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10 Famous People Ruined By Drugs

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Top 10 famous celebrities who had their life ruined or cut short because of substance abuse Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Other Videos You Might Like 10 Cute Kids Who Aged Horribly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVaMtCi9Xw0 10 Shocking Things People Smuggled Inside Their Bodies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu89nxu9JBU Most Embarrassing Moments Caught Live On The Red Carpet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBy-s8fTsPs Description: There seems to be an all too strong and unfortunate correlation between celebrity and drug culture. The pressure of life in the public eye, coupled with the ever-plentiful nature of substances that are readily available to those that can afford them, have made for a deadly cocktail on more than one occasion when it comes to Hollywood stars. For celebrities, as with anyone else, addiction is a serious, chronic and debilitating illness that can prove to be extremely difficult to treat, not to mention recover from. It certainly can’t help that there is an enhanced level of scrutiny and attention placed on those within the public eye. While addiction can make its mark on anyone and doesn’t discriminate based on social status, celebs face the additional unique challenges of fame, stardom, wealth and the constant pressure to perform and uphold a carefully cultivated public image. For those that do choose to cope with the pressures of fame by turning to drugs, it can also be a slippery slope that proves difficult to avoid. For one thing, there is the typical presence of representative glad-handlers who will be reluctant to offer any words of sobering truth to their cash cow. Then there’s also the demanding schedule commitments that could make seeking help and pursuing rehabilitation seem like inconvenient afterthoughts. There may be another facet of celebrity that lends itself to a more addictive frame of mind. Those who develop drug habits often do so seeking a level of thrill and excitement that they are otherwise unable to achieve. This thrill-seeking mindset seems at least somewhat connected to the drive of entertainers who can use the dynamic, explosive environment of the stage or screen to play out their own desires for exhilaration. Celebrity drug counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky subscribes to this theory, believing that some people are genetically wired to pursue an excitable environment, with both drugs and widely watched performance art serving as plausible outlets for that. The possible explanations for the outsized relationship between celebrities and drug addiction doesn’t offer much comfort in light of a steady slew of young stars that drugs have taken prematurely in recent years. In just the past half decade, drugs have contributed to the untimely deaths of actors like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith and musicians like Amy Winehouse and Chris Kelly while serving as a possible contributing factor in countless other passings. The drug-related death of a celebrity is no more or less tragic than that of a less famous fellow human, but the publicity generated from a star’s struggles with substance abuse can shine light on a still-rampant issue in a unique and potentially effective way. While so many dealing with drug problems may suffer in silence, the intense scrutiny attached to celebrities has provided a better understanding of just how things fell apart for certain drug-addicted entertainment icons. With that in mind, here are the incredible, harrowing stories of 10 celebrities whose careers and lives were derailed on account of their drug addictions. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/
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Text Comments (2538)
September McMuffin (1 day ago)
They killed Michael Jackson smh. Sad
tucker12435 (2 days ago)
In 2016 I was cheated on by my first girlfriend and I went through severe depression. I was addicted to gambling and a friend introduced me to cocaine. and I learn that cocaine is very easy to become addicted to when you're depressed because it makes you feel so powerful. January this year I meant my now fiance and she changed my life around. She is my best friend and the feelings I got one I'm with her are way better than any drug has ever made me feel.
awhllot offtshs4ya (6 days ago)
Proves young girls are just spoiled and stuck up,difficult to get a decent woman anymore,glad they have Culver's
Leo Campa (14 days ago)
"Good people. Bad disease."
Krystal Johnson (22 days ago)
BOBBY DID NOT INTROUCE DRUGS TO WHITNEY, she was on them alrdy.... and they 4got Charlie sheen has aids part and being sexually active with multiple women and law suits smh... get ur shit b4 u tell the world ppl will listen and wont do their own research
C Dubs (24 days ago)
Bless em
Mootube (25 days ago)
Ha losers!!!
