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How to Play Magic: The Gathering | The Basics

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Becca is joined by first time Magic players Hector Navarro and Gina DeVivo as she covers the basics of the classic collectible card game. Want to try out Magic: The Gathering’s new set? Head over to your local game stores to check out the new Core Set 2019 on July 13! Take a look here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/core-2019 Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster. Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (473)
dizzy dragon (2 days ago)
they forgot summoning sickness in the tutorial.
Dan Creamer (3 days ago)
I have of course heard of Magic my whole life (31 y.o. man) and have always been kind of interested but never had any friends who played or had any interest in it and honestly, it seemed intimidating so I never researched it or anything like that. Well for some reason lately I have really been wanting to change that because of some silly you tube channels I was somehow recommended and starting watching solely about the value and trading of and collecting of rare MTG cards. So I decided to search for a video to watch on how to play and man, and I am happy you guys had made one. I love Hector! Then as the video started (where I am now, so this comment will probably end up getting edited) I am extremely happy to know that everyone here seems new or newbish to the game and that makes me hopeful they will know the right things to ask to have explained as me. Because sometimes when fully enveloped or obsessed people try to teach a topic or game they don't fully understand what needs explained because they can't see how much more knowledge they have over layman's on the topic. That is all, Thank you!
this is so annoying
2b45 (9 days ago)
You make mtg fun to watch and to learn, I like the passing of the turns,. Very creative my favourite is when she put it on her shoulder. I have never played. Love the animated actions e.g.. lighnig strik etc..
Hamza Al-asadi (13 days ago)
Holy shit these guys are fucken weird
halochick69 (16 days ago)
Needed to learn this for my job. great video. explained well (:
Norman Tunstall (12 days ago)
game stop
Randy Z Ochoa (19 days ago)
Can you guys please do the Pokémon TCG?
Oinkey (20 days ago)
i just realized i dont have any land cards
Anthony Vu (24 days ago)
I feel the girl in the middle 😐
Jacob Cobos (1 month ago)
Too hyper
Hyacinth Miles (1 month ago)
I was honestly trying to learn from this but the fucking guy in the video wouldn't shut up. Stop telling bad jokes and give me the opportunity to hear the rules
Dridex (15 days ago)
What is up with this dude, trying too hard... lol I don't think i can finish this video.
Anthony Perez (1 month ago)
i have never played and so far have a total of 5 cards
Soloman Douhne (1 month ago)
i just started today and i got a temple garden
quantum show (1 month ago)
i love your outfit :)
quantum show (1 month ago)
in the teaching segment not the playing one though i do like that outfit too
D1lyh4n4 (1 month ago)
That chick is a fuckin unicorn. Chicks that hot dont play magic ..lol
Collared Greens (1 month ago)
So the basics are: Try extra hard to be funny.
Jody Conrad (1 month ago)
Wait, at 17:17, Goblin Motivator gains haste, so he could have attacked right then, am I right????
SpudHead (1 month ago)
Is there a "strip" version of this game? And if so can you lot demonstrate it for us? The guy can sit that one out though.
Emily Daniel (1 month ago)
this is the coolest group of people ever
Tremoney (1 month ago)
3 packs 2 mythics including a Bolas,, Yeah ok...Totally random
Its Maki (1 month ago)
I'm too fucking stupid to understand any of this. But I want to learn so bad lmao
Britbong (1 month ago)
Wait... Nerds come in sexy redhead variants? Damn I need to dust off the collection. Sexism aside you guys rock! Thanks for the video.
rize sama (1 month ago)
i like how it is all one video.
logang Paul8899 (1 month ago)
You're doing everything wrong lol
Malcom Alexander (2 months ago)
Never played this before: how many cards in a deck?
ShadyJafar (2 months ago)
Malcom Alexander 60
Renan Souza (2 months ago)
Nice video. Could be better with less stupid guests.
just_timi_nl_yt (2 months ago)
Robi-Wan Shinobi (2 months ago)
_To wield lightning is to tame chaos!_
J tyler (2 months ago)
im still confused
Zade ZaGhoul (2 months ago)
that girl at the start was really cute
Jonnie Brimm (2 months ago)
Super cringie
Fae Productions (2 months ago)
This is a really cool video, I'm happy to watch it. When I have a Tournament at my event this summer I'll know more about the game itself to be able to commentate over the games. Thanks! Glad to see you all having fun!🌷🌸
THEJackgreentea show (2 months ago)
Thank you very much for making this video I just started playing and it was very helpful!!!
