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Contour Drawing: The Hand

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Strengthens the basic drawing skills while applying the method of contour drawing to a slightly more difficult subject matter.
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Sanjoy Biswas (4 days ago)
Very nice
Kendra Johnson (9 months ago)
Great video! Your hand drawing looked amazing and the video was explained very well!
Bostok Stubborn (1 year ago)
Hi! Thank you very much, your lesson helped me a lot! I was really frustrated with this technique, you literally saved my day! Thank you :)!
Vencie Anderson (2 years ago)
I am just beginning and this video has helped me connect my eye to my hand. My improvement has amazed me. Thank you. I will look for more of your videos.
Makoto Sekai (3 years ago)
another good video but my question is what's the point of doing contour drawing?
It's the basis for the beginning of most drawing. Once you have your contour (line) drawing, you may add shading or color to it. If you're talking about blind contour drawing it's a great exercise to train the eye. Thanks for the question!
Daniel B (3 years ago)
As an adult that never got passed the artistic skill of an 8 year old- thank you so much i love your videos
+Daniel Bixby I'm glad I could be of service

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