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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 8 Reaction/Review

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Text Comments (340)
truedardii (28 days ago)
Bro on the right definitely knows what's going to happen He's looked some things up and accidentally kept scrolling too often 😂 I'm sure of it
Teal'c (1 month ago)
Good reactions.
alyilen (1 month ago)
Nah guys don't confuse real life with the actor. Poor guy that does Joffrey is so disrespected by many people but he's just doing his job well. You don't have to be a piece of sht to act his kind of role, you just have to be good at acting.
Dee Tuitata (1 month ago)
please react to BTS Lotte Duty Free Commercial, it's dope https://youtu.be/XuaDFAYAriE
Nicholas (1 month ago)
Daenerys is actually 13 at the start of the books she's probably 14 or 15 now
Grant Alfonso (1 month ago)
Ya gotta realize how smart Tyrion is yo he put on that whole display acting like a gross drunk so people didn't follow them to the bedding chamber. He can handle his liquor
Parker Dolan (1 month ago)
The frays are the reason Theon is being tortured I believe
YT acca (1 month ago)
REACT to BOBBY - YGGR#hiphop, semi final performance on SMTM3
Rey Mustayne (1 month ago)
You guys are gonna blue ball us on episode 9?
N B (1 month ago)
I aint the only one refreshing every 20 damn minutes salivating for next episode.
Amanda Evans (1 month ago)
So ready for the next one!
Younghotyellowgirl (1 month ago)
I’m going crazy out here refreshing your youtube channel! Where iz it? 😂 3x9?!!!
SPQR21SEAL (1 month ago)
c'mon ! you now what we all want :D
MangaMarley (1 month ago)
no spoilers, but the smoke is comin next episode
redcardinalist (1 month ago)
Great as ever.👍 Looking forward to the next epsiode reaction!😲🤩
SRehill7 (1 month ago)
We're lucky these guys have already watched a bunch of episodes ahead, because all of you people in the comments section fucking SUCK at keeping shit low key.
Wes H (1 month ago)
when joffrey said it doesnt matter which lannister puts a baby in sansa, doesnt that mean he thinks hes a lannister then? sinces hes technically meant to be a beratheon, only just caught that
7alakh1 (1 month ago)
OMG waiting for the next episode 😍🤣
JuJuDaBeann (1 month ago)
yall should do THE WALKING DEAD plz omg
sinister0077 (1 month ago)
Best line Ive heard on this channel "Oooooh, he's Sub-Zero!!!!"
somenath mukharjee (1 month ago)
13:25 we all did brother :D
Em Em (1 month ago)
Are you ready for the next episode.... NO, I DONT THINK SO ! =))))
Charizard13 (1 month ago)
ep 9 please where is it
Evrything got (1 month ago)
Cersei is so Gorgeous ❤️ Lena Headey is such at amazing actress she makes me love Cersei 😭
k. e. (1 month ago)
Lord of Sinner (1 month ago)
episode after this will be boring, there definitely not much gonna happen
naturallynappy (1 month ago)
GOT fans are so goddamn annoying. Stop spoiling shit!!! Stop saying “next episodes gonna be...” “you havent seen nothing yet...” etc! And then you’ll accuse reactors of not having an authentic reaction — maybe because you spoil shit all the damn time!
Age Of The Witch (1 month ago)
" Ser Barriston , if it comes to battle , Kill that one first ."
Funnysterste (1 month ago)
The actress who is playing Sansa was 15 back then. Only one year older than the actress who plays Arya.
Funnysterste (1 month ago)
My sword is yours, my life is yours, my butt is yours.
blackkatt777 (1 month ago)
Osha <Oh-sha> On the show, Dany was 16 when she married Drogo and had to go through with her wedding night. It's been at least 2 years since Drogo died, so that would make her tub scene putting her at 18. Robb is 16 and he married. Sansa being 14, but 12 when she first got to kings landing. All those actors are older than their characters. I believe child labor laws may be why you didn't see long scenes of Arya, Bran and especially Rickon.
blackkatt777 (1 month ago)
Yes. From my understanding of season one, when Cat was scolding Ned about 17 years ago he came home with another woman's baby...etc, and it took awhile to come home, putting Jon at 16. Robb was born before Jon, slightly. Dany was born during Robert's Rebellion which would at least put her slightly behind Jon. She was born in Dragonstone, so it would have taken them a minute to get there by sea to try and murder her and her brother. They were taken out of there when she was a baby, right? Or did I miss something?
