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Space doodles | Doodle for Kids | Doodle with Me

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Someone suggested for me to do space/galaxy doodles before. Whoever you are, I hope you like it and thanks for the suggestion. :) Thanks for watching! --------------- Pen: Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen S(mall) nib Notebook: Muji A6 Dotted Notebook ---------- SHOP : Printables and colouring pages http://sarazorel.etsy.com MUSIC : Youtube Audio Library EDITING MATERIALS : Iphone 5s Adobe Premiere Elements FOLLOW ME: @sarazorel on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr WEBSITE : sarazorel.net
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Text Comments (96)
Mara Lua (12 days ago)
Parabéns! Seus trabalhos são incríveis... Meus filhos e eu amamos desenhar com você... Continue assim sempre! Obrigada!
v7RBv F_15 (12 days ago)
shashi bala (1 month ago)
This is amazing'at all 😮nice 😃😃
G-Max (1 month ago)
Do dragon ( httyd ) doodles
Kylstelle (2 months ago)
“Space *DOODLES*” ?!*
Cool Girls (4 months ago)
I love 💕 to doodle specially space 🚀 doodle I do unloaded your video
Dj Sharon (5 months ago)
Sheetal Phal Desai (6 months ago)
Smita Suryavanshi (6 months ago)
I just love your idea.......
Arzu Gökçe (6 months ago)
Bunu yapmak zor mu
Anju Kayat (6 months ago)
How can we colour it
doussaTį oO (7 months ago)
August 50441 (7 months ago)
A few grams of paper
jahziel tuadles (7 months ago)
oji munna (8 months ago)
Sarah please a elements doodles on your channel
David Ajay Raja (8 months ago)
Simply superb
thara mani (9 months ago)
first i coloured diferrent colours of oil pastels on one sheet, then i coloured the sheet totaly black with oil pastels , i drew this drawing with scrape tool it came out very beautifully, thanks
Futia R (10 months ago)
Great !!!!!
Jason Livy (10 months ago)
How to doodle from my point of view- Scribble scribble pow pow!! Scribble This is beautiful .0.
Awesome doodles😘😍 Keep making more space doodles
khadijah Ramjan (1 year ago)
Make of avengers
sWäG 101 (1 year ago)
I didnt see the moon
ilol88 19 (1 year ago)
cute l loved it.. wow 🖤🌧
Budi Santoso (1 year ago)
sarah can i ask you how to draw clothes doodle?
Aml Mohammed (1 year ago)
Raquel Neves (1 year ago)
Alguma brasileira ????
lasanha (1 year ago)
Raquel Neves yup
NAMEA SQUAD (1 year ago)
It really helps to my project it gives me ideas!
محمد السيد (1 year ago)
Faye Aquino (1 year ago)
Can you do a doodles of kawaii
catalina cabeza (1 year ago)
You have a new follower
Kenneth Schuler (1 year ago)
Jaleena Flores (1 year ago)
i suck at drawing n this video n the plant video are gonna help me draw better when i make my art/bullet journal thank u sm
Toni Doumet (1 year ago)
heyy first of all you are so talented!and you look nice by your replies😊❤❤and you inspire me!
Penguin Lover AG (1 year ago)
I low key fell asleep to this music
Noralie (2 years ago)
whats the song on 10:12
Noralie (1 year ago)
ThePugBoss 23 thx
Lessie (2 years ago)
Diane Dye (2 years ago)
Sarah, do you have any type of book with all your doodles that can be purchased? I am absolutely fasinated with your doodles.
Diane Dye (2 years ago)
You are so good at this you should consider making a book with all your sections. including the one your husband did on transportation. I would sure be one of your customers.
Doodles by Sarah (2 years ago)
+Diane Dye sadly no. I should tho! Hehe I so have some printables that can be found in my etsy. Sarazorel.etsy.com :)
A.B TIME (2 years ago)
So talented 👏❤️
Grace Hilis (2 years ago)
I learned how to draw Doodles..and I love watching doodle on your planner...And What Colored Markers are you Using?.....I really love your videos...and I really really love your arts than Pic Candle
Grace Hilis (2 years ago)
+Doodles by Sarah / sarazorel....Thank you so much!😊😊😄😄💕
Doodles by Sarah (2 years ago)
+Grace Hilis aww thanks but piccandle's videos for me are the best. She is an inspiration to me :) For coloured markers check out my art supplies video. xx
Lili (2 years ago)
I really like your drawings!! I try evryone!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💖💖
Cool Girls (4 months ago)
Good comment
Doodles by Sarah (2 years ago)
thats great!! thanks for watching.
