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Game of Thrones: Costumes (HBO)

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Text Comments (105)
Andrea Acuña (1 year ago)
3:48 *SEVEN HELLS!* 😂😂😂😈
Amelia Brittain (1 year ago)
I can't fucking tell what kind of accent the actor who plays Jaime Lannister has, like I guess it's kinda Slavic but it's so subtle idk
Kenna Miller (2 months ago)
he is Danish
Gusty85 (1 year ago)
It's fascinating how much thought and creativity it goes into their outfits in GoT. Impressive!
sniffthecactus duh (1 year ago)
I love how they wanted to make it gritty and 'unsanitized'. It gives it such a real feel to it.
HowSci (1 year ago)
Of course, they wear armors in the arctic. But you have to put layers of fur below them.
Syren (1 year ago)
I like this lady... she is very good at what she does
Emilio (1 year ago)
The comment about how Cersei is 'armoured' really intrigued me as now we see in the development of the show, especially season 7, she's practically covered in armour. A real development of character that isn't immediately obvious.
Elsa Frost (1 year ago)
Emilio ikr they create this subliminal impression feature just by color and design which is very impressive
Viserys is the best.
Mike (3 years ago)
6:15 "Nice" ... I mean "Fantastic."
Elsa Frost (1 year ago)
Mike i just love the face he makes in this moment!
Saga Gemini (4 years ago)
Is it real fur ? (sorry I don't understand English spoken...)
Diamond Pearl (1 year ago)
Yeah, it's definitely better that animals are killed for burgers than for their fur.... :P
superghost6 (2 years ago)
+pattyjelly1994 Dr. Fishy!!! Nooooo!!!!
Cici Fu (2 years ago)
+superghost6 they can definitely feel pain
LittleBigPlanet667 (4 years ago)
Emilia Clarke <3<3<3
Cybermouse (5 years ago)
What do you guys think about this new Game of Thrones mmorpg :0? imo it looks good. http://www.bubblews.com/news/2068967-new-social-mmorpg-based-on-famous-game-of-thrones-series-l-2014-game-review
Cybermouse (5 years ago)
Check out this new GOT mmorpg, imo it looks good =] Gameofthronesthegame.at.vu
PlainSeason (5 years ago)
1:52 Ed sheeran, is that you?
Rosie Thomas (11 days ago)
PlainSeason and like 4 years after you made this comment ed Sheeran was actually in the show
ZoowThe (5 years ago)
Her costumes for the second sons are so generic and they feel like conan the barbarian rejects, she made good costumes season 1 and 2 but it seems like she pulled random crap out of her ass for season 3
Anquec Wex (5 years ago)
king robert reminds me of santa claus
dylan smith (5 years ago)
Can always tell who has read the books....
the seal of orichalcos (5 years ago)
She deserves an award fo this the costume for G.O.T is awesome.
Steve Priddis (5 years ago)
Why does all the adult Starks die and none of the Lannisters die :(
Coen van Deelen (5 years ago)
She will resurrect in Season 5
alskyd (5 years ago)
She's so right about her job.
Noelle O'Neal (5 years ago)
So weird to here Khal Drogo speaking english.
Maggie Smith (5 years ago)
I fucking love all the dresses Cersei wears.
raezer (6 years ago)
I really enjoy seeing the worn out clothes and dirt on their skin and hair exc. I have watched other shows and it drives me nuts seeing too clean skin or clothes when it doesn't go with the scene at all.
Curly Kat Marie (6 years ago)
It's CATelyn. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
Lightning Farron (5 months ago)
Curly Kat Marie *T R I G G E R E D*
101andrewj (6 years ago)
i dont know what fucking show beat this one for best costume design because some of those suits of armor are the best i have ever seen on tv
TheLadyPlantagenet (6 years ago)
Love Viserys' outfits
Jake Shippee (6 years ago)
Awale Ismail (6 years ago)
Holy shit! I thought I was alone!
patu8010 (6 years ago)
Ha, Jaime's actor is actually from the north. I didn't know.
