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Steve Hillage - Hurdy Gurdy Man

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Steve Hillage version of Donovans Hurdy Gurdy Man from the album 'L'.
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The world needs this love and glory now...
Daniel Manghi (24 days ago)
c'est qui le hurdy gurdy
TheWonderStraw (1 month ago)
Michael Lomax (2 months ago)
Love it. And I loved Donovan...
Goldfinch (7 months ago)
Just played this really loud and my neighbour came to my house complaining that his wife and young daughter were levitating and had both grown a beard.
cybertronian-shitlord (7 months ago)
M. S. (7 months ago)
Reminds me of an A' level Biology trip (with some Liberty Caps) to Betws-y-Cowed in North Wales. Debbie — with her turquoise florescent panties, Nigel on another planet or on the roof of the hostel thinking he could fly and then wondering around the hills listening to Hillage on my Walkman. Good times.
Drutim Bates (8 months ago)
nice solo..:))
Raelspark (8 months ago)
Steve H ------ Steve Hillage, Steve Howe, Steve Hackett, Steve Harris, Steve Hogarth
M. S. (7 months ago)
I see a theme
Mel Smith (1 year ago)
unbelievable stumbled across this album again.....last heard it when it first came out many moons ago. still one of my fav S Hillage songs xx
simon crawford (1 year ago)
No one ever has gone from E to A #..then to D... that's the ball kicker.. pure genius!
toomuchrose (1 year ago)
I loved this when I bought L back when it came out (I still have it) but now it seems a little overblown. The guitar playing is obviously great, the fluidity of the solo is a thing of wonder but all the burbling, whooshing and whispering in the background is a bit irritating. Donovan's version with Alan Parker's incendiary guitar solo is still better.
Hayim Kobi (1 year ago)
The story behind the song: Hurdy Gurdy Man, by Steve Hillage https://musicaficionado.blog/2017/07/18/hurdy-gurdy-man-by-steve-hillage/
darkhorseX23 (2 years ago)
Saw Steve Hillage at Uptown Theater (?) in Chicago, circa 1977.
aliensporebomb (2 months ago)
Jealous - I never knew there was an american tour around this time. At least they never came to Minneapolis so far as I'm aware.
naturewoodfb (6 months ago)
How was it?
TheWynos (2 years ago)
Had this one and Fish Rising on vinyl.
Bucknaykyd (2 years ago)
Love this album, bought the vinyl when it came out and I still have it...
MegaGary1960 (1 month ago)
me too Buck
M. S. (7 months ago)
Me too
Bob B. (2 years ago)
This tune is on the playlist of Early Rock Show internet radio - http://www.earlyrockshow.com I'll have to dig up the tape of the interview I did with him when this LP came out and perhaps add some excerpts.
Bob B. (2 years ago)
Found the cassette recorded 1/22/1977 but, unfortunately, it has deteriorated and the sound quality is poor. I've digitized it and will see if anything can be salvaged.
Muzzbustr (3 years ago)
The Dodge van, Me, Dad `Greg, loaded for BEAR, (as in a "works special" 450 Maico, A Brand SPANK ME NEW `76 radial finned 125 KTM, & a 250 KTM, we're headed for Kansas to kick sunshine boys asses.. & kick we did... Steve Hillage on the way home back to Nebraska, turned up to "11", Dad smilin, & having an Old Milwaulkee, & Me & Greg trying to find a place to put THREE first place trophies.... 3 dirt bikes, gear, tools, coolers, & 3 guys leaves little room for "awards", but we managed... Dad even had me make him a cassette of Steve Hillage, Lou Reed, & Donovan P. Leitch... (& I got introduced to Marty Robbins..:) Yeah, them were the days, still love ya Dad, I KNOW you're lookin down on me from heaven time to time.
youdube01 (3 years ago)
Steve and Todd at the controls... one of the best guitar solos ever recorded... masterful !!
BIRI (3 years ago)
Brillante sólo de guitarra, de los mejores que he oído nunca
Martin Dytham (3 years ago)
Love the original but this is even better
kinky WIZARD (3 years ago)
Howard Edmond (4 years ago)
brilliant take on Dono's original--but killed it? Hardly, Donovan was a great musician, taught John Lennon finger-picking. But Donovan's vocals are immaculate and ethereal, and I feel simple unapproachable!
Lino Terlati (4 years ago)
Utopia and Todd Rundgren in this fantastic album...
Feast Thailand (1 year ago)
2 of my fave things to see written....love them both
Bernard Faterl (4 years ago)
ah la vache, qu'est-ce que c'est bon!
telex1000 (5 years ago)
how!! magic music....
Anthony Rezende (5 years ago)
traquility musis
Lawrence Edwards (6 years ago)
One of the great rock guitar solos. A masterpiece.
spizzardo (6 years ago)
Hurdy Gurdy Mushroom Man.
spizzardo (6 years ago)
Steve Hillage! Quick, more drugs. Faaaaaaaaaar out........man. lol
Pin Pan Pun (6 years ago)
high times a great strato solo
Greeny Pete (7 years ago)
Absolutely stunningly constructed guitar solo & one of the best ever in rock music. Steve is so underated it's criminal!
thewordofgord (8 years ago)
PerfectMystery you are so right! it does make your heart grow wings! wordofgord
Darba07 (9 years ago)
No offence to any fans but this kinda killed the original
rexturtle (10 years ago)
dieser track lässt dich in galaxy upspacen .great thanxxx for post forever
Perfect Mystery (10 years ago)
Hilage music makes my heart grow wings... La-la-la-la-la-LURVE!!!
Emin7 (10 years ago)
i hear ya egg.;)
Ian Ren (11 years ago)
This was Steve's best album. Album out of the cover and on to the Pioneer turnable, lights out and candles lit.Ah the memories come flooding back.
mkervelegan (11 years ago)
another reason I majored in History since this came out whilst I was in 2nd form, another brilliant aperçu...

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