AllOf Eales (2 months ago)
How do I get a deck in the UK
Scott UfoMan (2 months ago)
After demonic dungeons and dragons comes demonic dungeons and dragons in the card edition. Land is earth, and their are four different types of lands or five? Each deck is unique and different editions to series for cards, and only a certain ammount of cards is dealt per player. Difference between Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the gathering is in Magic, which the celtic pagans would call Magick where you get to control a whole army against a player or multiple players or team play. In Dungeons and dragons or demons and devils you get to control one character who is you in role play. Keep in Mind just like dungeons all characters are open table. Depending on playing with friend or group or league their are rules each one goes by. Except player on player meaning you both make your own rules. Characters can be depending on decks and special decks, Barbarian, Wizard, Elf, Witch, Archer, Clergymen, Swordmen, Dark Elf, Light Elf, Warrior, New, Werewolf, spirits, Ancient Egyptians, Warlocks, and whatever decks have different characters i have not named. I have played this game less then six months when i was active on this game. I was also a level 70 player on d & d neverwinter, you can actually really challenge yourself on games like neverwinter.Neverwinter more then 2 years of playing, once you pretty much no the concept of the game and the mechanics to each puzzle and defeat all the high up bosses you challenge your self with Raven Loft. That game got me dizzy and it was very addicting, however i came here to check out your turtorial 😊
Mai (3 months ago)
Why are they playing with 10 life and 30 cards?
Mai (2 months ago)
Jamie Guy (2 months ago)
Mai they do. I got mine last week. I’ve just started playing myself. What country are you in? I’m in the UK. If you google Magic the gathering store locator you’ll find your closest one.
Mai (2 months ago)
Been to MTG stores an hour away and literally no free cards. So there is no free 30 cards.
Mai (2 months ago)
.-. I don’t think they give 30 cards for free.
Jamie Guy (2 months ago)
Mai because they are playing with a “free deck” that you can get at your local MtG store. 30 cards for free!
Eliot (3 months ago)
You guys act like kids. (not a bad thing)
kenny s (3 months ago)
I am not made for this
Alyssa Kappeler (3 months ago)
Why does Becca sound like Inquisitor master
Daniel Piper (3 months ago)
gio87vr (3 months ago)
Ehm, it's really possible that they found 2 M planeswalkers like that? Aren't those boosters just plainly rigged?
Michael S (3 months ago)
Becca....you are fine!!! Trip to England?
Cameraman_Cez (3 months ago)
I asked somebody yesterday if this played like Yugioh...
Andrue Rendon (3 months ago)
BEGINERS TIPS RIGHT HERE... Just download and play Magic 2015 on your phone or tablet. It has a pretty short but good tutorial when it comes to the basics and it makes it seem much less complicated than just listening to someone try to explain the game.
Jon Leask (3 months ago)
Uggh, please have your camera crew check focus before you start or at least use a higher aperture on the lens. It's SOOO BLURRYYYY!
ricky a (3 months ago)
I still don’t know how to play
Rjuan kabab (4 months ago)
What tabel do you have?
Rafael Rachid (4 months ago)
Subscribe in my channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOslHOBjb16Hf2S7OBeK57g?view_as=subscriber
Fishyninjabreadman (4 months ago)
Oh my god Hector?! Love the enthusiasm put please stop talking over the explanations!
Riley Boop (4 months ago)
despacito lmao nerds
Evilnaruto Uzumaki (4 months ago)
What would a local game store be?
MetaMasters (4 months ago)
This is awesome, thank you all for this! I’m just learning myself and documenting it on my channel so this helps!
Squidberg (4 months ago)
Did she bring up that ten poison counters can kill you?
ExtremePlatypus3 YT (4 months ago)
Never played
ItzLexusPlays (4 months ago)
Ok so I just started playing Magic and I got a 2019 core set for Christmas . I have played before but I completely forgot, so is it okay that I’m basically starting out with a 2019 core set or should I start with something else?
thicc doggo (5 months ago)
7:28 Is the ending of the explanation of how to play and the beginning of them playing
Oppai Oppai (5 months ago)
rye Ulrey (5 months ago)
Snufalufagus Shit (5 months ago)
Sooooo annoying!