Luke Robinson (6 years ago)
Kneel before the king, kneel you shits!
Spartan3909 (6 years ago)
It's also called showtime in aus.
DrunkenFool (6 years ago)
man, i want a leather coat like jaime's
WunHunDread (6 years ago)
was I the only one turned on by the costume designer's passion for her work, MILF!
fiveironfille (6 years ago)
The costumer is a true artist, pure genius. LOVE IT!
Beef-Wellington (6 years ago)
Yeah, I eventually got the DVDs :) Took a while for them to come out though.
alayaph (6 years ago)
Living in Australia and we have HBO.... but then I just watched them and bought the DVDs.
SomeDudes455 (7 years ago)
I must imagine the sex scenes to be quite awkward :/
gulllars (7 years ago)
I loved the costume design. Like the plot and the dialog, it gives off a realistic feel even while in a fantasy world. I'd say Game of Thrones plot and characters feels much more real than most dramatic series. I kinda feel the same way about True Blood (very much so when contrasted to Vampire Diaries or Twilight), so i guess whoever picks series for HBO has an eye for good stuff. I would have guessed Spartacus to be an HBO series, but wiki says it's made for Starz TV channel.
zEver (7 years ago)
Hailey (7 years ago)
"no acting required.....i'm just living this moment" i love emilia!
theamazingcanadian66 (7 years ago)
where's drogo's bells?
Maslinda Rahman (7 years ago)
excellent! I LOVE the Starks and their fur coats and direwolves :)
DallasGuy91 (7 years ago)
@theREALChadsexinton *hüst* yeah.... I am living in germany... and. well I ve seen the show. There are ways you know. ^^
Phylicia (7 years ago)
Go to Funshion! You can watch practically anything there.
bleakraven (7 years ago)
Khal Drogo loves his leather pants... wish I were in them. Rawr!
Zander Frae (7 years ago)
@stefkastefkastefka How do you know it wasn't fake fur? Really. If you get quality fake fur, it looks exactly the same on film. I sincerely doubt they spent the amount of money that would be required to have all of that fur be REAL considering they were so worried about BUDGET that they cut the actual battle scenes. Besides, they couldn't leave out the fur. They're going for realistic costumes--not pansy stuff. Get over it.
destroyer8604 (7 years ago)
The lannisters soldiers look like samurai.
nevex169 (7 years ago)
hbo and starz ty for making the best series i ve ever seen
FxCurly (7 years ago)
The Winterfell troops armour looks absoleutely awesome!
Odin Satanas (7 years ago)
@Xantheus07 you see him a few times. but i dont think he has lines
@theREALChadsexinton just watch it online you don't have to have hbo to watch it lol. That's what the internet is for!! People who don't watch tv.
Tony Stark (7 years ago)
@unak78 Next Season You Should try Boardwalk Empire...Totally Different Genre...But a Very well Done Show Nonetheless...
Tony Stark (7 years ago)
@Xantheus07 Are you blind?...or just not into the female gender?...Anybody that ever watched Sarah Connor Chronicles knows that Laura Headley is a Totally Hot Completely MilfTastic Babe...On top of all that she is a Great Actress as well!!!
Tony Stark (7 years ago)
@wintersfire I hadn't thought of it but now that you mention it...that Douche is the Spittin Image of Prince Charming...I guess that would make the Dwarf dude Tyrion Lannister... Lord Farquaad...
Tony Stark (7 years ago)
Some people Will always find shit to whine about...It's a great F#@king Show if you don't like it go watch that wimpy half assed Camelot Show instead...if you cant tell greatness when you see it that's due to your own lack of taste...you probably talked shit about the Sopranos when it first came out too...Anybody can get on board once a show is popular...but some of us can already tell that this show is Great...
wintersfire (7 years ago)
...The Jaimie actor reminds me of Prince Charming from Shrek :P Awesome shooow! I like how they tease with all the behind the scene stuff before the series even premiered lol it's always the other way around with other shows~
Richard Dagenais (7 years ago)
@theREALChadsexinton Never fear! Piracy sites are world-wide!
zoniduck (7 years ago)
Watching these clips is making me want tons of in-depth special features on the DVDs. I love all this behind-the-scenes stuff!
