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Install Oracle DB 12c Release 1 Standard Edition One on Oracle Linux 7 - Part 3 of 3

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PART 3 of 3. Detailed walk through of installing Oracle Linux 7 (on a VM) followed by installing Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition One VMware ESXi 6. No Ads. (English - Canadian Accent) Table of Contents: 1) Planning 2) Create VM 3) Download OS ISO from OTN 4) Install Operating System - Oracle Linux 7 5) Postinstallation Tasks 6) Prepare system for Oracle RDBMS 7) Install Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Standard Edition One ( Typical Installation (no ASM) 8) Postinstallation Tasks 9) Starting and Stopping Oracle and Listener 9) Open port 1521 and 5500 (firewalld) 10) EM Database Express 11) Conclusion
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Text Comments (3)
Ehijie Ibadin (2 years ago)
Hello, do you have an walk-through video demonstrating how to install Oracle Database 12c (Desktop Class Installation) ?
1111aborami (2 years ago)
very useful thank you very much
Arnold Spence (2 years ago)
I like your coverage of what can go wrong. There are more than enough "happy path" videos out there :)

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