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Alan Parsons' ASSR Podcast - "All About Drums"

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Join Alan Parsons as he guides you through various techniques and pointers about recording and engineering drums. Guests include legendary drummers Simon Phillips from Toto and Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters. View more at http://www.artandscienceofsound.com Subscribe to the Art & Science of Sound Recording Podcast on iTunes! http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/alan-parsons-art-science-sound/id348725555#
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Text Comments (22)
4banger 1234 (6 months ago)
over rated blow heart
Gary Sarratt (5 months ago)
4banger 1234 Explain
Simon Dunkan (2 years ago)
Why is billy Bob Thornton narrating this video??
Brain Salad Surgery (2 years ago)
Even if you feel you have to nothing to hide, keep it inside of you. Remember don't let it show.
Vladimir Pandovski (3 years ago)
"One of the best records ever..." I expected him to say "Eye In The Sky" but he said "Dark Side Of The Moon"... booo
Leon (8 months ago)
peter hlinka (3 years ago)
What has Parsons done since Dark Side (on which the drums sounded anemic) ? Squat, that's what.
Leon (8 months ago)
peter hlinka Literally every Alan Parsons Project album sounds great
peter hlinka (3 years ago)
the great Alan Parsons sits in awe of Phillips who really knows about recording drums thanks Ken Scott snd Eddie Kramer.
Mind2GrooveRatio (4 years ago)
That first voice over has got to be Billy Bob Thornton!  Am I right?
blica1 (5 years ago)
I would also love to hear what Alan Parsons would have to say about a tacky Nickleback recording, which is possibly the most over processed, insanely high mid, unnatural low mid frequency recording in the history of rock music.. Oh yeah, and their music is nothing short of sewage waste..
Willy McCabe (1 year ago)
And how many records have you sold, blica? That's what I thought. Go fuck yourself. What a retard.
blica1 (5 years ago)
Boy am i glad my cousin , who just started engineering my drum tracks has followed Alan Parson's techniques for years..So no matter what, i will always get the best sounding drum sound my little budget can squeeze out..Tuning techniques are my specialty, and he does the rest.. Just completed a 4 and half hr session, and the drum sound he got naturally was just superb..
ScarVideo (5 years ago)
So Helpful!
Sean Taylor (5 years ago)
You are an idiot.
Steve Adleman (5 years ago)
talking to the drummers was worthless, but the eq advice was good
Tomy (5 years ago)
EMI brought the session drummer Andy White The Beatles brought Ringo
suzsatrn (5 years ago)
I see a tiny triangle of tummy, but wth is the beige thing?
Drew Hannush (6 years ago)
Sorry Taylor, but EMI got The Beatles a session drummer...named Ringo Starr. No one is expendable if the contract is on the line.
opethwalshy (7 years ago)
Also I'm very happy to see them Yamaha HS series monitors in the background in Alan's studio! Looks like I chose my monitors (on a budget) well!
opethwalshy (7 years ago)
I am totally buying this DVD after watching this. Parsons is pretty much God when it comes to engineering and producing. An amazingly talented musician, too. I can learn a lot from this, being a wannabe home studio producer myself.
Harrison Divecha (7 years ago)
fine i'll be the first person to comment on this video.

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