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What Does The Lord's Prayer Look Like Under Grace? And Should You Pray It?

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http://www.basrijksen.com/freedom/ To put it bluntly the Lord's prayer is not a New Covenant prayer! Jesus gave a model for prayer, not something to repeat! Remember that the Lord’s Prayer was before the cross. The New Covenant only started after the cross so we have to look at the Lord’s Prayer from a New Covenant Grace perspective. By doing that you'll realize that the Lord's prayer is fulfilled by Jesus and cannot be directly applied to your life! Before the cross the Lord's prayer requested healing (“Give us this day our daily bread”), forgiveness (“And forgive us our debt as we forgive our debtors”), prosperity (“Lead us not into temptation, that is poverty”), and deliverance (“Deliver us from the evil one”). On the cross, Jesus provided salvation: that is the total package of healing, forgiveness, prosperity and deliverance. After the cross, YOU HAVE RECEIVED healing (your daily bread is supplied), forgiveness (you are forgiven, 100%, all the time), prosperity (you are rich in Him, blessed with every spiritual blessing), and deliverance (you are completely set free from the devil and the law, and have been given Christ's authority and power). Conclusion? You, as a New Covenant believer, CANNOT use the Lord's Prayer in as it is written in Matthew 6 and Luke 11 for it's an Old Covenant Prayer. If you do, you pray in vain by repeating some faithless words over and over again. So, the Lord’s Prayer is not a prayer we are to memorize and recite back to God. Jesus gave a model for prayer, not something to repeat! You've gone to far when you think you – and your children – should memorize the Lord’s Prayer. Remember, it's not about words you say, God looks at your heart. He's is far more interested in us communicating with Him and that we fellowship from heart to heart than He is in the specific words we use. But we do want the words we use in our communication with God and others to be full of grace. As Col. 4:6 says, “Let your conversation be always full of grace...” And, the Lord's prayer is, by large, not full of grace! Thus, we can't just take that prayer and recite that at the dinner table! Just don't do it and you'll be happier off and those around you too! Say hello or follow me here: Website: http://basrijksen.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/basrijksendotcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/BasRijksen Google plus: https://plus.google.com/+BasRijksen YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/M27138 To get regular updates and a Cheat Sheet for FREE subscribe on: http://basrijksen.com/cheat-sheet-1/
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Jani Liebenberg (1 month ago)
Thank you, Bas, for clear and precise explanations. Makes total sense!
N K (6 months ago)
Wow I came across your YouTube Channel a few days ago. I'd been wondering about fasting and God divinely put you across my YouTube path. I have been watching your videos and I have received so much clarity in my relationship with God than I have had in the longest time. I have realized that I have been having a legalistic mindset and thank God that through you that legalistic wall is coming down Amen!!.God Bless you Bas Rijksen
Absurdity. Jesus taught that prayer before the cross, but after his resurrection he bid his disciples to teach people to keep *everything* he had taught before (Mt. 28:20), and it naturally includes the Lord's Prayer.
Marjorie Cromwell (8 months ago)
Amen and amen, bro.
dddd (9 months ago)
Old Covenant? So everything Jesus said before He was crucified is to ignored? It's funny how you pick and choose what verses to teach from? So John 3:16 is Old Covenant too?
Ministries of Gospel (10 months ago)
Hot Flash (10 months ago)
Why does the hypergrace movement throw away the words of Jesus? If you toss away the words of Jesus, who are serving?
Annihilator ANH-1A (1 year ago)
This is pretty cool breaking it down so it’s simple
daisy sangmiskar (1 year ago)
You call out to the Lord one time n do 40things good in your life rather calling him many times n don't show what u did. Why 40 more than that
Joseph Dennison (1 year ago)
You're nuts
OMGaNEWBIE (1 year ago)
Hi Bas, would you please provide us with some prayers.  Thank you.
