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Magic the Gathering GP Atlanta 2018 Round 14 Modern

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dmata90 (12 days ago)
What type of note pad is Yuta using there? What is that?
dmata90 (9 days ago)
+That One Whitlow Thanks
That One Whitlow (9 days ago)
its something similar to a boogie board
GraeYstaG (14 days ago)
are we back in 2012-2013? storm and faeries? that's a matchup not seen in a while XD
concept1027 (14 days ago)
I really like Yutas deck. Suits his play style so well and watching him work out sequences is a joy.
EDH Alters (23 days ago)
I don't care who wins because nobody here is a pro player that gets himself in to the pro tour by fault! He's obviously just a good player that made his way though the tournament by skill. How in the hell is this allowed in the MTG Pro tour!?!?!? You've gotta shell and suck wizard cock to be in the pro tour!! what is this blasphemy???
MalikarVampire (27 days ago)
paulo might know something about casting bitterblossom
NOSTARS69 (28 days ago)
Someone explain why he is running void in a dredge sideboard? Doesn't it turn of the graveyard?
LaBass666 (20 days ago)
Reading the card would explain why
jacob blackman (25 days ago)
FWTSW (28 days ago)
NOSTARS69 it only turns off your opps graveyard
Evan The Living Meme (1 month ago)
I love Dredge
Nicolas Sproge (1 month ago)
Plz leave the building
Merengues PerSempre (1 month ago)
that shuffling by yuta tho

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