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City of West Hollywood: Celebrating 30 Years of Russian Culture

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When the City of West Hollywood first incorporated, it became home to a significant number of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Most were Jewish and began their journey to America in the 1970's in an effort to escape Soviet oppression. Many of these immigrants are survivors of the Holocaust, and many others fought against Nazi tyranny in the armed forces of the former Soviet Union. In 2015, the City of West Hollywood celebrated their 30th Anniversary of cityhood. As part of that milestone, the City embarked on creating a short video detailing this thriving community and their 30 year contribution to the tapestry that is West Hollywood today.
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deepfreezevideo (1 year ago)
In 1988 I was hired as camera operator and video editor for American-Russian Television, a small budget cable show which was broadcast a couple of times a week on KSCI-TV Channel 18, to the Russian speaking community in L.A. The experience of being an English speaking American plunged into Russian culture was maybe every bit as challenging for me as it might be for Russians being immersed in American culture. But I thrived because it was such an adventure to learn about the Russian experience in our city. I got to meet the leading talents in Russian performing arts, journalism and business. From our little office on Fairfax Boulevard we witnessed the fall of the USSR, and we saw the reaction of Russian immigrants. I learned that Russians are resilient, stubborn, strong and tied to family values. Я следил, будто российские соединились в южноамериканское сообщество. Это был эксперимент, расширяющий разум, которого я вовек не забуду. It was a thrilling time in my young life and a cherished memory.
Wesley K (1 year ago)
Отличное видео!
Shifteh Ehsani (1 year ago)
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