Doddley Do (2 years ago)
Your so good at drawing while I'm over here having trouble at drawing STARS!! But I loaf your drawings!! :P
iiLucky_ Vibez (8 months ago)
Michael Comoli lol your so funny
Michael Comoli (1 year ago)
ThePugBoss 23 oh god hat was commented 5 montes ago
Michael Comoli (1 year ago)
ThePugBoss 23 loaf....
Doodles by Sarah (2 years ago)
thanks! keep practicing!
Harshit Goyal (2 years ago)
boxerini (2 years ago)
These videos are so soothing to watch.
(2 years ago)
this is so relaxing to watch. amazing!
Cyril C (1 year ago)
Enggh Bonjour
stydia's gifs (2 years ago)
StudioBAS (3 years ago)
So cute! Thank you for sharing!
Rachelle Foreman (3 years ago)
It's so fun to watch you! :)
Doodles by Sarah (3 years ago)
+Rachelle Foreman Thank you! :)
HEI (3 years ago)
Doodles by Sarah (3 years ago)
+jj chan Thank you!
Walaa al3oribi (3 years ago)
Very cute doodles ❤️😍 , what notebook you use?
Doodles by Sarah (3 years ago)
+Walaa al3oribi Thank you! I used a Muji dotted notebook.
LAMA0101 GAMES (3 years ago)
That is my favorite video , cause I love space ....
Rayan Kanabi (3 years ago)
I drew every single thing
Rayan Kanabi (3 years ago)
You inspire me 💜
Emariah Grant (3 years ago)
this made my day cuz this was on my bday
Nerdsrule329 (3 years ago)
wow! awesome drawing!
That's cute.
crosspecans (3 years ago)
I hope you make an adult coloring book....
seb seftali (2 years ago)
crosspecans YAS!!!!!!!
Rohini Khan (3 years ago)
I really like your doodles!!!!!
Shannon Green (3 years ago)
I am thoroughly enjoying your videos, you make this look so easy!
snehal patole (4 months ago)
Sarah I love your doodle videos ,can you please a video for wedding .
Sara Berry (3 years ago)
I'd love to see doodles of "All Things Fall."
Lost Cause (3 years ago)
Or mini horses or ponies, unicorns !!!
Lost Cause (3 years ago)
Could you draw patterns ? :)
Sheepy Sheep (3 years ago)
How did you get so good in remembering how certain objects look so you're able to draw them out without needing reference ? I occasionally forget how to draw certain things but you... you're amazing!
Doodles by Sarah (3 years ago)
+Sheepy Sheep I practice first on my sketchbook and use that as reference when I film and draw on the dotted notebook. :)
XXnowyouseemeXX (3 years ago)
Hey ~~~ I love your art a lot!!! Just wanna tell you that they inspired me a lot to do some doodles myself.... So will you please recommend me some of the pens and markers that you're using? Will they ink the back of your paper? And will normal 0.5 or 0.7 produce the same thickness? Cause I most definitely can't colour the page with normal pens without making a hole in the page :p Anyways thanks a lot if you're reading this... I hope you'll never stop drawing ;) PS : sorry for bad English
XXnowyouseemeXX (3 years ago)
+Sarah / sarazorel OMG Thanks so much for replying me~~ I'm somewhere far from your level, but I want to have those skills one day!!!
Doodles by Sarah (3 years ago)
+Royal Lim hi there! im so glad I have inspired you. for doodling any black pen will do. I use multiliners that are nonbleeding, waterproof and fade proof. my preferred multiliner pens would be Artline Drawing System, Uni Pin fineline or Sakura Micron pens. As for thickness, the higher the number the thick it gets. I always like using 0.1 for fine smaller lines and 0.3 or 0.4 for the rest. Its actually up to you and your style how you would like your drawing to be. tbh, im not good at colouring either :) hope that helps!
Kelly Chrizelle (3 years ago)
What pen are you using?
Doodles by Sarah (3 years ago)
+Kelly Chrizelle Tan LOL i already mentioned the name in the start of the video. its a faber-castell Pitt artist pen.
Carly (3 years ago)
Next: food doodles :))
Doodles by Sarah (3 years ago)
Hi! I already did a doodle on food last month or so :)
Sathyasri U (3 years ago)
Could you please show how to doodle human characters? I'd really like to see video of that on your channel.
stydia's gifs (2 years ago)
yep will be aweasome /2
Jyoti Singh (3 years ago)
yeah will be awesome
NeoKnacks (3 years ago)
These are all so cute. I could picture them in a Children's Book!
iiLucky_ Vibez (8 months ago)
Way to ruin it
Mara Hrzic (3 years ago)
so cool

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