Ms. India (27 days ago)
Whitney was doing drugs with her brother , well before she met bobby.. Her habit was actually worst than bobbys at one point... Them being together did however add to the abuse
sarah mirza (29 days ago)
I hate drugs
Rhonda Witherspoon (1 month ago)
Um wait Michael Jackson didn't die by drug abuse he died because he was sick and they didn't know how to treat it properly so they just let him past away but first they had to ask his parents but his parents were died so he had to ask the kids
Darragh Gregory (1 month ago)
Who else loves cocaine
gourav dutta dutta (1 month ago)
i'm big addicted of heroine..plss any body suggest me wht i do
Paul Fisher (1 month ago)
how the hell do u "accidentally" overdose, that's still taking too many pills n not by accident!!
moly mon mole (1 month ago)
what I've learnt don't take sleeping tablets
Dion R (1 month ago)
Explain to me how *Ozzy Osbourne and Keith Richards* are still alive. Has any seen how FRIED their brains are from all those drugs?
David’s Weird (1 month ago)
I loved Michael Jackson but then he died from a doctor and then I had to move on
Kyle D (2 months ago)
id love to see the woman who speaks overthis get her very own top 10 video. no need to point out a mans child support disputes. Very uncalled for. bitch
Ari Magic (2 months ago)
For gods sakes Jackson did not do drugs his godamn doctor is the reason he died not the stupod drugs plus he does not I repeat DOES NOT do drugs
TheStevo427563 (2 months ago)
Whitney Houston was doing coke way before she met Bobby Brown.
John 316 (2 months ago)
Michael Jackson deserved to die. Too bad it wasn't a more painful one for the peice of shit pedophile. Burn in hell michael
D M (2 months ago)
I am so tired of these entitled, spoiled rotten celebs turning to drugs and then telling everyone how fucking hard their lives are. Here's an idea, why don't you not start a drug habit and just keep making money instead? Seems pretty simple.
Amy White (2 months ago)
Cortney Love killed her husband. No doubt in my mind. I'm sorry her daddy did that to her but I hate the bitch. She is the one who got her husband on drugs to begin with. Fuck her!!! Please find someone else to feel sorry for...
Hannah Elzen (2 months ago)
Um.. no.. Kurt cobain did NOT kill himself sis.. Courtney did.
Ms. Gemini (2 months ago)
Bobby DIDNT I ntroduce drugs to Whitney .
Lud Orkowski (3 months ago)
Sub to me Reply done I sub to you!
Cozumel Girl (3 months ago)
I’ve gotta say: go skydiving it’s a high you’ll crave over and over again and the only downside is if your chute doesn’t open it’s not a slow death. Cheers Bill
Nathan Astel (3 months ago)
Mac miller
Judie (3 months ago)
michael jackson was taking black leather pills
SuperTime2Change (3 months ago)
Oh well look here. Another misinformation and disinformation YouTube channel that doesn't get its facts right. I guess I'll be blocking this channel too. Figures it's followed by the masses. 11 million people believe whatever they're spoon fed. Drugs also didn't directly ruin some of these people. You're just categorizing and labeling on a bias. Thumbs down.
taylor roberts (3 months ago)
Heath died in an Olson twins loft. Get your facts straight.
Dim Val (3 months ago)
Rich people with money a lot of money careers famous and beautiful and for what.! All those of things did not stopped them for not do drugs and reckless crazy lives..! And at the end die or destroy their careers/names for ever.! U can tell me that poor people do drugs and destroy their lives and die too but for the rich and famous is just a drag they have it all money, cars, houses, girls, pools all and they end up dead or broken..! If they stay in the correct road do proper friendships and u know be careful or do good with their money they would not go down that road.! At least they have a change to survive, poor people they don't have a change..! Anyways RIP for some of them that are not with us and for the others that are still with us all of the best..! Linchey and Amanda was gorgeous back then in an another life time..! :(
latino heat (3 months ago)
Michael jackson got weird after thriller sucess.
Xx xX (3 months ago)
Don't do drugs, don't hang out with famous people.
Verbs describe us (4 months ago)
is overdose suicide or accidental?
SUJIT SAGOO SAGOO (4 months ago)
Western culture.
