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Drawing a Perfect FIST 👊 Hands in Action!!!

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It’s time to practice what we learned about hands. In this demo, I’ll teach you how to draw fists! Demos of foreshortened hands, female hands, and hands holding things are in the premium course at http://proko.com/anatomy I’ve poured all my experience into this hand lesson series. I’ll teach you hands in 4 parts… Part 1 explains the muscles of the hand and how to draw them. Part 2 teaches all the surface details, like fingernails, skin folds, and fat pads. In Part 3, I’ll show you a drawing process for drawing hands from reference or from your imagination. Part 4 is a treat: there’s 5 drawing demos, teaching you how to draw everything from relaxed poses to clenched fists. I even talk about foreshortening! This lesson will teach you how to draw anatomically correct hands, and more importantly, interesting and lifelike hands. Don’t want to miss a minute of it? Sign up for the full course at http://proko.com/anatomy. PREVIOUS LESSONS: How to Draw Hand Bones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJjMiXlq9ns&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf Part 1 - Muscle Anatomy of the Hand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xsqbwu_nMI&index=2&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf Part 2 - Details for Realistic Hands! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4qR2J5EL9M&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=3 Part 3 - Drawing Hands from Imagination https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV2e_v5Pqho&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=9 Demos - Tips on Shading and Drawing Hands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx0a2H33Dfg&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=8 Demos - How to Draw a Fist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd_1hAeQT-U&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=10 Demos - How to Draw Cartoon Hands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-3v1HEmPOo&list=PLtG4P3lq8RHExM4hzeEW2TRZTB88wKKYf&index=11 Full Access to Premium Videos - http://www.proko.com/anatomy Don't miss new tutorials - http://www.proko.com/subscribe Course Package Deals - http://www.proko.com/package-deals Pose photo sets - http://www.proko.com/poses ----- FOLLOW PROKO: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/prokotv Twitter - https://twitter.com/StanProkopenko Periscope - @proko Instagram - http://instagram.com/stanprokopenko Tumblr - http://stanprokopenko.tumblr.com/ Google+ - http://bit.ly/stangplus Email Newsletter- http://www.proko.com/subscribe ----- CREDITS: Artist | Instructor | Producer - Stan Prokopenko (http://www.stanprokopenko.com) Script - Jesse Martel (http://jessemartel.com), Stan Prokopenko Production Assistance - Sean Ramsey (http://www.peoplewhodrawstuff.com), Brandon Storer Editing - Dzmitry Tsydzik (http://white-agency.com), Sean Ramsey, Stan Prokopenko Models - Stan Prokopenko, Marshall Vandruff Music Used with Permission Intro - The Freak Fandango Orchestra "Ain't No Friend of Mine" by Bryan Teoh http://sleepfacingwest.com/ 02 - Quantum Jazz - Jingle Jazz by Quantum Jazz is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ #DrawingHands #Fists #ArtTutorial
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Text Comments (59)
Energetic fan Boy 2 (20 days ago)
This is one of my favourite videos of all time in the proko figure drawing tutorial series, the fist is one of my favourite aspects of Dragon Ball Z one of the reasons why I got into Dragon Ball Z in the first place, this might teach me to draw Dragon Ball Z hands more conventionally. Dragon Ball Z has a lot of fists in the serious, as well as spiky hair locks.
HowlingMoonCinemas (1 year ago)
Come on, Proko. Not a single video on leg anatomy yet?
rana shereef (1 year ago)
i hope you make videos about legs ,, hand's videos are extreamly useful i realy liked it ,, and it would be very good if you made videos about all the lower limp specially the the stifle joint
Diego GB (1 year ago)
Nice video. I have a question: How much does the stroke and shading affect the speed of the stroke? And how much time would be advisable?
PaperPatriot (1 year ago)
when are we going to be getting the leg anatomy videos?
Jerome Dionisio (1 year ago)
Mr. @proko, please continue the anatomy course to the lower limbs(buttocks, thighs, legs) please please. I find your videos informative and helpful. Please notice this😁
Tiago Dias (1 year ago)
Yeah, can we learn to draw feet
Tiago Ramos Dias (1 year ago)
Can we learn draw feet?
Gene (1 year ago)
This is all so great. I can't wait to get to the cartoon-like rendering of hands by the end of all this. It'll probably be a breeze after all this realistic grinding.
Sodac Artes (1 year ago)
tem as manha !
Olivia Howard (1 year ago)
he looks like Aaron Paul
João César de Lima (1 year ago)
Absolutely amazing!!! You're a drawing legend alive.
Really, this interesting video is a punch to my ignorance 🙃 Thanks Proko.
oli mueller (1 year ago)
Nice one, allways a pleasure to watch your tutorials!
Walter Ostlie (1 year ago)
How about drawing action packed fists with a female look?
fidexfox TV (1 year ago)
amigo te lo ruego porfabor se que el no me entiende pero porfabor aste un canal en espaňol que tu expricas perfecto
DarkJanet (1 year ago)
I need to learn how to draw hands and fists.
