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7 Professional Clothing Items Every Career Woman Must Have - Fashion Cents

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http://www.FashionCents.tv Article "7 Professional Clothing Items Every Professional Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe" http://goo.gl/dRljRP Get the 7 must have wardrobe items that will keep you polished in the office. Just starting out in the workplace? A veteran? We have budget conscious tips to help you look polished and professional without spending a fortune no matter where you are in your career. 1. The Little Black Dress -- choose a black dress that can be either professional with a blazer or cardigan that will transform to after 5 by removing the blazer or cardigan. Make sure the dress is appropriate for the office environment. If necessary, add jewelry or accessories for the after 5 look. 2. The Classic Suit -- No matter how casual the office environment is the classic business suit is a must. Perfect for meetings, presentations, and events, you will look polished and professional and commanding. Alter your look with a variety of blouses and tops. 3. Versatile Tops -- Make sure your tops are versatile and professional. Change your basics by rotating a selection of tops to create the impression that you have more outfits than you do. 4. Versatile Bottoms -- If chosen correctly, your basic wardrobe can be mixed and matched to make it appear as if you have a much greater wardrobe than you do. If your budget is small choose the following skirts or slacks to give you that mix and match option. a. Black -- a classic color that always presents as professional. Mix it with one of your professional looking tops and you have a timeless look for most office activity. b. Navy -- Crisp and professional, navy provides a dynamite mix with white. Navy and white combination gives a professional, in-charge look every time. Other colors to pair navy with are cream, red, yellow and certain shades of green. c. Grey --Grey can really pop when coupled with a classic, professional white top. Grey is versatile and pairs beautifully with many colors on the spectrum. 5. A Third Layer -- By creating a 3rd layer, a blazer or cardigan, you are creating a polished look. Choose your colors based on your mix and match collection. Introduce some color or stay with the basics, either way, a third layer will enhance your professional office look. 6. Shoes -- When your budget is limited there is one basic pair of shoes that you must have for professional wear; a pair of black pumps. Choose wisely when selecting these shoes. They should be professional looking, at a reasonable height, classic in design, and comfortable. If you select the right shoe your feet will take you through the day in comfort as well as in a stylish and professional look. 7. A Great Bag -- One good bag big enough to hold your laptop, lunch and personal items will give you a professional look. Using separate bags for all your items looks clunky and awkward. The bag shouldn't be too big, but big enough to hold everything. If you add these 7 basic items to your wardrobe, you will be ready to put forward a professional and polished look every day. It just makes sense. To hear Kim Turner's professional image consulting fashion tips watch the video, read the article "7 Professional Clothing Items Every Professional Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe" at http://goo.gl/dRljRP, and for more great info check out the ebook "25 Ways to Polish Up Your Professional Image -- With Little to No Money" - buy online at ‪http://goo.gl/RETyNB.
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Chicprofessor (8 months ago)
I completely agree! These are perfect must haves for work! Thanks for sharing 😃 I love finding other workwear youtubers!
Andrea Bernard (3 years ago)
I appreciate you sharing the knowledge! I shared your link on my website, so hopefully we will always keep these tips in mind. http://andyshaven.org/?p=787
Andrea Bernard (3 years ago)
+Fashion Cents TV what a great resource! I am thankful for the suggestion
Fashion Cents TV (3 years ago)
+Andrea Bernard Thanks so much for sharing. I checked out your website too. Your ladies might also find this playlist on what to wear to an interview useful https://youtu.be/DzPfroNCsCU?list=PL6D764E27B67920CD.
Kristen Henley (3 years ago)
Thank you so much.  I am 25 years old just entering into to workforce as a teacher and I am looking for some things that I can build my professional wardrobe with.
MsSassyMT (3 years ago)
This was great. I'm 46 and have spent most of my working career working from home but I may be soon working in a downtown office and I needed a few tips. Thankfully, I was on the right track but I still need to pick up a few more staple pieces.
sharonpoetry (4 years ago)
Love the double pearl necklace ! Makes a suit looks chic!
Fashion Cents TV (5 years ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I will work on it. P.S. Make sure you visit the blog or other tips.
1jackieworcs (5 years ago)
Great tips! You look so serious though & were shouting :)

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