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Using Photoshop to convert hand drawing to line art and basic coloring - Part 1

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Quick overview of the Photoshop pen tool and how you can use it to convert a sketch you scan into the computer to a line art drawing. Looking for more tutorials like this but more in depth? visit http://marketingonlineworkshop.com Part 2 Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMggGd5Tezg
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Marion Friedenthal (15 hours ago)
I love your tutorial. So easy to follow that it makes me feel intelligent! However, the video stops at 8.40. Not even audio after that, which someone else mentioned. But what I did manage to see is definitely SO useful. Thank you for going to the trouble of making it.
Reza Nayyeri (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot. Your tutorial Solved my problem with making the lines curved. It was actually a brush tip, that dynamics settings. Thanks again.
Mina Eilaghi (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing, BUT the Stroke Path is not high light in my photo shop, How I can active it? :(
720 Zone (1 year ago)
Great content...horrible editing with the audio.
sanjeev sharma (1 year ago)
what is the main area where drawings are created in logos
Seks Haver (1 year ago)
Why so loud
999safe 999safe (1 year ago)
what are you doing?
HoodieCatProductions (2 years ago)
Hey fantastic video really love how this worked out after all :) Keep it up and make art :D Greetings from a fellow YouTube Artist ;-)
tamsinthai (2 years ago)
What is the point of this? 'Oh yes, that looks better'>still of back of bug. Duh.
nirvomind (2 years ago)
im using cs6 when i do stroke path id doesnt take the form of the pinsel 5pixel , it just stay with litte shape ,, what should i do ??
Charaki (2 years ago)
When I trace with the pen tool, my anchor points link with other points without me telling them to. Why does this happen?
Alex Vazquez (2 years ago)
This video was a big help I'm finally getting somewhere on my project! Thanks!
Trika the Guardian (2 years ago)
This only tells you how to do it once you already have the image in your computer. You didn't explain how we get the paper onto the computer. I and probably others want to know if theirs another way to get a hand drawn piece of artwork onto the computer without having to take a picture of it and sending it to your computer
MLGnO0b (2 years ago)
Arianne XX (2 years ago)
I think you can connect a paper scanner (is that what they're called?) to your computer — my printer has one on it. Idk if there's another way to do it though, apart form taking a photo on a camera or phone.
Mary Alvarez (2 years ago)
Hello there, I'm a preschool teacher looking for a program to create extremely basic drawings and your tutorial has given me lots of hope!!!! Does the Adobe Photoshop program allow me to print my images on 11x17 size paper? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!
evan mugford (2 years ago)
yes photoshop will allow you to print at any size :)just make sure that when creating your file you use a size to match what you want your print size to be.
Khlocaine The Pain (2 years ago)
hi im trying to do this but when i right click "stroke path" is not highlighted so i cant click it, please help!
Alex Vazquez (2 years ago)
Make sure the pen tool is highlighted and that your layer isn't locked might help
Samantha Frantik (2 years ago)
I have the same problem!
Just Mitchell Music (3 years ago)
Great tutorial, but how do you get the actual drawing converted to a jpeg? lol
Khalil Jamal (2 years ago)
+PROD BY MG Scan it or take a picture of it and import to photoshop...
Benjie may-ag (3 years ago)
how is your line so smooth?
J Martin (3 years ago)
Great video, thank you for sharing! I learned a lot and I had no idea it were that simple.
Love this bee!
little9 Sakura (3 years ago)
finally , i found a video that showing me how to line art hand drawing in clear way
CC Logan (3 years ago)
if i am just looking for software to convert hand drawings to digital copies, what do i need? I would really appreciate any suggestions, thank you
andy moore (3 years ago)
I feel that you speed up the tutor because you dint want to share all the information you have got about it , poor things anyway !
evan mugford (2 years ago)
+andy moore Thats why I made this video, to show just enough to prove I can do it, but not enough that you can do it yourself....really lol
evan mugford (3 years ago)
+andy moore lol what?
Frederikke Trins (3 years ago)
Hi :) This video was very helpful, but I just wanted to know what program you used here? And is it a free one? Thank you so much!
ChromeThunder2401 (3 years ago)
+Fniddertoezen AJ There's also Gimp, which is a lot like Photoshop and is free.
Kaylor Davis (3 years ago)
Thank You!!!
Kircata (3 years ago)
Dequne Tyler (3 years ago)
Thank you soo much, I been trying to find a way to put your drawings into photoshop and convert them to look more professional 
Sharksrunfaster (3 years ago)
JamieCATALAN (3 years ago)
Great tutorial, thanks fo the contribution*!
Tania (3 years ago)
nothing happening on this tutorial
Melissa Bennett (3 years ago)
this was a really good tutorial, it really cleared up how to use that pen tool. This is coming from someone who is practically a beginner
Robert Jirousek (3 years ago)
the wings look like hairy testicles 
roondoggie (3 years ago)
This video stops at 8:40. Take it down so we don't waste our time for 8 minutes.
