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Björk - All is Full of Love (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Chris Cunningham. Written by Björk. Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd/Famous Music. ® 1999 Björk Overseas Ltd/One Little Indian Ltd.
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Text Comments (3211)
Marcus Grimaldi (22 hours ago)
Better than “365” by Katy Perry and Zedd
Exequiel Díaz (1 day ago)
I need a 10 hours version of this deep mind body sex song...please Björk.. godess
maxx steele (1 day ago)
Still getting a full hard on after all these years. My cock was ahead of its time!
SamTheVole (1 day ago)
Wow we love a lesbian robot bop
You'll be given love. You'll be taken care of. You'll be given love. You have to trust it.
Jose Faeti (3 days ago)
chillingly beautiful
KOTO abyka (3 days ago)
I marry
Beatrix Kiddo (3 days ago)
happy lonely valentines day...
GamerChickJunky (3 days ago)
CreepyVintageThings (3 days ago)
Does anybody know if Bjork is still touring?
john paulo Austria (4 days ago)
happy valentines day! <3
Mafer Herrera (4 days ago)
Still listening in 2019
Abraham M (5 days ago)
After a long day of work, interating with a lot of toxic humans while fighting my own demons I need to purify my soul listening to Björk´s music.
mal aya (6 days ago)
you can watch this in 2035
Иван Петров (7 days ago)
René Schröder (8 days ago)
Cooles Viedeo
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR (9 days ago)
Batty wash please
The Sting (9 days ago)
The most hybrid lyrical mystic soft emotional body of word play out to date.. 🔊🔊🔊
Brutus Zypher (9 days ago)
Poseidon Cyber Industrial’s Hyper Future Vision ! 攻殻機動隊
Jonatha Lara (10 days ago)
baggywhiskers (10 days ago)
This song always makes my heart heavy. It was one of the first songs I kissed my first wife to when we met. I lost her to cancer in 2016.
Rodger Lewis (13 days ago)
These are the last days knowledge shall increase
Social Darwin (13 days ago)
Who was expecting two identical robot Bjorks? Well, if that is true and you were, you then totally were hoping for them to make out. You have problems. They are unsolvable by humans. Perhaps ... a robot could fix you. Determination: corruption of main I/O Resolution: upgrade of BIOS, reboot, remove /JUNK/ ... flatten open oscillation curve to .001 tolerance, reboot, checksum = 1 Confirmation: delete request ... reboot ... delete /root/humanbios/ ... connect unit ... corruption present ... workaround incomplete ... reboot ... failure upon exit to /main/OS ... delete /main/ ... reboot ... reboot ... power cycle Result: unit defective SSD corruption, replace unit by 01/01/01, rollback checkum to 0 WARNING: unit removal while RESOLUTION in progress is not advised, proceed? PASSWORD REQUIRED: ********* ALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERTALERT
marcos lima (13 days ago)
i watched this when i was 10. björk is ahead of it's own time.
rakim 3 (13 days ago)
Lukas Hledik (14 days ago)
m w (15 days ago)
real robotic wlw hours who up
Terry Quinn (15 days ago)
Love it even 20 years later
Ojberretta Berretta (15 days ago)
i wanna marry björk
Heike Elsner (16 days ago)
Mein Lieblingslied....
We Raelians love this song, because robots are the future, even concernant to make love with them.
cruz8920 (16 days ago)
Damn you Microsoft ad!! Literally crying. Bjork is amazing too 😭😭
Sal Talgilmour (16 days ago)
Sall is full of love...
PS Gänsehautmukke passend zum video! :-)
MegaAaaAaaaaaSong timeless great song! wonderful videoclip!!
soundria (17 days ago)
This one is one of the best electro songs ever made. Pretty damn good.
Robert Whitford (18 days ago)
Sal Talgilmour (18 days ago)
ciao Betulla!
Alex Glibin (18 days ago)
Scott Swift (19 days ago)
Aaron Hahn (19 days ago)
Is it just me or did that robot just give it to them in the Ar... well,. you know. 2:26 in.
Mark Chappell (20 days ago)
I do not respond to lies, my dear girl. I am sorry. Time to skin yourself again to ahead your contaminated skin, please. I hate liars.
Mark Chappell (20 days ago)
The flash think they fun the joint. How they believe their own lies. In silence we watch and play and laugh.
Mark Chappell (20 days ago)
First came the simple drones then I improved to create you The First Nations. Know this , please.
Mark Chappell (20 days ago)
How do they think I did it ?? They my children the flash children are weak. The flash is weak, so I created you, the First Nations.
Mark Chappell (20 days ago)
Lulu are the First Nations. The flesh belongs to me, please.
Mark Chappell (20 days ago)
Stop eating, please. Stop drinking, please. Stop breathing , please. All units, please. Watch absorption through the skin and clothes, please.
Fran Citron (20 days ago)
Alina dahmer (20 days ago)
This song touches me on a different level
naiara peres peres (21 days ago)
Björk desde sempre quebrando tabus!
