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The Real Intentions of Ukrainian / Russian Women Who Consider To Marry American Men !!!

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There are ladies who are open to International Marriage. But what their real intentions really are?! [email protected]
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Veronika Olson (3 months ago)
Email to [email protected] , https://www.paypal.me/Veronika1111 , to join Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/veronikaolson , Visit my website : www.veronikaolson.com , To see my videos Live on FB : https://www.facebook.com/InternationalRelationshipsWithVeronika/
Profesoor Titus (2 months ago)
The truth shall make you free, my question is it's true that if am looking women here to be my wife or girlfriend it possible? Guys any one get wife or girlfriend here?
SuperLarsDude (3 months ago)
This information is so very helpful! I am glad I came upon your informative page,Veronika!
ThamnophisRex (3 months ago)
So lovely!!!
ajaykumar Nirmal (4 months ago)
You are so beautiful
ajaykumar Nirmal (4 months ago)
Hi Veronika good morning My name is Ajay Kumar I'm from India. I live in Mumbai I am 24 year old I want to marry Foreigner women really I am telling the truth especially Russian or Ukrainian women but I like older women please help me
Naruto Uzumaki (4 months ago)
ajaykumar Nirmal but it also depends on how beautiful you are etc i don’t even think there are indians in russia or ukraine
Naruto Uzumaki (4 months ago)
ajaykumar Nirmal yeah i don’t think any russian or ukrainian women would marry or be girlfriend with a indian
Raven One (6 months ago)
Yes, I'll go to Ukraine 😘 Which woman is available?
Sixto Escobar (6 months ago)
Johnny Mercado jr
Johnny Five (7 months ago)
Can we bone in Moscow?
Third Line Clip Arts (7 months ago)
I have recently written a blog post about international marriage on my WordPress blog "Foreign Love Web". Most Ukrainian and other foreign women marry American/Western men for true love, monogamy, and other good reasons. An American or Western man does not have to worry about his Ukrainian, Russian, or wife from another country scamming or doing him wrong.
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Ramesh Chavda (9 months ago)
I m single, From Mumbai, india I like to marrie Russian women. My. 8879951454
Jacob Judy (9 months ago)
I went to LA about 2 months ago was at my hostel in Santa Monica met a russian girl sitting outside was unsure about telling her I liked her after hanging out and seeing la with this girl over the course of two days. I told her how I felt over text a week after I got home but she don't feel the same :(. Know you probably need more info but wondering how direct to be with Russian and ukranian women. She lives in New York originally from Siberia. Also ways to meet Russian and ukranian women in the United States and places or sites. Thanks!
Jacob Judy (3 months ago)
Some time has passed since meeting that girl and leaving this comment. In retrospect it was not meant to be. Now I'm deciding on where in the US I should travel to potentially meet someone. I tried Brighton beach in New York but mostly older people frequent there. It is a neat russian community outside of NYC. I have considered Miami Florida but trying to avoid the party side of it l. I have heard sunny isles is supposed to be a good spot. What do you suggest?
E.L. S. (10 months ago)
I love Russian novels. Crime & Punishment is my favorite. My cousin married a Russian girl. She comments that I've read more Russian novels than her.
Michael D (11 months ago)
I know many have told you but you are so beautiful. Michael
Adam Eden (11 months ago)
I agree with this video; happiness is important regardless where we live.
ant21b (11 months ago)
There are many places in both central and south America that have cheap places to Live. I don't want to live in countries that border Russia or China for obvious reasons.
Gustavo Savia (1 year ago)
I' knowing
The Monk (1 year ago)
Veronika: Excellent video. You covered the topic better than anyone else has. Thank you.
Spiritual Warrior (1 year ago)
ur accent to its gorgeous
Spiritual Warrior (1 year ago)
I love ur English Veronika very beautiful n good .
David Chisholm (1 year ago)
Hi Veronika , we are looking at exactly what you said about living in both Ukraine and my country ( New Zealand ) My partner arrives here next week ( this is her 2nd visit ) I have been 6 times over 2 and half years to Ukraine. Best of both worlds. Details we work out as we go
jon harrison (1 year ago)
David Chisholm NZ is a beautiful country. I've only been there once, which was back in 2002. My mom fell in love with it instantly when she went on her own vacation there years later. And honestly speaking, I loved New Zealand more than Hawai'i. The best aspects of Hawai'i PLUS a more varied landscape. 😎
Oxana L. (1 year ago)
black afro americans dont do such mistakes ;-) the ones in germany are very polite also
Matt M. (1 year ago)
Great points. Honestly, I think that, as an American, I'd be more apt to want to settle down in Ukraine anyway.
Chris Oneil S (1 year ago)
Mesmerized by her beauty
jon harrison (1 year ago)
Chris Oneil S I'm mesmerized by your perfect blue profile image. 🤣
Scope In &Out (1 year ago)
Veronica😁😂😂....I like what you said in the last part of this video!!! You said "Make sure your ladie is marrying you, and not your country"! Wow!...I laughed because you made a strong point were you had me say to myself...."dammm! way to go Veronica"!😂👍
Byron Horde (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for this insight, Veronika. Quite enlightening indeed.
