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Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side - Episode Three Preview - BBC One

102187 ratings | 29383730 views
SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to access Live TV and Box Sets: https://bbc.in/2J18jYJ http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy Walk On The Wild Side is a brand new comedy series that seeks to provide a long overdue forum for the views and opinions of the animal kingdom. It's a world of hip hop-loving badgers, dieting pandas and a marmot called Alan. More about this programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00mc0rh #bbc
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Text Comments (3960)
Aww Qw (4 days ago)
1.22wow really funny
BTS Army (6 days ago)
😂😂😂 2019 ?
Ross Irvin (9 days ago)
1:50 laughing soooo much
Vixxen Amber (25 days ago)
I'm watching this in 2019....
Lizzy fizzy X3 (1 month ago)
c h il d h o od
lapleponise (1 month ago)
Night time... Day time! Night time... Day time! Night time... Gonna die time!
XxMoonlightxX (1 month ago)
“Oh that is rank”
music illusion02 (1 month ago)
This video is almost 10 years old and now I’m watching it for the first time 😂 my teacher showed it to us🤣
Mblue Music (2 months ago)
Hello, i really like this!👯
Fur Talk (2 months ago)
AnimalFarm 9780 (2 months ago)
So Funny!
Momo Chuu (3 months ago)
2019, anyone?
Celestial Brown (3 months ago)
Celestial Brown (3 months ago)
Night time, day time
Mhamdi Nabil (3 months ago)
Name of the song 20 second thanks
George Martin (4 months ago)
10 years later and still
Missing Patel (4 months ago)
no surprises
Vox Skynned (4 months ago)
I came for jacksepticeye
haleigh maynard (4 months ago)
Wolverine!! Sabertooth!!
Nicola Smith (4 months ago)
Is it just me or is everyone saying 1.55 ?
Sarah Jasim (5 months ago)
oh thats rank i think i need a lie down XD
Clare Wessel (5 months ago)
2018 anyone?
0:38 that neck tho
Marcel (5 months ago)
whos here in 2018?
Mr. Jerry (5 months ago)
lol the bird was playing night time and day time 😂
Mr. Jerry (5 months ago)
lol the bird was playing night time and day time 😂
G L M (5 months ago)
If you're watching this I'm 2018, you still somehow confuses about your life.
Ron C (5 months ago)
CTFxC brought me here. Thanks Charles.
DD B (5 months ago)
Penny Sutch (5 months ago)
These videos can make your day Great.
zeldaed123 (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks if Origins was just that last clip for an hour and a half it would've been a better movie?
Doggo Productions (6 months ago)
Nighttime daytime !
Is the voice of the monkey dentist Ricky Gervais? sounds like him
Aodhan Stuart (6 months ago)
Nighttime… *DAYTIME!*
Mylie Moo (6 months ago)
1:22 looks like he is saying oh with his hand
Maximo Foeh-Pierce (6 months ago)
Motor rider (6 months ago)
Classic who's here in 2018
lover or butter (6 months ago)
ha ha ha so lol
Kadence Nagel (7 months ago)
who else is watching this in 2018
Dear Leader (7 months ago)
Kieran Edwards (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/jeLUP0JPbsA If u liked Funny talking animals, then check out this film I made about a Gangster Rabbit called Lee roy the Antichrist..
Dialysisforever (7 months ago)
Why is everybody in the comments "parroting" what they just heard in the video?
Anthony Deitz (7 months ago)
What is the song at 0:27 ?
NothingbutEJ (7 months ago)
WhAt GoOd CoNtEnT!!
Jacob Oles (7 months ago)
the bird that "says" night time day time is trying to trick the fish to think its night time to feed but the bird is going to them.
Sun_Chaser (6 months ago)
it's to take away the refection so that the bird can see into the water🤠
Asjinga Akangka (7 months ago)
1:26 I believe they're just fighting.
Dru Bick (7 months ago)
Emma Burford (7 months ago)
I still find this so funny
Kayleigh Grimes (7 months ago)
Ha ha
lisa f (7 months ago)
Cleverly funny!!!!! :D
Lawrence_2576 (7 months ago)
Του 2j είναι καλυτερο
BloodyHead (8 months ago)
who from 2018
Sophie Hunt (8 months ago)
this was my childhood
Kate Spencer (8 months ago)
Never fails to make me laugh out loud !!!!!