Robert Hilton (3 years ago)
Thanks so much for the video, this has been really useful for me :)
bleakAntiquity (4 years ago)
there should be a way to do this in cs3 without getting rid of the original sketch.
3089280288 (4 years ago)
I need to do this with Illustrator
evan mugford (4 years ago)
Will be starting to get active on this account soon, not sure why so many are having problems with the video/time etc . maybe something to do with the file type I uploaded or the conversion process on the video when YouTube converted there system.  either way I will revisit these older videos and reteach some of them as I have learned a million things since this. Will also be doing alot of WordPress , coding etc vids.
wiz[-.-]lee (4 years ago)
I am having problem too, will be great if you can reupload. Anyway, looking forward to your new videos! =)
Shaelyn Favorite (4 years ago)
I never knew what the pen tool could do until now.. This saves me so much heartache :) Thanks!
Kyle Villarama (4 years ago)
You beautiful, Thanks Man!!!
0cyrhoe (4 years ago)
Great tutorial - learnt more in the first four minutes than in forty minutes of another on the photoshop pen! But I am getting the same problem some others report: no video after 8:40: audio only. 
Marl Grassi (4 years ago)
Video not working.  Stops at 13:15.
Jess N (4 years ago)
Great tutorial! However, after I click stroke path, I have the brush line and the pen line within the brush line. How do i get rid of the pen line?
Lennen D Madere (4 years ago)
Good Tutorial.  He explained details about certain tools that other tutorials skip over.  It's a little slow to watch but there's good info here.  He could reshoot it and show just how to accomplish specific individual task.  I got it when you showed how to add shading to the yellow tail, you didn't have to show all your work completing all three sections of the tail.  Thanks.
boru25 (4 years ago)
Tell me this cause I'm in dire straits, how can you pain bucket a traced area without worrying about those gray areas after tracing the drawings with brush?
tenup (4 years ago)
Felix Jude (4 years ago)
Gooooo CANADA. ;)
Gal mine (4 years ago)
finally the tutorial I was searching for! thank you!
Emil Georgiev (4 years ago)
Is the video broken or is something wrong with my computer? First it shows that the vid is 13 minutes long but then it shows it to be only 8:40 long and when I reached that it's just audio for the rest of the video. I'm really pissed, cuz it's a good tut and I wanna see the rest of it. Part 2 is also messed up.
ancient child (7 months ago)
at least the audio is not synchronous anymore at some part in the vid...
Five Point Five (2 years ago)
+Emil Georgiev Same thing happened for me too :(
Hello (4 years ago)
Same thing happened to me x-x
NIKKY GREEN (4 years ago)
worked fine for me man - i agree rad tutorial 
Matcha_Jayce (4 years ago)
Thank you! This is really helpful!
Kalyani Seshadri (4 years ago)
Thank you for this awesomely useful post!! :)
Kara Rowe (4 years ago)
@Niel Woodman & others. If you draw with the Pen Tool set to Path and then you Stroke or Fill the Path you'll be left with the "Working Path" > It's annoying ... go to your Paths tab (Window > Paths) and drag the "Working Path" to the Trash icon at the bottom of the Paths panel. Paths create a visual guide for your art and are, at times, meant to be disposed. hope this helps someone.
Gbundles (4 years ago)
Good 1
eacha9 (4 years ago)
Anonymity voice distorter? :-)
josephine nathania (4 years ago)
thank you so much!! this is what i looking for ;-;
imOPNMNDED (5 years ago)
what size is that layout?
Le fou (5 years ago)
Yes!!!! Thank you!!! for actually identifying how brush tool connects when you're using the pen tool. Every tut I've seen never freakin tells how you get the dark brush lines "NOBODY". Can we be your friend Now? Lol jk
Le fou (5 years ago)
Yes!!!! Thank you!!! for actually identifying how brush tool connects when you're using the pen tool. Every tut I've seen never freakin tells how you get the dark brush lines "NOBODY". Can we be your friend Now? Lol jk
Ryan Jones (5 years ago)
I like it but your audio is messed up
BlackhawkX02 (5 years ago)
emmm i don't know, looks kinda messy, i have drawings with a lot of details do you think something like illustrator or corel draw and maybe a tablet would be better to do this?
Neil Woodman (5 years ago)
This is all working great apart from when I "stroke fill" I can still see the original pen line I drew in the middle of the stroke! Its like I have a little white line flowing through the middle of all my strokes! Help!!
Dave Gardner (5 years ago)
Pen tool is fucking stupid, i cant find any way to add a solid line to it. What the fuck... Im getting too mad at photoshop
BlackhawkX02 (5 years ago)
seems useful but your voice sounds so lazy and makes me feel the same way xD it makes the video boring i don't know, next time try speaking with more energy haha
Seiam (5 years ago)
Copy to clip board, paste it on paint or something and save it as .png
Ashanti Ja'Dor (5 years ago)
DOes the image have to be scanned in to work with it?
