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The Art & Science of Cymatics - John Stuart Reid

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Beautiful imagery and geometric art produced by mere sound waves! Listen to cymatic researcher, John Stuart Reid, discuss his incredible findings from decades of research in this field; and how sound vibration may have the potential to heal a variety of ailments! JOHN'S WEBSITE: http://www.cymascope.com/ CYMASCOPE APP: http://www.cymascope.com/cyma_researc... GREAT PYRAMID EXPERIMENTS: http://www.cymascope.com/cyma_researc... EGYPTIAN SONICS ARTICLE: https://www.cymascope.com/shop/produc... YOUR VOICE MADE VISIBLE: https://www.cymascope.com/shop/produc... ================================================== For more, check out: http://www.JoeDolezal.com Also, be sure to check out: http://www.ThePyramidCenter.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joe.dolezal.35
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Penny miller (2 years ago)
water also keeps memory of dna wen dipped then removed.and,dolphins make sound shapes in thier play,as well as whale songs that are generational...sound as well as light is part of our uptake in our bodies dna...fascinating!:))
Penny miller (2 years ago)
i find it annoying that he can imagine a drum with sand and a scribe who casually observes and records this pattern,rather than the purposeful execution of harmonics belonging to the sarcophagus!but then,hes still believing mainstream that they use balls to shape,and copper tools!*its like somebody explaining away the easter bunny instead of acknowledging theres a guy in a rabbit suit,lol btw,keep up the good work and thanks for the interview.his work is important,exspecially the curative aspect.gbless
Vital Grooves (2 years ago)
So if we're made of a lot of water and cells respond to the toxicity of acid and absorbs it, that could describe how empaths especially find they get very drained around negative energies etc. we just soak it all up and heal the toxins...hmmm...??? Very interesting stuff! 👍🏼☀️

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