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Animated Bible Story of The Lord's Prayer On DVD

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Animated Bible Story of The Lord's Prayer On DVD Enrich your children's lives with the most popular and trustworthy, animated stories from the Bible. The NEST Complete Learning System on DVD includes 36 entertaining, educational, and interactive DVDs which will help you train your kids to become spiritual champions! Our children's animated Bible stories include Jesus' most beloved Parables, the First Christmas Story, the Passion of Christ and his Jesus' Resurrection on Easter, and many more animated bible stories. In The Lords Prayer on many occasions Jesus taught His disciples the power of prayer through parables and example. After Jesus' resurrection and ascension into Heaven, His disciples find their faith tested when Peter is arrested and cast into a Roman prison. As Herod plots Peter's death, the believers gather together and follow the example that Jesus taught. Through faith and persistent prayer, Peter's chains are broken and the Angel of the Lord opens the prison gates. The united prayers of the righteous save Peter and is still a power on Earth without equal. Animated Bible Story of The Lord's Prayer On DVD: http://www.nestlearning.com/the-lords-prayer-video-on-interactive-dvd_p42862.aspx 56 Animated Bible And History DVD Learning System Collection: http://www.nestlearning.com/56-animated-bible-and-history-dvd-learning-system...
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Text Comments (8)
Matthew Wallace (5 months ago)
Hamlet Gadimyan (7 months ago)
Bryant Blanco (8 months ago)
Tom lane (1 year ago)
Prayer Works :)
Brian Holmes (2 years ago)
is it just me or does jesus look a bit like obi-wan kenobi in this
Elizabeth Portuondo (2 years ago)
I love these cartoons
Lovett Ukpoma (2 years ago)
Leon Focas (5 years ago)
TY :-)

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