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Girls In Love - S02E07 - The Crush (Full Episode)

138 ratings | 21837 views
Ellie has discovered the man of her dreams, her perfect match and, as if fate had decreed it, he works at the diner. Ellie gets the text message of her dreams, but dreams can so easily turn to nightmares!
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Text Comments (33)
IAmAliveAreU (27 days ago)
Sophia Hurtarte (6 months ago)
I love this show 🤗😚 remember my childhood
Jo Xx (7 months ago)
Her dad got ruder over the episodes smhh
Faith Adams (8 months ago)
This episode introduced me to the phobia that one day I'll be carrying toilet paper through Morrison's and bump into my crush.
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
Man I’m getting really upset 😢 😡 😠 cause I’m nearly finished every episode all the times!! Poor Ellie trying so hard to wait till schools over and see what the boy who texted her want to go out on a date but in the end he dumps her instead he got her on a date with his best friend but he then turned her down for thinking 🤔 it was Ellie’s friend Magda who put her number down on paper 📝 I love 💖 This show every one ☝🏼 of them is the best ever to be watched xxx
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
Boys boys boys in these shows this year they are so unbelievably rude and not right for any girl 😩😩💖💋 I’m so glad I don’t have one ☝🏼 cause I wouldn’t or couldn’t handle the roughness and boy dish blah like I’m just yawning thinking 🤔 about this! I love 💖 this show it’s so amazing 😉 as xx 💋 xx 💋 xx 💋 xx 💋
Amber Ervin (8 months ago)
Cool 😎 I love 💗 a girls getting ready for a date makeovers that’s so unrealistic whoop whoop xx 😘 disaster strikes all the time for poor Ellie that’s really harsh of those two idiots boys dumping her like that how rude of him😩😩😩 I love 💕 love 💕 love 💖 love 💕 this show so much it’s the best time I’ve ever had watching this show💋💖💗💕
Jessica Hernández (8 months ago)
Nunca vi este capítulo 😭
Ewww (10 months ago)
There can't be trillions of boys because their are only seven billion people in the world
verkaforever (11 months ago)
Anyone else notice on the end credits "Droney Physics Teacher"? LOL
Caris Not Charis (1 year ago)
Ik Ellie is young and she has a lot to learn, but she's so naiive! Like she just lives in this fantasy world then ends up getting hurt 😂😂😭
My Room (3 months ago)
Having said that, fantasyland is so much better than reality.
Laura Tickle (5 months ago)
She's only 14 though so they're in fantasy land at that age
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
The books are:Girls in Love,Girls Out late,Girls Under Pressure and Girls In Trouble (not in order btw)
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
fck jay urgh!
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
wtf Craig looks like he's 35 perv alert y'all!!!!!!!!!!!
絵蓮宮園 (1 year ago)
This is different from novel 😜
Wendy Formosa (1 year ago)
Ellie turned into horrid henry at 13:26😂😭
Ana Scoon-Heisenberg (1 year ago)
yass, init, lad?
Natasha Kershaw (1 year ago)
I don't get why Ellie's dad calls her a nickname in the supermarket, if he's saying something serious to her.
Kylie Nguyen (1 year ago)
did they eat a lemon for breakfast lol
Laura Tickle (8 months ago)
Err that's minging
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
emma ok thanx
emma (1 year ago)
nno you can get yellow grapefruits pink are just more common lmao
Mia Demii-Raye (1 year ago)
KatesCornishBeauty Grapefruit is pink and orange that was just yellow so they were eating lemons for breakfast😂😂
KatesCornishBeauty (1 year ago)
Kylie Nguyen haha it's a grapefruit 😂😂
Anna Langston (1 year ago)
my guilty pleasure
Kasia Dean (1 year ago)
Anna Langston Literally.. I love it sooo much
Lucy Grace (1 year ago)
Anna Langston Samee 😂
Carrotstix (2 years ago)
Thanks for the uploads. Is there more episodes of girls in love after this???
LivingDeadDoll259 (2 years ago)
Please.upload more
Amina Merfouk (1 year ago)
LivingDeadDoll259 @ الجتي
Lilly Perkins (2 years ago)
Next episode please!!! 😄💖

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