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Scared of Talking to Girls? - Motivation Trailer

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This video was not intended to make fun of my friend. This video just signified my transformation into becoming very confident about myself. As you see my friend procrastinating to talk to just one girl, it is basically a reflection of how I was with girls in the past. As you seen in my previous videos, this compilation of these interactions with girls is basically being told in a story. Each of which have a different theme. As I grow bigger on YouTube, I plan to provide a full delivery of tips on how to become a "Player Amplifier". Right now, just enjoy this journey on this mystery road of mine! If you like funny/awkward social experiments, subscribe to see more in the future! New videos ever week! : Check me out here! Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayerAmplifier (@PlayerAmplifier) Instagram: https://instagram.com/playeramplifier/ (PlayerAmplifier) SNAPCHAT: mrpuma Dont forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe! :D
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Omari Monyé Truth (2 years ago)
ShΣtland (2 years ago)
i do got a mike
chris collins (2 years ago)
lmao when she exposed him with the wire
Jasmin Andjelkovic (2 years ago)
I didn't asked a girl out now for more than 2 and a half years! But there's a girl that i have a crush on and i'll try to approach and talk to her next week maybe.
Jasmin Andjelkovic (2 years ago)
PlayerAmplifier I will brother! There is girl i wanna approach to she seems really cute and pretty to me. She is about 2 years younger than me. Here where i live we always have a opportunity to do sports at a gym. You can play soccer, basketball, table tennis etc. It last's from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoB0EVNk8mc&t=21m00s in the evening to midnight. The name of the event is Midnight Sports we have each saturday the opurtunity to be there you also can just chill there if you want to. Yesterday was saturday and i was there with a friend of mine. I saw the girl and i wanted to approach to her and start talking with her. But i didn't was really in the mood for it and didn't have the balls to approach her in this moment. She is mostly with 1 female friend there or maybe 2 or 3 female frienda of her. So i would go to her and say: Hey, how are you? She would say i'm fine and you? I would say: yeah i'm good. Then i would ask her if is up to something for next week and after she gave a answer i would say: You know what? Listen give me your number and then we can hang out next week together maybe on the weekend. That's how i would approach to a girl!😎 My question is: How do you think i should approach to a girl that i'm attracted to? And do you have some tipps for me? How i should text her or tipps for the first date ect.? Greeting bro!
PlayerAmplifier (2 years ago)
Jasmin Andjelkovic keeep me updated ! Getting rejected is better than regret man !
Abilio castro (2 years ago)
Bellock_Grithlus (3 years ago)
i havent asked a girl out in person in 5 years
TheArmaniModel1 (3 years ago)
Which mic do you guys use? It's great quality, I'm thinking of starting a channel of picking up chicks
ThePlayer2k12 (3 years ago)
Happy HotPocket (4 years ago)
PlayerAmplifier (4 years ago)
+Happy HotPocket leeettttssssss gooooooooo!
I liked it. Please put up the other interaction
PlayerAmplifier (4 years ago)
+Sasuke Uchiha absolutetly! it should be up sometime next week!
PlayerAmplifier (4 years ago)
Check description to see my intentions with this video! Don't forget to like and share with your friends; that way we can all become "players" some day! Lol

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