Dawn Stead (1 year ago)
I loved this teaching. It is exactly what was given to me by the Holy Spirit several years ago but I haven't been able to get anyone to go along with me
Honey Comb (1 year ago)
Christ didn't come to preach to me or you, he came to his own, and his own received him not. He was sent to them, the gospel was not sent to the Gentiles until after Christs death. Christ was speaking to the Jews in a different age than we are in..
aymen said (1 year ago)
bas ik heb je hulp nodig ik bid heel veel wel een 6 uur per dag ik heb een vraag word ik geleid door het slechte en is dit niet Jezus zijn wil want soms ben ik daar gewoon en zeg ik niks en het voelt ZO als het slechte god zegen je broeder
Maria Ellena Favata (1 year ago)
There are many many Christians who are praying against the hurricanes. We think we know how to use our God give authority but do we truly know how? I'm tired of the religious mindset I have been indoctrinated with and am believing God will lead me into true freedom in Him.
Slaxok (1 year ago)
Thank you for your ministry! These teachings have brought real joy in my life. Thank you from Oklahoma.
Joe Bloggs (1 year ago)
Don't get this guy's teachings sorry
Christophar Joseph (1 year ago)
Thank you brother it really helps
Karen Weber (1 year ago)
The Never Ending (1 year ago)
Karen Weber you don’t know what an apostate is lol.
Flavia Dzimbanhete (2 years ago)
Wow this video has literally changed my life for the better. Now I understand why people say to pray in thanksgiving because we already have been given what we seek. I've been begging to God all these years not realising the true meaning and the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus did for us at the cross has set us free. I'm so grateful for your teachings Bas. Thank you so much!
Sis Marion (2 years ago)
THANK YOU for your videos. It seems all too easy for freshly Born Again Christians like myself to be confused and fall into legalism. Praise the Lord for guiding your heart to share these messages. I still wonder about head covering for prayer for women (1 corinthians 11)
Pablo Ruiz (1 year ago)
Try to put thing in historical context. Head coverings were used to separate ordinary unmarried or married women from short haired prostitutes.
evvoh (2 years ago)
AMEN! God Bless Brother!
mike kuzilwa (2 years ago)
bas. you have blessing revealation. may you please address about the gift of speaking in tongues for a believer. its a very controversial topic. is there two kinds of gifts of tongues? one of which is for personal edification and every believer must have it to GROW?.
nieljay321 (2 years ago)
Would you mind if I suggest to you to make an ample clarification about "be Holy because God is Holy, and the "you are Holy as God is Holy"? Because there's a big difference with these too statements. The latter could not be found anywhere in the new testament. Are you making another teaching?
CatsArtist (10 months ago)
Florin Aschilean (10 months ago)
maybe it's because of the spelling, "Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh Adonai Elohim Tzevaot!" "Holy, holy, holy (is) the Lord God, Lord of Hosts", you wrote Qodesh, it's the same word as Kadosh
CatsArtist (10 months ago)
I do not know that song. I recall it from a Hebrew word study.
Florin Aschilean (10 months ago)
CatsArts like in the song "Kadosh"?
CatsArtist (10 months ago)
The Hebrew for our word, 'Holy,' is 'Qodesh.' It more accurately means Dedicated.
Kathy Myers (2 years ago)
who cares if I'm doing it FROM MY HEART the Lord will honor it,fill me in and lead me into Him. don't make a law out of a law.
Ross Lyon (9 months ago)
The Lord:s prayer for the most part is also repeated in Luke 11. The prayer is a transitional model. The kingdom of Jesus was coming, but those who followed Him were under the Mosaic Covenant. The Sermon on the Mount as a whole is also transitional. In this model prayer there is no mention of praying in Jesus name (authority). There was no assurance of salvation under the old covenant (Heb. 10), hence asking forgiveness from God unlike Eph.4 where we are to forgive one another as God has (perfect tense). This prayer is really a set of principles for prayer up to the beginning up to the beginning of Jesus ministry. After the cross and Pentecost and the church age we can claim God's will be done on Earth as in heaven.
martin grant (2 years ago)
I have been searching for the reason why these particular words of Jesus are to be considered as something we shouldn't pray repetitiously as the "Best Prayer" because Jesus said it,... So now i have found the reason! Thank you Bas!