*_* arson (4 months ago)
whare is sanjay dutt
tom green (4 months ago)
Yawwwwwn oh is this over yet...
Cristina .Filipe (4 months ago)
RIVER PHOENIX, u forget the best
Stephen Roth (4 months ago)
This is pretty bad. But I'm willing to bet there's A LOT more than 10 !!!
paul Drake (4 months ago)
so fckn what.
Paul Finerty (4 months ago)
Why is it lime light? Why can’t it be lemon light? Or mix it up with a lemon lime light? And has this channel ever see soaked in bleach? What the hell call a spade a spade at least half of the time celebrity’s overdose it is murder. Trust me at one time I was incarcerated with 8 of the most high profile murders in Pittsburgh’s history and do to me and my knowledge of psychology I became friends and were trusted by all of them I got many crazy but real confessions and motives, so overtime I have spotted many things to back up what I had just said.
TheRoadAhead (4 months ago)
Demi lovato ?
Destiny Lucille (4 months ago)
Still a firm believer that Courtney love is a murderer so...
Angie pangie (4 months ago)
OMG who the hell cares
RebELpsychotiKB!SH (4 months ago)
Omg people shut up about where’s this person, make your own damn video then add whoever, can’t list everyone dumbasses
k hill (4 months ago)
Who cares? In the manufacturing, transportation, and distribution to get their drugs these people probably contributed to the deaths of dozens of people in four countries. Go to God. This strong black conservative brother has spoken.
Sean Dylan (4 months ago)
But why? Whitney why?😭😭😭
Borris Müller (5 months ago)
All I did was shake my head
Stephen Roth (5 months ago)
Don't have much sympathy for alcoholics or drug addicts. They're not tough enough to handle life. The proof is in their condition ...
silverkingukable (5 months ago)
All starts with Disney
Nita Cruise (5 months ago)
Only 10?? Really!
Mymango bango (5 months ago)
Most of this is such *BULLSHIT*, the illuminati, the "industry" is killing these ppl. Mk Ultra/Monarch apparently isn't indefinitely undetectable so when the stars become less lucrative slaves, along w/ whistleblowers, "the richest" "overdose" or "suicide" aka murder them. Ur channel is disgusting & u know it.
kitty kat (5 months ago)
So much stuff was won't in this it's ridiculous
kitty kat (5 months ago)
Michael jackson is not mostly known for the child molestation allegations
Helen Dowden (5 months ago)
They have that much money they don't no what to do with it.. So hey they turn to drugs so sad
Whit * (5 months ago)
I didn't know Courtney Loves father gave her LSD at age FOUR. FOUR! WTF!!! Wow.. I have some sympathy for her
Jesusandsteph Forever (5 months ago)
Micheal Jackson on his last phone call before he sadly died he said people wanted to KILL him...They wanted him dead because of how he has been exposing the elites secrets and the people at the top evil doings and plans. His contract was coming to end with Sony which he has made billions of money for so maybe also a reason too for his death. The doctor was just a front for the true killers here.. such a tragedy to Michael's life from a young age till his adult years he has suffered... May his soul rest in peace!!💖 All this are true not lying here you can even watch his last secrets phone call and speeches it is all there!!
Gon 38 (5 months ago)
Dam bruh Amanda and Whitney Houston parts fucked me up I grew up seeing em
Amy Sharp (5 months ago)
omfg courtney killed kurt! Fear of being caught and guilt is why she started using again and had a public breakdown!
Sasha Graves-Gaskin (5 months ago)
Whitney's brother introduced her to drugs long before Bobby ever hit the scene. Her brother said so in an interview...please check your facts!!!
Weedy Guitar Studio (6 months ago)
Im Addicted to Tiger Blood!!
conor oconor (6 months ago)
Courtney didn't need to deal with Kurt's death.....she was the cause of it
PTE Nelson GR9015 (7 months ago)
Fucking Shame, addiction is a horrible disease. If your addicted to any drug and reading this just to let you know you can beat your demons and the grass is greener on the other side. Keep the faith. PTE Nelson Royal Gibraltar Regiment. Infantry battalion.🇬🇧💂🏻
Mari Wana (7 months ago)
Whitney was murdered. I hope BBrown sues regarding that lie that he intoduced Whitney to drugs. It was her record company who did that and murdrered her for her music.