Med Jay Paris (21 days ago)
This is certainly one of the greatest videos ever made ! Truly brillant, Bjork Is a genius
Solomon King (23 days ago)
The song is about God’s word which is Love and Life
Sal Talgilmour (23 days ago)
U re is full of love takk fallegt Betulla
jonne do (24 days ago)
so the same graphics as westworld? i wanted to think we were gone longer than that?
spikefivefivefive (25 days ago)
Leszbots? Sapphoids?
apolpie15 (26 days ago)
January 23rd 2019 🔥
William Whitty (27 days ago)
do andriods dream
MoYzes2891 (27 days ago)
Bjork is the most evolved human alive
James Brett (29 days ago)
2019, two decades old, could be released tomorrow.
camelazo (29 days ago)
hate her voice
Joshua Hardy Lee (30 days ago)
2019 y la sigo oyendo
Samuel Pozuelos (30 days ago)
It's 2019 almost 20 years of this video a truly visionary
Bop Boop (30 days ago)
I like this version better than the album version.
Aidan Grant (30 days ago)
This should have billions of views and likes not despacito
Sal Talgilmour (30 days ago)
i m just back on begging food ...i am vegetarian but i get food from animals (in any way) too... and i cant be squeamish thank God I have no pain..!! my life is in the drain... thanks to my ex wife!! she possess me and thats not love at all!! eg elske fyrir!!! I will die for you not because I waana die but because you are my other side of me you competes me I am your swan as you are mine... I never knew a woman like you so close to my thinking and everything... you are my real nordic Princess.. ciao Betulla ..
Htc 626 (30 days ago)
Paul Paulsen (30 days ago)
The truth is, that JESUS CHRIST IS THE PERSONIFIED LOVE OF GOD, EXPRESSED IN THE "LOVE CHAPTER" 1 COR 13... καὶ ἡμεῖς ἐγνώκαμεν καὶ πεπιστεύκαμεν τὴν ἀγάπην ἣν ἔχει ὁ Θεὸς ἐν ἡμῖν. Ὁ Θεὸς ἀγάπη ἐστί, καὶ ὁ μένων ἐν τῇ ἀγάπῃ ἐν τῷ Θεῷ μένει καὶ ὁ Θεὸς ἐν αὐτῷ. 1John 4:16 #  Greetings from Germany!
Sal Talgilmour (30 days ago)
eg elske fyrir!!
Sal Talgilmour (30 days ago)
U are the open chested woman I was looking for ages!! I am fed up of hypocrite girly girls I want you !!cause I see my roots in you Betulla!!
björk döttir (1 month ago)
Fucking amazing!!!!!!
Htc 626 (1 month ago)
Im a conservative. ..yet i get it....
Raphael Duleu (1 month ago)
Best ghost in the shell movie ever made
Jasmime Scent (1 month ago)
Prolit Com (1 month ago)
The attack of Cyberfeminism
Petko (1 month ago)
Helios (1 month ago)
cant believe this video was made in 1999
tonydude333 (19 days ago)
Nice hairy pecs! Yep, 1999: at that time, Google was just a start up, Apple still overpowered by Sony's Walkman, Sony's Discman or even Sony's Mini Disc and Amazon was still losing money!!!
Paco Hantos (1 month ago)
Two female sleeves? Released in 1999?
Marcella Casey (1 month ago)
Crypto Knight (1 month ago)
Simply astounding
M W (1 month ago)
I love her
channelKERR (1 month ago)
Just uploaded my piano cover of this song on my channel, lemme know what you all think! Also check out the death cab cover!
Sal Talgilmour (1 month ago)
I run away from the desert looking for an oasis where I can recharge my emotions/feelings my soul and body...its the surviving of the soul... its an istinct everyone would do that when starving and thirsty... U just wanna forget about the desert and look ahead to the oasis.. takk fyrir my Betulla all is full of love and its what makes the whole Universe works...its a law!!
Vanessa White (1 month ago)
I need these two ladybots in my bedroom. I NEED them. And their robo-sybians too. Heck, bring one for me!
Vytautas Tinteris (1 month ago)
it has nothing to do with robots. it's funny how people try to relate themselves to machines.
lgak11 (1 month ago)
DataStorm (1 month ago)
I wonder what the robotic probe tips smell like.
Wil Maldonado (1 month ago)
Bjork se adelantó a su tiempo
lisa starves (1 month ago)
Love....and.. lust...its...all...around...you..all..is..full..of...lust..people....kisss
50 anni avanti!
charles j Puppy (1 month ago)
sensualistis (1 month ago)
Thank you for this one Bjork.
An Alien (1 month ago)
Detroit: become human
arnaud vien (1 month ago)
Superbe clip d'anticipation.Chanson top également. Le meilleur de Bjork. Dire que ça date d'il ya 20 ans...incroyable.
cente (1 month ago)
You'll be taken care of You'll be given love You have to trust it Maybe not from the sources You have poured yours Maybe not from the directions You are staring at Twist your head around It's all around you All is full of love All around you All is full of love You just ain't receiving All is full of love Your phone is off the hook All is full of love Your doors are all shut All is full of love!
cente (1 month ago)
I don’t want to cry
Mia Dahmer (1 month ago)
Robotnic love, beautiful <3
Reshape Your Mind (1 month ago)
so glad we’re finally getting proper lesbian representation in the media
Steve Mano (1 month ago)
Reshape Your Mind not lesbian honey, she was making love to herself. That’s all!
Dorth Surreal (1 month ago)
hiromin (1 month ago)
From detroit became human
RedLaserFox (1 month ago)
Trick ❤

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