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
30:50 ... why would you even bring this up? Talk about spoilers.....weird decision to bring this up 1 episode prior. Now they know to expect something.
Daron Gates (1 month ago)
To the userpers...
Willdaberry Blue (1 month ago)
I hope your ready, mostly you Rob i fear this may break your sweet summer brain, the winds get cold when winter comes
Adam Merron (1 month ago)
How do you know about the dragon glass ?
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
Nah...I'm just leveling the playing field with all the lonely women on these threads gushing over Pat and shitting on Rob. Pat is annoying as fuck...If someone is gushing over him, I'm going to call them out. Speaking of rubbing one out, seems like you might be projecting.
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
Pat has spoiled things for himself.
Shraddha Pai (1 month ago)
As a matter of fact cercie and Tyrion are best friends in real life. And she does so much charity! She works very hard with immigrants in Europe. She's an angel in real life and the opposite on her show!
Qarymee Presents (1 month ago)
14:02 "The Ravens bring the sight".
gringopablo (1 month ago)
Sam had more than one blade of dragonglass. Remember he collected quite number of it at the Fist of The First Men. It doesn't matter if he forgot that one on the floor.
J P (1 month ago)
Waiting for episode 9 reaction :D
268482947 subscribers (1 month ago)
I am so excited. Can anyone guess why?
Veo T. (1 month ago)
13:52 *Once again, and you have done this in previous videos (Reactor on the far right) as well, in which you spoil the show viewing with your fellow reactors (and viewers) by calling out that scene. So, you happened to know there was a white walker outside BEFORE there was a white walker??? Even the one who has seen this before was staying silent. He knows NOT to spoil the show. **_JUST. STOP. NOW._* 🤔👁😐😑
naturallynappy (1 month ago)
When I watched the show for the first time even I knew there was a white walker. When I showed it to my mom and aunt they ALSO guessed it was a white walker. It’s not out of the ordinary to make accurate predictions; the show made a point to show the crows — which looks supernatural — and the air getting colder.
Veo T. (1 month ago)
13:20 *Bruh on the far right in this video: I really like his reactions, but he needs to **_stay off the net researching different characters._** Nothing but spoilers bound. Please don't spoil the show for your own reaction's sake and the fans.*
naturallynappy (1 month ago)
@i SkywalKing you are so obsessed with Pat. Gtfo his dick
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
"Fake news". You've just exposed your IQ capacity. Turnip. Are you sucking Pat off on the low or something? Do you feel you need to defend his honor on every thread? You're fucking pathetic.
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
Exactly. He's already spoiled it for himself guaranteed. Wellz called him out on it a couple times and Pat has essentially given it away that he's been spoiled with some of his comments.
Matt Artim (1 month ago)
Patrick ... nice call out to Jack Gleason who plays Joffrey. He plays the most hated cillian perfectly.
Matt Artim (1 month ago)
Are Patrick and Rob just joking or they have a grudge? Sometimes it seems they want to throw down. It makes me anxious. 😂 everyone be friends. Ok thanks.
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
Right? That NIGGA...mnigga nigga nigga, that nigga too lit yo, that nigga straight FIRE. Shitz weird MY nigga.
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
Dallas Dude (1 month ago)
Aahh sweet summer homies Just know that after episode 9 Everything changes 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️
Suspicious Tumbleweed (1 month ago)
I like the sped up intro at 0.5x playback speed. RTTV on lean
Paul Anthony (1 month ago)
Too much implying what's going to happen next episode unfortunately.
Mitch Elvik (1 month ago)
Is homeboy drunk, on meds, or exhausted? He normally gives great interpretations and guesses....I like him still, but he's trying to sober up with the neck movement and attempt to drink water....last episode one of y'all tried to get him to quiet up and calm down.... I really enjoy y'all's reactions though
Queen Sykes (1 month ago)
great reaction! I'll be looking forward to y'alls reaction to season finale tomorrow 😏! ...I'll be praying for y'alls recovery..🙃
Ashley Allen (1 month ago)
You guys should do a reaction video to a movie called train to busan you guys will love it it’s on Netflix
Daiana S. (1 month ago)
finally we will get to the episode 9!!!!
G_MAN180 (1 month ago)
Everyone shown in the show plays characters that are like 3 years younger
Faindy Vargas (1 month ago)
The next episode is so close, I can taste it.
a004 (1 month ago)
Y'all hyping episode 9 too much, just let them enjoy it without any notice
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
Patrick searched characters online (Chae)....guaranteed he has spoiled it for himself. I knew it.