Beef-Wellington (7 years ago)
@mat2th I swear to the old gods and the new that I will not illegally download Game of Thrones from some website.
halfassedfart (7 years ago)
@mat2th Yeah, because you're a fuckwit who's not given it any thought? The designers have opted to go with the generic 'fantasy culture' bullshit, which shouldn't exist in Westeros.The continent has fairly homogenous cultures and fashions wouldn't differ nearly that much, except among the Dornish and maybe the Northmen. I won't even start on the abominable armour.
Mateus Sr (7 years ago)
@halfassedfart fart fool, don't you realise that your perception is yours alone? and that mine is probably both far from the designers and far yours ,there is no mental link that allows westeros itself have how it looks defined.
Mateus Sr (7 years ago)
@patrifiedy2k i'm afraid donal doesn't even exist there ,well is not as if he had great importance ,but oh well.
Mateus Sr (7 years ago)
@halfassedfart fool, don't you realise that your perception is yours alone and that mine is probably both far from the designers and far yours ,there is no mental link that allows westeros itself have how it looks defined.
Mateus Sr (7 years ago)
@theREALChadsexinton pff as if you wouldn't download the episodes from somewhere on the net like i will! :D
patrifiedy2k (7 years ago)
They gave one of Donal Noye's speeches to Tyrion. That rustles my jimmies, although I understand the decision.
Collapse (7 years ago)
I hope HBO realizes this show has the most craziest fans out there who are willing to buy the bluray boxsets 5 times over if that's what it takes to keep the show going :)
unak78 (7 years ago)
@Felcis I noted that too. I guess they wanted to have another opportunity to tie Jon and Tyrion together.
unak78 (7 years ago)
@theREALChadsexinton I ordered HBO for this. I may cancel it when the season ends and pick it up again in a year, but I intend to watch on HBO, buy the DVDs and whatever merch they want to sell bc I want this show to last for all of the books.
halfassedfart (7 years ago)
*sigh* There's so many things wrong with the bloody designers' perception of what goes on in Westeros.
midwifecrisis (7 years ago)
oh god. Oh dear god, Mark Addy rules.
awesome220 (7 years ago)
When does this show start?
ViruzNoob14 (7 years ago)
@theREALChadsexinton Good luck waiting a year :) I'll download every episode of it... I aint even mad brah, then I'll buy every season on DvD.
Beef-Wellington (7 years ago)
@ViruzNoob14 Too much effort has gone into this show that it would be wrong to pirate such a work of art. I will just need to wait for the DVD to come out.
hodor (7 years ago)
@NackteElfe Hodor!
GFlügel (7 years ago)
Ah, so they moved the speech to Jon Snow from Donal Noyle to Tyrion (at 2:50)? Well that's acceptable I guess. Anyway: Awesome video again. I can't wait for it.
ViruzNoob14 (7 years ago)
@theREALChadsexinton Piratebay son, Piratebay'll save ya. I Know It will save me ;) And if it's really good; I will buy the whole season 1 wich is prolly full of extras ;)
orko1995 (7 years ago)
NackteElfe (7 years ago)
I like this one very much. It's takes it's time, it's cut together well and the custom designer is quite eloquent. The best GoT behind the scenes special yet!
iop333 (7 years ago)
I love Dinklage, but his accent is terrible!
Iggy1eco (7 years ago)
@THEbeastlySTIG haha you bet!
Wened (7 years ago)
Tyrion got some lines from that one armed smith it seams. still ok
bronn70 (7 years ago)
@theREALChadsexinton Me too!!! :-(
Beef-Wellington (7 years ago)
Iggy1eco (7 years ago)
In April we'll see some dire wolves scenes I believe... There are some photos already...cute puppies!
drawnseeker (7 years ago)
Amazing. i can't wait!
peachlily22 (7 years ago)

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