Poe RoadGamer (8 months ago)
1:54 David could you turn the racket off please
Joseph Bennett (8 months ago)
Hahaha the two turtles remind me of the people at Walmart when I am pushing the cart, they clearly see me coming but still insist on continuing to run their cart into mine and I'd be like excuse me please move to the right, I SAID PLEASE MOVE TO THE RIGHT AS IF YOU ARE DRIVING 🙄😤😬😂. Seriously people in Walmart horrible when pushing a shopping cart 😒😂
Stohlen Gegestohlen (8 months ago)
Rep o (8 months ago)
00:01 night time (me) what 00:03 day time (me) school time
Ganon Tice (8 months ago)
Becky, i got you blue!! Blue and yellow!!
Shakira-Lee White (8 months ago)
i love the clip of the night time daytime.
Thomas Harding (8 months ago)
Nighttime, daytime is ICONIC!
Pikminfan67 (8 months ago)
Those hip hop badgers though.
Wemper Hd (8 months ago)
sophiemanic (8 months ago)
This LITERALLY never gets old
Spider Man (8 months ago)
Hi I subscribed to your channel can you subscribe back please
emilyandkpop ・ω・ (8 months ago)
Pack it in you know I’m workin nights!
Carson Baldridge (8 months ago)
Nighttime Daytime Nighttime Daytime Nighttime Daytime
medley 47 (8 months ago)
night time..🙈🙈🙈,,,,,,,day time🙉🙉🙉🙉
WolfGirlBeLike (9 months ago)
Sabertooth..wolverine..sabertooth..wolverine..sabertooth xD
Weird Gaming! (9 months ago)
Nighttime... DAYTIME XD
simply trickshots (9 months ago)
Love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Consciousness (9 months ago)
Iza Bella (9 months ago)
It's 2018 and I'm still watching this video!!! It's just too funny!!😂😂
Mr Roblox (9 months ago)
I remember this XD
leya the savage parker (9 months ago)
Dead as shit
Libra Osrs (9 months ago)
When I was 10 years old I used to watch this on a fuckin loop omggg
i died 100000000times (9 months ago)
Memes brought me here on nightime daytime
John r954 (9 months ago)
Childhood Memories From About 6 Years Ago Lol....!!!!
amiSRee ł (9 months ago)
Me and my friend couldn’t stop laughing for like 10 mins after watching the dentist monkey video
I’m already Tracer (9 months ago)
Rather play on me Xbox
KawaiiProductionsYT (9 months ago)
Lol the turtles😂😂💚
Auckland Knights (9 months ago)
Why is Homer Simpson on the discovery channel??
Amanda Deane (9 months ago)
Nighttime DAYTIME nighttime DAYTIME night time DAYTIME or what are ya doin? I’m playing nighttime daytime wanna play? No I already got an xbox
chimi flipin changas (9 months ago)
Who else is here from the how to train your Dragon 3 trailer
Rainbow Wendy (9 months ago)
Feather Tail (10 months ago)
Its 2018, why am I watching this? XD
Pavlov (10 months ago)
Class Act (10 months ago)
God i wanna be a bagder so badd all they do is party :D
Little Mix and Meerkats (10 months ago)
So.funny Anyone agree
Damian Elishys (10 months ago)
1:27 That may be one of the most British dialogues I've heard in a long time.
Drugstore Cowboy (10 months ago)
What is the bird at the beginning?
GM SKYWATCHER (10 months ago)
Check out GM Skywatcher see what's up
Sophie Myatt (10 months ago)
No you’re alright I’ve got an Xbox
EpiCoolGamer (10 months ago)
The bird at the start sounds like my friend
26tampabay (10 months ago)
Can't believe I haven't seen this before
Connor RK505 (10 months ago)
This is the first video i watched in YT. i was 4 oof
M K (10 months ago)
Your Ad Here (10 months ago)
this is what our tv license funds
Kaoutar elouaabani (10 months ago)
Hahaha nice vedeo

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