Strumming Cat (2 years ago)
Yet again, astounded by your words as you are speaking truths I've believed for a long time and yet noone else I've ever heard has said the same thing. I must have been led to this by the Holy Spirit. Thanks you so much my faith has been so crushed by the "Lord's Prayer" and I've said over and over why are we asking God to forgive our sins when they are already forgiven even according to standard Christian doctrine... noone has been able to give me an answer... and repeating the words of it leaves me empty and yes, repeating faithless words that I even disagree with in my heart! Our being forgiven doesn not rest on us forgiving others either.. but with Jesus love we are given all we need to forgive others. What do you think about people who quote the scripture where Jesus says if we don't forgive other's sins God won't forgive our sins? Do you think this is also a pre covenant and if so what does it mean as so many Christians use this scripture as a weapon but it makes a mockery of the whole "While we were still sinners Christ died for us" and we Love Him because He first loved us... if our salvation depended on US forgiving everyone we know before God forgave us that makes the Gospel null and void and conditional on an action. I'd love to know your thoughts. :O)
This is awesome my friend. I am a teacher of Grace and I totally agree with you. Looking forward to receiving more information (videos) from you
Joseph Saenz (3 years ago)
My wife and I have been enjoying your videos. This teaching on The Lord's Prayers really changed my perspective. look forward to more!
Larissa Sheree (3 years ago)
"Your kingdom come"... it has come (in you)... it's the coming out of it. That's good! As an additional thought, the scriptures also say that we are seated with Christ (right now). That's in heaven!I always wondered about the "daily bread" part. I thought, "does God just want us to have the minimal supplies everyday?" That's good... it's not just food, but also healing which is the children's bread. It's available everyday. Conditional forgiveness... just unlearned about this the other day. Forgive as you are forgiven. Colossians 3:13. It really brought a lot of peace. He has delivered us from evil (works)
Sashakay Chambers (8 months ago)
How it goes ask seek and u will find
Bas Rijksen (3 years ago)
+joyfulllarissa Awesome. Thank you for sharing!
Lion Heart (3 years ago)
I want to watch the part 2, pray under old covenant vs prayer under new covenant.
Cathy Brown (3 years ago)
I'm very aware of the Holy Spirit, but I never hear him speak to me. Why?
Cathy Brown (3 years ago)
+Claire Ellis I have times I'll ask Jesus something and before my thought is finished he's answering me. It amazes me. It happens so fast sometimes I repeat the question just to be sure it's not what "I" want to hear him saying. One time my hubby wanted to serve at our church, he asked God even though they had the men to serve. We got to church and one of the guys that would normally dress in a suit and tie, was not dressed up. He touched my hubbies shoulder and said: God told me you wanted to serve this Sunday. My hubby broke out crying. God makes us happy with the smallest things.
Claire Ellis (3 years ago)
+Cathy Brown I wouldnt say that He 'speaks' in a usual sense as in audibly.... its more like a feeling or a heart voice "a still small voice"... Say you are going somewhere and you suddenly think of someone/thing and you have an 'idea' come..like "Oh I could visit so and so and give her a help with...." (and you might see an image of you doing this in your minds eye).. this is how He speaks often.. or with me.. Im about to go out to church.. Im packing my bible and notepad and look around the room and see , say, a pair of scissors or tweezers.. or a shoelace even.. and something in my gut or heart says "pack that too" and I often didnt... but later at church someones sholace broke and I remembered the 'prompt' from the Holy Spirit and wish I had packed it. (It also happened with the tweezers and scissors on different occasions).... so now I listen carefully and pack this small thing and look out for the place where it is needed. I am learning to listen. It sometimes sounds like ;your own thoughts . Could say much more about this but dont want to make a big chunk of chat on Bas;s thread. I do hear Him speak in my heart clearly to talk and pray with people in the street the same way... and now am learning to hear words of knowledge too.
Cathy Brown (3 years ago)
+Claire Ellis I have evidence of the Holy Spirit. I'm all set here. My relationship with Jesus is amazing.
Cathy Brown (3 years ago)
I have the Holy Spirit
Claire Ellis (3 years ago)
+Cathy Brown If you do not already speak in tongues, Do you know someone who can pray for you to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (with the manifestation of speaking in tongues) ? Speaking in tongues regularly to God will definately help you. Check out Thelastreformation.com for a map (lower down on the front page) of people who may be near you and can help and pray for you. Bless you Cathy
Cathy Brown (3 years ago)
Why am I sick daily? I'm at a total loss. I have so many illnesss! I have chronic pain I never have one day without suffering!!