Shadowless Noir (7 months ago)
celebrity scourge.
ShyAnn Williams (7 months ago)
Heartbreaking 💔
David Addis (8 months ago)
Older Herbie was better
Angel Monroe (8 months ago)
No one mentions the benzos in all these celebs systems! Silent epidemic lives on... way to go big pharma
Oh no! Lindsay Lohan! She was amazing in my favorite movie, "The Parent Trap"!
summergal69 (8 months ago)
People who should be on here Heath ledger RIP Whitney Houston RIP Danielle Westbrook
John Doe (8 months ago)
The best high in the world is being 100% clean and sober. It’s true. Be it for 90 days and you’ll see.
Andrea Pyne (9 months ago)
They all had secrets and drowned it out with drugs
Nathan Camacho (10 months ago)
TAYYAB IQBAL (10 months ago)
michael jackson had a skin condition that lead to his drug problem
Transfusions (10 months ago)
Drug is not a joke. Even prescribed drugs such as benzodiazepine known as Xanax ,Valium , Ativan etc destroying people’s life every single day.
Captain G (10 months ago)
It seems that being famous is not so good after all.
TED AXE (10 months ago)
Get Out of Rehab UNCENSORED- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4g9MHfknv0
river phoenix (11 months ago)
What about River Phoenix????!!!!! 😶
Joan Gifford (11 months ago)
Courtney Love was married to Cobain when he died...he wasn't her "then boyfriend." Some even think she had him killed.
Joe Kennedy (11 months ago)
Crack is cheap $20 per five peice of white lol that's y it's cheap half cocaine half arm and hammer baking soda
Joe Kennedy (11 months ago)
I blame all parents for all their kids problems because we all would be fine if they didn't f up so young ones coming up keep yuh head say yes to weed no to drugs
Deveroe (11 months ago)
01:42 that hotel wasn't in Berlin, but in Munich.
bulldogs7177 (11 months ago)
Bathtub 2 - Houstons 0
murphyc (11 months ago)
Bunch of dopers.
Fabian A (1 year ago)
Wasko Maleducado (1 year ago)
Daniel Dragan (1 year ago)
Please watch the testimony of Mario Martinez...He can talk and pray with you on the phone also...
Aiden Pogson (1 year ago)
Elvis Presleys drug adiction changed his appearance and resulted in a heartattack in 1977
Karen Mclean (9 days ago)
What about Ray Charles heroin addiction. And that torch singer. From the 1920,s Billie something. herion addiction oh yeah Hollyday
Tyler Shockley (1 year ago)
Courtney Love should die
Harley Quindizzle (1 year ago)
Didnt charlie sheen rape a little boy??? I read about pedophiles in Hollywood and he was one of then
Phteven (1 year ago)
Lol criminal marijuana possession. What a joke. Shouldn't smoking weed if you choose to be part of the alleged beacon of freedom the US claims to be? "Land of the free" my ass.
AngelDoll Dabbing (1 year ago)
Hold up wait a minute Michael Jackson did not smoke so y'all can stop lying
Healing Spirit (1 year ago)
They're SRA's, demonic forces as well brought on by the #pharmakopoeia They're all #Satanists #Luciferians
Val Venus (1 year ago)
I left out a shit ton of people...8m gonna have to thumbs down it. do some extra researchthen I might check you out again
Val Venus (1 year ago)
aaaannd....what about Amy Winehouse?
Val Venus (1 year ago)
what about bobby kristine
Val Venus (1 year ago)
what about Corey haim?
iSmokeThrax (1 year ago)
I got my dick sucked today @ school on the staircase
DoggiLicious Gurl (1 year ago)
Michael's death was so horrifying
DoggiLicious Gurl (1 year ago)
Heath's death was so shocking.

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