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
You are hands down the creepiest Stan I've ever encountered on the internet. You are so concerned for a YouTube reactor it's extremely troubling. lol. But Pat is a good dude muh nigga. That nigga FIRE yo. Am I right?
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
You gonna be alright? Would you like to hold hands and cry for Patrick together? Perhaps you can make a YT video reminisce to the blonde (girl/guy) crying for Britney. LEEEEEEEAVE PATRICK ALOOOOOONE. :'(
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
justwhatevervlogs (1 month ago)
In the books Dany is like 14 or 15 and so are Rob and Jon. Theon is like 19 or 20. Arya is 8, Bran is about 7, Rickon is 3. Sansa is 11 or 12 and jeoffrey is 13 or 14. Jeoffreys siblings are roughly 10 and 8. Its been a while since I've read the books but they were aged up due to the adult themes and situations. By the way, Cersei and Jaime should be about 35 and Tyrion is in his late 20s. I think Shae is 18 or 19. I think Walder Frey was aged down from 99 to about 70. I think the only one who's age hasn't changed is Maester Aemon.
sydyoassdown (1 month ago)
Next episode guys. Next episode is upon us.
ALEXIA BROWN (1 month ago)
I can't wait to see their reactions to the next episode. I've been waiting for them to get to this point since they were at season 2!
Sarah Verity (1 month ago)
Dragon glasses 🥂 lol
LaDonna Louise (1 month ago)
the author is an atheist. now reassess your gods statement are they real or complete bs
laiden25 (1 month ago)
There's got to be a first
angelsface200 (1 month ago)
Dudeeee. at the 22 minute mark. wtf.....
Jay Ntanu (1 month ago)
At the start of the video they are talking about how sad they were about some characters....well you gonna be up for the next few years thinking about the next episode boys....WELCOME TO GAME OF THRONES
Jay Ntanu (1 month ago)
Ohh they are about to get really mad real soon
A man with one hand (1 month ago)
MAN you guys upload so fast I fucking love it
assassin sicarius (1 month ago)
Wellz saying "Season 3 Episode 9" so calmly and nonchalantly, lmao.
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
Did he though? He basically spoiled it for them at 30:50. Telling them to expect a crazy episode and to expect someones death! Why?
ياسمين (1 month ago)
lol i can't with that "maybe continue maybe they won't"
assassin sicarius (1 month ago)
30:13 "Joffrey's a bitch I hope that demon thing goes fucks up" heheh Rob speaking what should happen!
Lex (1 month ago)
GoT has a lot of nudity and since most actresses doesn't want to do that kind of stuff there are a number of roles they hire actors and actresses who did porn because 1. they do the job and 2. they do it for much less.
assassin sicarius (1 month ago)
From you guys I have learnt the word 'bodied' and from Unqualified Nerd (who also did GoT reactions) I learnt the word 'murked' which means killed off, same as bodied. GoT terminology lol.
Kaleo Mungin (1 month ago)
that's not GoT terminology...it'e just a way of saying
elvisglasses 5 (1 month ago)
Same! And I miss Unqualified Nerd. Hope those sisters are okay and will come back for S7 soon!
assassin sicarius (1 month ago)
23:20 haha Patric, "There's gonna be some demons that's gonna body these niggas"
Ronetta Wilson (1 month ago)
He’s SubZero😂🤣😆 Mortal Combatttttt🤣....that was funny as hell! Everyone said the same thing about picking up the dragonglass😆. Great reaction! I cannot wait to see your reaction for episode 9....🤫🤫😏just wait!
Eamon Moore (1 month ago)
I miss the old Daario man. I liked his character a lot it cheapens him with a different actor imo
assassin sicarius (1 month ago)
The power of dragonglass daggers shows itself for the first time!
assassin sicarius (1 month ago)
Loved y'all reactions to Shae smiling at the clean bed, I like that bit too.
assassin sicarius (1 month ago)
The way Daario pledges his sword to Daenerys is fire!
Michael Gammon (1 month ago)
yo after GOT you guys have got to do "The Expanse" if you like the mystery and brain cardio the game of thrones ngives you you will love it.
BIYIN CHEN (1 month ago)
beast06261 (1 month ago)
React to parasyte
Martin Latour (1 month ago)
Next episode can't come soon enough
Joseph G (1 month ago)
After 1000 years, just remember that the FIRST white walker was killed by Sam...
