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RNL - Someone Who Cares: The Science and Art of Nursing

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Patients learn from nurses every day, but nurses also learn from their patients. In this video, produced collaboratively by Reflections on Nursing Leadership magazine (Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International) and the nursing department of Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas, nurses share moments of "specialness" that make their lives significant. "When you look at nursing and why people select that field, it remains always the same thing," says Ann Scanlon McGinity, PhD, RN, FAAN. "People who choose nursing are people who really want to make the world better, who want to care for patients, and who want to be with people in times of crisis—and bring strengths to those folks that they have learned through the science and art of nursing." Who can do the work of nursing? "It's a very skilled, committed person, who brings energy and enthusiasm," says McGinity, "because every day there's the opportunity for a gift to be had from the patient."
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Von Von (8 months ago)
Awesome clip! - Phi Gamma Chapter member
Terry Nicholls (4 years ago)
In honor of nurses everywhere, and especially now during Nurses Week, we present this tribute to the people who are on the front lines and take care of all of us every single day. Whether you're a nurse yourself or know one personally, show your respect and support for true heroes - Nurses! http://www.teespring.com/nurseshero
Julie Jones (4 years ago)
This is a wonderful video.  For me the reason why I became a nurse was because of my mother.  She said that I would never be bored, always have a job, and I could always do something different in nursing.  She was right!  Now I help to design software systems to accommodate nurses and providers workflows.
Tess Panizales (4 years ago)
Lovely. I was told to be a nurse, and in retrospect I have never regretted it as you can be whatever you want to be - researcher, educator, consultant, manager, analysts, clinical nurse, public health worker, leader, etc.

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