Cathy Brown (3 years ago)
+Claire Ellis Yes, I have everything done just as John the Baptist did. I've done it twice trying to be healed. I've been prayed over again and again. Sometimes we just don't get healed. Look at JOB! He suffered terrible but never wavered from his faith in Jesus. If God wants to heal me he will. I'm trying to be patient. Maybe I would not continually keep my eyes and mind on him, should he heal me. Only he knows. I just trust him and leave it at that. They now think I'm sepsis, but God is the great physician!
Claire Ellis (3 years ago)
+Cathy Brown Just wondered, have you been baptised (fully immersed) since being born again? I have recently seen many people healed and delivered during water baptism. It changed my mindset completely about the importance of baptism upon repentance.... People who had previously been 'sprinkled' were instead now baptised completely and also in the understanding that they are being baptised into Christs death (rather than into a membership of a church/denomination)... that as they go down into the water their 'old/fleshly man' is dying and as they come up out of the water they are a new person in Christ. Baptism is certainly not just a symbol.
Bas Rijksen (3 years ago)
+Cathy Brown There are two ways to be healed, 1) Learn to walk in divine health yourself 2) Have a believer lay hands on you.
Sandra Unkow (4 years ago)
I was wondering about this prayer for a long time. Thank you for this inspiring revision.
Bas Rijksen (4 years ago)
+Sandra Unkow You're very welcome! I'm glad it brought you inspiration Sandra.
Bas Rijksen (4 years ago)
To put it bluntly the Lord's prayer is not a New Covenant prayer! Jesus gave a model for prayer, not something to repeat! Remember that the Lord’s Prayer was before the cross. The New Covenant only started after the cross so we have to look at the Lord’s Prayer from a New Covenant Grace perspective. By doing that you'll realize that the Lord's prayer is fulfilled by Jesus and cannot be directly applied to your life! Watch this VIDEO to discover more --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGKs2biHIe8
Eva Caspa (4 years ago)
This is simply AMAZING!!!! God bless all that you do!! Thanks for sharing with us!! That is a very good message! I learned alot!
Bas Rijksen (4 years ago)
Hi Eva. Great that you've found my video's and that you're learning a lot. May you continue to be challenged to renew your mind so that you'll experience the same quality of life that the Father has since He has given it in full as He dwells in you! You are blessed Eva (not going to be blessed :))!
kryzaly (4 years ago)
Another food for thought message. Thanks.  BTW, I get a kick out of how you pronounce "debtor" by saying the "b".
Bas Rijksen (4 years ago)
You're welcome. Haha, I'm glad you're able to enjoy my mixed accent of English. Enjoy :)
kamera sanvura (4 years ago)
good teaching as always
Bas Rijksen (4 years ago)
Thank you for your feedback. Appreciate it! Have a great day, Bas
Allen Greene (4 years ago)
Bas, you are amazing...love your teaching on The Lord's Prayer that is so out of the religious box...like all your teaching! I was deeply blessed by online course "5 Killer Truths"' and looking forward to you next online course.
Bas Rijksen (4 years ago)
+Rick Kellett Good to hear from you....Thank you for leaving a comment.  That's so cool that this video was a confimation of what you already knew deep down! I love when that happens. Sometimes we just cannot give it words yet, till someone says it in a way that it just makes sense to us. I'm glad I could help you with this one.  No I haven't considered it yet to make a video of it. But I do have already the notes and some insights on this....so you're giving me an idea here :) 
Rick Kellett (4 years ago)
+Bas Rijksen You are teaching what I already new in my heart. Have you ever thought about a teaching On " whatsoever a man sow's he shall reap" .I am praying that you will. God bless and thanks
Bas Rijksen (4 years ago)
Thanks for your encouragement...I'm working hard on the next course that's called "Discover Your Radical Freedom In Christ To Live A Grace-Filled Life"  I'll keep you updated...
Very good message..... :o) In Christ... Bill.
Bas Rijksen (4 years ago)
Thank you Bill! I'm glad it blessed you. 

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