Пүрэв Х (1 month ago)
over 8000 years...
krichardj (1 month ago)
Well at least the next. wedding should be happier than Tyrion’s!
isai i (1 month ago)
React to westworld you guys are gonna like it
xenia kostopoulou (1 month ago)
God I can't wait for the next episode's reaction! Ayeee
mickys333 (1 month ago)
14:21 "OHH, he sub-zero" lmfao i can't with these people.
Sandor Clegane (1 month ago)
The 3 names are the 3 kings (trying to usurp the throne) Robb Stark, Baelon Greyjoy, and Joffrey Baratheon. Stannis is fully convinced the Lord of Light will initiate their demise due to the power of king's blood. Guess we will have to see what happens in the next few episodes to see if the Lord of Light has true power or if it is a false religion.
Mel M (1 month ago)
God, i can't wait for what's to come. Winter is coming.
Dannyomejia27 (1 month ago)
Lmao the reaction to the ages of the girls in the show ☠️☠️☠️
dj lu (1 month ago)
In one more episode, shits about to get real.
rAvEnS3161 (1 month ago)
Yall should react to The Haunting of Hill House
Mr. Gwapito (1 month ago)
Thank God they already watched 3x09 at this point. I just hate the shitheads who give a hint of what’s coming, or even sets an expectation. THEY DON’T NEED THAT. What’s the point of their reaction if all of you would even make an spoiler of it?
mubbles1066 (1 month ago)
As Bron says “There’s no cure for being a cunt”
Taylor Jones (1 month ago)
i SkyWalKing yeah he should have just let them be surprised. It’s supposed to be a genuine reaction.
i SkyWalKing (1 month ago)
At 30:50, he essentially gave it away himself. Weird decision to do so imo. Prepping them for a "crazy" episode and suggesting someone will die? Strange thing to do.
MicMak (1 month ago)
You guys clearly don’t care at all about spoiling the show for the others. You really don’t. Why would you bring up the _“SeasonVersary”_ of Ned Stark’s death? Whatever that means. Obviously you want to remind the summer children that we are nearing the ninth episode where shit happens. Not cool. Why would you say things like _Episodes 9 be crazy?_ Why would you ask them who they think is going to die right before episode 9. *Objection! Leading the witness!* You asked them what they think about Stannis and the leeches. WHY?! You really don’t give a toss. Unsurprisingly they guessed what would happen. You’re ruining it for them and for us. The best reactors are the ones who are unspoiled and see nothing coming. I’ve seen reactors who on their own pick up on clues and unknowingly are able to make accurate predictions. That’s fun & interesting because they’re figuring it out on their own. They’re not being spoiled. I don’t care if the RT summer children are still surprised because shit they predicted didn’t happen how they expected It to. The point is you unnecessarily drew their attention to spoilers because you wanted them to see if they could see the writing on the wall. You made it about you instead of letting it be about them and their experience. I hate it when people do that. It’s extremely frustrating. What’s worst is you are trying very hard to steer their attention to spoilers. You probably don’t care but I’m extremely disappointed. I don’t know why though because you’ve been doing this since the very beginning. Makes want to quit your channel.
Bowl Of Rice (1 month ago)
Tomorrow's forecast is heavy rain, with a chance of castamere.
onetruenightking (1 month ago)
sam isn't stupid, he's the smartest out of the bunch. the show doesn't explain it at all, but the dragon glass was too hot to the touch to pick it back up and that's why they didn't take it.
WIGLESS DORA (1 month ago)
Yay episode 9 🙆🏽‍♀️
Tracey .T (1 month ago)
episode 9 is next for them.........yikes
Toy Bounty Hunter (1 month ago)
I got a feelin were gettin close
Heather Elaine (1 month ago)
How often do they do Thrones reactions? I'm ready for episode 9.
RheyaRu!z (1 month ago)
Heather Elaine everyday except weekends
thé prima (1 month ago)
Characters/actors ages in season 1: jon snow 16/23, robb 16/23, sansa 13/13, arya 11/13, bran 10/11, rickon 6/8, theon 19/23, sam 17/21, dany 16/23, joffrey 16/17, margaery 18/27. They are younger in the books
Bok Jo (1 month ago)
Speed to next episode please
3need4ever (1 month ago)
The moment what we've all been waiting for. Ep 9 and 10!! guys, I advise you to split both episodes into 2 parts to give them justice!! there are a lot of moments to react to. Leave the discussion and review part in part 2 video!

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