Afro Gamer (5 years ago)
I'm having trouble tracing a image. Can you help me please?
kasserole098 (5 years ago)
You dont... No... Paint? no... stahp
CanAngelsFallInLove (5 years ago)
Do you no how to do this with windows paint
NarwhalNetwork (5 years ago)
you'll have to scan the image into the computer with a scanner
Sand Dreemurr Steele (5 years ago)
How you get the pic on computer?
natekeziedi crabs (5 years ago)
thank you
Alex Collins-Penado (5 years ago)
thank uuuu!!!!!
banchik (5 years ago)
WIN XP we meet again..
Spot Pnk (5 years ago)
my add anchor point tool doesnt do that it does weird shapes when i pull the line
evan mugford (5 years ago)
I usually take all my line layers, duplicate them then merge them, and but them as the bottom layer, this will give you the lines underneath that basically make it like using a kids coloring program to click and paint with the bucket, then fill any questionable areas with the pen, and move onto shading.
Think before you act. (5 years ago)
I like your classic-hillbilly/irish accent
Kabir Singh (5 years ago)
Thanku thanku!!! i did it!!!! but there is a confusion .. when you paint your drawing!! its about the layeras1!
Explicit James (5 years ago)
I needed this to do outlines on a map I've drawn for a novel. Your tutorial is great. You sir just earned yourself a like and I've subscribed.
Nicolas Atcheson (5 years ago)
found it you dont have to help me :D
Nicolas Atcheson (5 years ago)
how do you get rid of the pen tool path so you have only the stroked path ?
SkarredForever (5 years ago)
Does it cost money to download photo shop? I have Auto desk Sketchbook, but I got that with my drawing tablet (which sadly the cable broke for it and I'll be getting a new one soon). Does anyone have advice or answers?
Bis Tris (5 years ago)
Hey i've a request for you... if u can please help me out... waiting for your reply...
Lvl50 Metapod (5 years ago)
Right... So a "scanner" would be what, exactly??? Lol jk! I should have saved myself the embarrassment and just looked on the internet about how to scan and transfer drawings onto my computer in the first place.
Brian R (5 years ago)
Lol its called a scanner man. Welcome to the 21st century >_<
Alex Perez (5 years ago)
to Dung: Have u tried scanning it to Photoshop?
Lvl50 Metapod (5 years ago)
How do you transfer your hand-drawn pictures onto your computer in the first place? Is that impossible? Or is there a certain type of machine that allows you do to this? Or did you just sketch that bee on Photoshop or some other software?
evan mugford (5 years ago)
Make sure the path is active,by clicking on paths, then the path you drew with the pen tool.
evan mugford (5 years ago)
Close :) next island over, Cape Breton
evan mugford (5 years ago)
lol no , Cape Breton accent :) N.S. canada
A is for Banana (5 years ago)
i cant do stroke path on cs3, like you have, its grayed out? please help! i realy need help fast so i can make graphics for my iphone game
Vi Ribeiro (5 years ago)
I'm trying to do this, but my lines are not becoming this solid dark that yours are. Do you know what can be wrong? Thank you.
Eva Chausheva (5 years ago)
Great tutorial! Thank You! I finaly learned how pen tool works to draw :)
dopiies (5 years ago)
is the program free?
gabquintero09 (5 years ago)
Great tutorial, for somebody who has some experience with photoshop, it is pretty easy to follow.. But for new people, it won't be as easy, given the fact that the voice is not in sync with the process man.
Keenan (5 years ago)
thank you.you jus helped me level up :)
Yokodera (5 years ago)
ibarra116 (5 years ago)
i spent hundreds of dollars and endless hours in a college class for photoshop... and the man never taught us to use the pen tool. and i look it up online, to find it for free. seriously?!? fuck college.
Jon Kawada (6 years ago)
Javier Bardem, is that you??
Anmew (6 years ago)
can i covert the lineart in png and recolor it? thanks
campbellgabba (6 years ago)
How do u put the bug drawing into the computer some one respond ASAP please
GqFq (6 years ago)
It's cool , but let's say i don't want the result to be that steril , exact line to line. You know what i mean? I would love to maybe keep the drawing exactly sketch alike looking for in line art. Is that possible? And how? Because to me the sketch has a lot more character as it has all the small , big lines and shadows. As opposite to the line art that doesn't. Now how do i do it? Or is to tedious? I'm really curious.
GK95 (6 years ago)
I guess he must be from Newfoundland or somewhere like that because of the Irish side of the accent and the fact that his channel says he's from Canada. I really like it.
PB (6 years ago)
I cant color individual parts of my picture, when I do the paint tool it colors the whole thing. HELP?

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