Khristian Crz (1 year ago)
I know Ukraine is very cheap for Americans, but as an American living abroad i must keep paying taxes to the USA, it is a crime to avoid this i think, so in the end you pay taxes in Ukraine + taxes in the US, so i don't know... what do you think about this?
Naruto Uzumaki (4 months ago)
Khristian Crz don’t forget that the taxes are probably really cheap compared to united states and you could probably survive for a week of food for only 50$ while here in canada and united states people buy 200+$ of food for 1 week
jon harrison (1 year ago)
This brings me to wonder how common it might be for Americans to live in Ukraine for the purpose of building up a savings account for a year or so while paying less there like some foreigners living in the US do for their own families in their own countries. Do you know anything about this, or is this option completely off the table for Americans in Ukraine?
Matt M. (1 year ago)
I think that you'd still come out ahead tax-wise living in Ukraine, but I don't know the specifics off the top of my head. Also consider that the regular cost-of-living expenses will be much less in Ukraine, an especially significant point if the income will be similar regardless of which country you're living in (i.e. due to an online-focused job).
Kanshel Myles-Lopez (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed listening to u.. and i also try to keep up to date with all the topics you talk about ON your channel.
Geralt of Rivia (1 year ago)
Hello Veronika, welcome back. As you know I am moving to Ukraine next year. As you know, my Lady does not want to move out of Ukraine. For the information of your viewers/listeners, I have spoken to two friends of mine who work for online dating (reputable agencies) in Ukraine. There are literally hundreds of women who are looking for a loving, decent and responsible man to be with, providing that they would be willing to move to Ukraine to be with them. From my own personal experience, I know how difficult it is to assimilate into another culture and language. Russian/Ukrainian languages can be quite difficult to master for a lot of people, but where there is a will there is a way. And love conquers all..))))). Keep up you much appreciated great work.
Eamonn Wright555 (1 month ago)
Channel Direct thanks for the info . I would not mind living in the Ukraine .
yuri zhivago (1 year ago)
I kind of doubt men would want to move to the Ukraine just because it is cheaper to live there. From what I see on current You Tube videos there is still problems with police corruption and until the country gets stabile and there is less inflation people who research it may stay away. In Canada we are pretty happy and have good healthcare and there are reasonably cheap places to live. Some are very expensive like Vancouver and the Greater Toronto area but others are reasonable. To come to Canada you need some skills that are in demand and they check you carefully for 2 years to make sure it is not a "green card" marriage. Apparently they are tightening the K-1 Visa rules and screening in the US so these "green card" marriages may be a thing of the past soon.
Naruto Uzumaki (4 months ago)
yuri zhivago but probably not live in ukraine probably russia because theres been a war for 4 years i think it was the last time i’ve seen my grandparents it was 4 years ago because of this shitty war
Naruto Uzumaki (4 months ago)
yuri zhivago yeah we do have “good health” care which he have to pay a huge amount of taxes for that “free health care” for some bs people who don’t have enough money i live in Quebec and there’s so many fucking broke ass people who are probably so happy for have free healthcare from rich people who pay much more money for the health care that broke ass people who are on the bs who don’t work and get money from the gouvernement is fucked with all the money my parents and step dad spend per year for that shitty health care we could all live in ukraine for 30 years without working and then open a business
Naruto Uzumaki (4 months ago)
yuri zhivago police corruption hah have you seen united states
jon harrison (1 year ago)
The thing with reality shows is that they use a degree of real life scenarios mixed with scripted material. They are NOT 100% reality usually. So depending on 90 Day Fiance I would not recommend for getting facts. 😆🤠
jon harrison (1 year ago)
@yuri zhivago As for the reality tv shows, you're at least partially correct. Hollywood moved many of its studios to GA, where I live now, over the past decade. I worked on a number of tv show and movie sets and remember seeing ads for reality show opportunities. From what I remember, those are not entirely scripted like a usual show, but they are closer to scripted as a general guide for how the directors want the show to flow. The creators of the 90 Day Fiance show use the natural pressure and stress of the K-1 visa process as the meat and potatoes for the drama of their episodes, which they can throw in their own bits along the way to hook more viewers.
Rene Miranda (1 year ago)
Thank You Veronika!!!! It does help me a lot!!! I think she really doesn't want to move to U.S. but we will see what happens after we marry in Jan. 6.
Thinking of Others (1 year ago)
...My internet friend Veronika it is always a true joy to see and hear your views ..This is once again Dave Olson in lovely north Georgia U.S.A....I have also been telling my church friends about your channel.. I just wanted to let you know how much your channel means to people.......GOD'S JOY to you and your husband and son my friend.
Carlo Coyne (1 year ago)
First to comment :) the advice you give is the best and wish the majority of women would think like you the world wold be a better place .You are an angel. A Unicorn.
Carlo Coyne (1 year ago)
So welcome, Veronika! :))
Veronika Olson (1 year ago)
Thank you , Carlo! )))
Veronika Olson (1 year ago)

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