Genesis Panganiban (1 year ago)
Hey Stan, if I buy one of your courses do I instantly become a premium member? or is it only for that course? is it a subscription for premium?
Sean Ramsey (1 year ago)
You buy the premium content on a course-by-course basis. There's no subscription. When you pay for it it's yours forever.
Jorge Baldeon (1 year ago)
this channel is the best man even though I have drawn lots of things in my lifetime I always learn something new on how to improve from these videos.
Andrei (1 year ago)
where is cartoon hands? in the next video?
Nasteyko (1 year ago)
dude, 6665 views, 471 likes including mine and NO dislikes, there`s no debt you make cool stuff, thank`s a lot for that!
Dango Mango (1 year ago)
no dislikes. OHOHOHHHOHOHOHOH :v
Storm Engineer (1 year ago)
Not a single bad joke... WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE REAL PROKO?!
Ishaan T (1 year ago)
weeell where is the cartoon hands part
Tzisorey Tigerwuf (1 year ago)
Weird... I just noticed you have some sort of tan-line on your right wrist that looks like a watch usually sits there... but you seem to be right-hand dominant..... Are you ambidextrous? ...or maybe it's just not your hand.
SH (1 year ago)
People who are bad at drawing be like: I can't do it cuz I don't own that pencil
MyArtJourney (1 year ago)
My thumbnail vote won :3
Gun Fighter (1 year ago)
as usual...beautiful
Zedfinite (1 year ago)
Eenie meenie miney mo I wonder where my glove will go
ONE (1 year ago)
Jonathan Jean-Louis (1 year ago)
I love the usage of that fist emoji in the title.
Matadorstudio (1 year ago)
proko is a modern master
zyad tarek (1 year ago)
thank you for uploading these videos, they really help. keep going <3 much love. all the best.
GoreQuill NachoVidal (1 year ago)
How would I go about drawing a hand with a penis in it? I am doing a self portrait. TIA!
Dramawind (1 year ago)
Just draw a fist.
slendy9600 (1 year ago)
GoreQuill NachoVidal presumably it should also have a lot of energy to it Kappa
Great video, keep up with the excellent work.
dagoat 221 (1 year ago)
Ok thanj you so much for hand and arm videos but when are you gonna make vids on how to draw legs and feet
HowlingMoonCinemas (1 year ago)
+dagoat 221 Yeah, he's very thorough in all his lessons and draws very clean, not to mention he has a good sense of humor every now and then which helps make all the lessons more fun.
dagoat 221 (1 year ago)
I know right, i struggle with legs and feet and i know if proko taught me how to draw legs and feet i would get 100 times better at it
HowlingMoonCinemas (1 year ago)
+dagoat 221 That's what I want him to teach now too, and he's probably the best teacher on that.
NiCkA 00 (1 year ago)
Wow! what pencils do you use? really cool
Feitan HxH (1 year ago)
Everytime I see your videos, I feel like if you want to draw a pose from imagination, you need to study a reference of this pose for hours ! The human body is too complex, it's hopeless...
Paul Callahan (1 year ago)
I really enjoy you videos.I have been a part of the Watts online school and working on that along with your videos. I am learning SO much.
Argadeux (1 year ago)
Nice 👌🏼
Shiva Darling (1 year ago)
I look forward to trying this when I draw next. I want to improve on how to draw hands because my method is passable at best.
oopalonga (1 year ago)
i like it, but this shit takes too long = / .
Darkness ML (1 year ago)
is this "fisting"?
MisterBassBoost (1 year ago)
I look forward to more videos.Keep it up!
HoboNoah (1 year ago)
but please to tell me I am looking for the tutorial on how to fist
cherrie (1 year ago)
OMG I just took a short break from drawing because I was struggling with the fists so much and then you upload this video!!!!!!
Bobby Fasel (1 year ago)
@JazGalaxy - I get where you're coming from, but you can't discourage people from taking breaks. If something is frustrating, especially in art, it's often VERY wise to walk away for a bit. When you come back, your mind is refreshed, you see your piece a little differently. And sometimes, you see a video like this fist video, and come back to your drawing with new info to inform. Encourage hard work, diligence and sticking to it. Encourage healthy working standards, including breaks and vacations.
Patrix8558 (1 year ago)
JazGalaxy - I think you are overacting a bit.. he said he took a short break, not gave up on his artistic career entirely..
JazGalaxy (1 year ago)
ylphi ew. No. Power though it! Don't quit just because you suck at something. If you keep struggling and hating yourself, eventually you come out on the other side. It's not impossible. Just difficult. You can do it!
Skull Crusade343 (1 year ago)
love your work man! keep it up
Lorpo (1 year ago)
oh boy im earl-y for anatom-y! (damn im good)
Zeltos (1 year ago)
nope not going to do it
jo. lenxx (1 year ago)
pin me I'm early

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