Eduardo Palacio (5 months ago)
I didn't know about the mulligan +scry 1 rule.. Hum..
NOSTALJOHN (5 months ago)
This chick got me into magic (2018)
Will Schmitt (5 months ago)
i love how the dude said "permers learmet" and didn't break at all when they called him out on it. XD
James Haig (5 months ago)
Becca is litteraly caroline forbes lmao
Pmintz (5 months ago)
I wish my Onakke Ogre could block fliers...she must have a special deck
The White Watcher (5 months ago)
So in my deck ima go get more cards but all I have for land is a Gate what does a Gate do?
Misty Garner (5 months ago)
The White Watcher a gate is just a dual land it can tap for one of two different colors. But it comes in already tapped so you'll have to wait an extra turn to generate mana from it.
Steve Gerow (5 months ago)
By knowing what 52! is, and its ridiculously large nature, I have a great deal of respect for you Becca.
Bart Connolly (5 months ago)
@12:42 it isnt 52! i.e. 52 factorial . It is 30 factorial on the 30 card deck.
john .temple (5 months ago)
this stressed me out
Vincent Xiong (5 months ago)
Well not every thing
Shattered Knight (6 months ago)
Thumbs down! Holy crap this is so bad. Don't watch this if you're trying to learn MTG. It's like a nonstop beam of words thrown at your face. Like reading word after word off of a script without any regard to actual proper speaking in a way to convey information and show how to play at a reasonable pace to new users.
Robert Martin (6 months ago)
I could listen to her all day
Despised Demon (6 months ago)
Just an fyi he used the first shock on the merfolk so it should of been dead a majority of the game so he shouldnt of lost those life points
Thomas Jeffords (6 months ago)
If you want a more "Colorful" version. https://youtu.be/ZixWqaGJVQs
EpicUndead (6 months ago)
Sooooo looking forward to making some time to study this. Hoping that this will be a fun game to play with my nephew. He's super smart and will probably love everything that this game encompasses.
L M (6 months ago)
I wish I had magic cards
Putthapone Chanthavong (6 months ago)
I wanna start playing but im well in my early 30s, and I know nobody that would be interested. I dont really know if I can just go to a lgs and start playing with strangers. I also dont know if they are willing to play with a noob.
Shadow Moon19 (6 months ago)
I know of Hector from his time on hyper rpgs star wars d&d campaign pencils and parsecs so all I can picture is his charcters Huuurgh playing magic the gethering
Cody Schuppert (6 months ago)
So cringeworthy
Randall Mitchell (6 months ago)
yall play too much.. get to the game please!!!! still love yall nerd asses
Donald Woolstenhulme (6 months ago)
You should fix the 60 card library that is a minimum size you could have more
Keep Burning (6 months ago)
That guy is annoying
Steve D. (6 months ago)
is this the same girl from warhammer tv ?
Chapperz 994 (6 months ago)
Strip poker next please
Jack Stuart (7 months ago)
What does upkeep mean I am new
herbie silcock (7 months ago)
I am new to magic the gathering is there any specific element or colour I should start using
Nicole Villegas (7 months ago)
Khosbayar Batbayar (7 months ago)
what if i live in mongolia
Laurie Bohannon (7 months ago)
il tell you whats wrong you have 1 fake card lol
TheChef PO (7 months ago)
I'm hot
Vito Harliyanto (7 months ago)
anyone noticed at "6:41" the ogre blocks a flying vampire >.<
Trev Davies (7 months ago)
She speaks so fast. As a complete beginner, the basic rules are rushed through and makes it a litteral blur....
Joshua Bourne (7 months ago)
I need to find a woman like this. Gorgeous but a total nerd like me 😂
Cabko2691 (5 months ago)
good luck
EpicUndead (6 months ago)
That's just about every woman out there. Just go up to one and introduce yourself, bud.
RNG WINTER (7 months ago)
Yeah pretty much lost me at “HEY EVERYBODY”
youre so cool (8 months ago)
jesus christ these people are so cringy
Jayden Wong (8 months ago)
dose anyone have polyrapter well I have it
Daimen Hazard (8 months ago)
That guy was being so dramatic and annoying
Untitled-1 (8 months ago)
it bothers me that their hands are so visible to eachother
Orlando Maldonado (8 months ago)
Is the dude autistic?
guess of bombs (8 months ago)
William Winder (8 months ago)
"Read in the card explains the card" - The Professor

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