't they?🙄
Kind Citizen (12 hours ago)
Season 8 was wonderful, what a great show 😁
Icontrolltheworld (13 hours ago)
On this tutorial you will learn how to destroy an entire series in 6 episodes or less.
Josiel Matos (15 hours ago)
What is sad about this, is that all the hard work of all these people, to be "disappointing" at the end. Man, I really like this show. I was expecting something great. If the end were at least ok, but what we saw was terrible. I hope you guys don't make the same mistake again, and other writers learn from what happened with Game of Thrones.
Dude 420 (15 hours ago)
HEY YOU! don't forget to unsub and like this comment
Dude 420 (15 hours ago)
thanks for the giant waste of time.. good job, you subverted my trust..
Matt V (15 hours ago)
People need to shut up already. Even the cast don't like how the "fans" are disrespecting it. Especially the crew that worked 55 nights STRAIGHT to get their result. The shows over, and a prequel is in the works and perhaps ready to air next summer. A ginormous thanks to EVERY person who helped make the worlds biggest series the best it could be. Many of us appriciate the work and we send you only much love!
Kar Jeezus (2 hours ago)
TheMagicalPinky but they’re not gonna feel the disrespect
TheMagicalPinky (9 hours ago)
they honestly sound like little kids. then they say "oh everybody do a good job except the writers" as if other people arent gonna feel the disrespect.
1YangYing (16 hours ago)
GoT could have been D&D's legacy. But they managed to ruin it.
Christie Miller (17 hours ago)
I will not be watching this shit!! Those two dumbasses ruined the entire series for me and others. Characters and story arcs ruined and people just do not fucking care. HBO has fun with the prequel series, I won't be watching.
Asad Ahmed (17 hours ago)
Fucking ending destroyed ❤️ heart of every fan
Starz Hisoka (17 hours ago)
Just fuck you.
Potatoes Are Fun (18 hours ago)
I think the everything was great but the writing seemed better in the previous seasons ngl
Noel Anzures (20 hours ago)
they will air this tomorrow feeling that they will be vindicated somehow by showing the hardwork they did. kit harington tells critics on ET to "go fuck yourself". well, you are an ingrateful sucker. without the critics and fans, you are nothing, and you know nothing jon snow.. go fuck yourself. D&D fuck urselves too.
pantinofficial (22 hours ago)
the metaphor is this... EVERYBODY in the series got what they wanted.. the audience (who's part of the kingdoms) didn't... all the foreshadowing tell us every move before it happens & shows us that this love story was for "us" to show us our true desires, & how "mad" we get when can't get what we want... in-retrospect our bitterness towards the happiness of the others shows us how similar we are to the characters. when littlefinger died "we" were happy he didn't get "what he always wanted" but "we" are unhappy that "Jon/Aegon" got what he wanted. yall are bitter & greedy humans who don't understand love, that's why yall didn't understand the show-runners approach to this masterpiece.
Renae 99 (23 hours ago)
The writers have done a disservice to everyone else who’s worked their asses off throughout the show. What a shame.
OTP (23 hours ago)
What is Varys doing in the last table read
So where is the sweet part in the bitter sweet? Such a talented team crew for such mediocre ending! Is not even about who ended up in the throne, the story line deserve better quality for such prodigious work!
Amy H (1 day ago)
Damn this comment section is brutal Let’s not forget everyone else who worked on the show ie production staff and the actors who were amazing. We should all try focusing on the positive... no use beating a dead horse
Berserker Cookie (1 day ago)
We need a Total War game for Game of Thrones. Make it happen!!!!!
alfina sw (1 day ago)
0:39 so sad, damn.
Lacey Ann (1 day ago)
I think all those people complaining need to go back to season 1 and start again. When you get back to season 8, watch it all again and you will change your mind. This cast and crew and everyone that was involved work their butts off to bring us this amazing show. It will be so missed. I am excited to see what went on behind the scenes.
CrewRanger Gaming (1 day ago)
"Every episode as much in it as a feature film" So that was a lie.
Buddhist (13 hours ago)
00:32 poor people...butchered by D&D
Jean Quad VanDamme (1 day ago)
this should be a episode of seconds before disaster
bbboooaaappp (1 day ago)
Guys if you would like to honour Cast and Crew of this exceptional show please check: http://chng.it/4vbrvbj8
Mr Patty Swag (1 day ago)
I’m going to miss this show. ❤️
Alina World Journal (1 day ago)
D&D are not giving ANY answers to how they made season 8 epic failure. They are trying to hide behind all this good and talented actors that had no choice how the season will look like. I am sure most of that don't like it even more than most of the fans. Shame on HBO and D&D
Trash Bin (1 day ago)
Once there was this thing running through my mind that a show like this would be once in a lifetime thing that I could tell my coming generations about, but the way it has ended, I won't do it because of the disappointment they will get after watching it. D&D are losers without any logical story writing skills, they just wanted to make the final season, make money and end up the show. The characters Jon Snow and Danerys are lifetime characters which were built from scratch and won people's heart but you were worried about money you were paying them, thus reducing your profit. Shit on you D&D, may writers like you are not even born in the brothel of King's Landing. Shit on you #HBO too for letting them run this shit in the name of final season..
Don Falcone (1 day ago)
Fuck U All
Taha Adil (1 day ago)
arya's green and brown eyes that she will shut for ever is d&d
LillyAndora (1 day ago)
Well we kinda forgot about...
0:52 Lmao
PS4 & Stuff (1 day ago)
Shame this show is too good for mainstream audience that can't appreciate the ending which tricked many people. That's what I like
robb Stark (2 days ago)
I can't believe they made a documentary about this bullshit season
Gabriel Narag (2 days ago)
RIP Game of Thrones. D&D murdered the show.

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