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7 things you should never do to impress a Ukrainian girl

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Text Comments (520)
pete crayton (2 days ago)
Some of it rings true. My wife is Ukrainian. She does monitor any excess hair growth. And she does seem impressed by shined shoes (which I stopped doing when I left the Marines) But she will walk anywhere in high heels. She appreciates compliments of any kind. Though we had extensive Skype conversations, she jumped my bones within 30 minutes of getting to the hotel after the airport. She said she wanted to eliminate the tension so we could get on with the rest of it. She is very pragmatic about money, not a gold digger, but she acknowledges that her goal was to find someone to support her since her earning potential in her country was limited.
Thanks for your comment. Great to get some honest real life input here. :D
Michael D (3 days ago)
She your friend or maybe more than friends 🤜🤛👍
David Macdonald (3 days ago)
Great body, mmm of work obviously.
Muhammad Nasyran (4 days ago)
Cornor help me to get ukrainian girl?
Write me on [email protected]
Benjamin Cook (7 days ago)
Your best video.
Andreas Ravn (9 days ago)
You look disgusting Im 100% you havent heard that before. I used my imagenation
LOL I'd have to search the comments ... I think every kind of insult has been covered already ...
Murat şentürk (10 days ago)
Is she taken?
Gladiador (12 days ago)
It means: HAVE BALLS. Lead and do not be a sheep. It work's on every place.
Turf Surf (13 days ago)
She guides foreign men around? You mean like an escort? She is right, if you are paying for her time, just get to the point, what do you get for $300? 😂😂😂
Jay Moor (17 days ago)
yeah..stupid...there are so many women who dont act like what she said....they will show pussy as soon as u show them money and dont forget this..most of Ukrainian women are liars..especially the economy is going south ..they will do anthing for money.
VoiceULove (19 days ago)
You know what's funny. She reminds me of EVERY Romanian woman I've met. The fact she brought up avoiding women asking for money for taxi, medical expenses, studies and so on is hilariously accurate. I guess it's not just a problem in Romania, but probably most of Eastern Europe. As for a first date, generally you decide where you're going before the date ( mutually ). I've never heard of going on a date before you even know where you're going. That sounds more like something you see in a serious relationship where you try to be spontaneous and surprise them. As for not asking them if you can kiss them, but rather just do it. Sorry, no American man will ever do that now. We get locked up for doing shit like that.
Simon bar Sinister (21 days ago)
Seriously, save your armpits? American guys do NOT save their arm pits.
Pierre Mercier (21 days ago)
Daria Daxundaintravel (22 days ago)
That's a damn shame(
John Qualls (22 days ago)
She just said shave your armpits
Nanez ferrer (24 days ago)
i thought ukrainian girls are beautiful shes not beautiful man Id rather get a latina
Oleksandr Bretsko (24 days ago)
Another hilarious video, so guys if you are looking to get laid just do what she says, and learn to ignore them saying “I’m not looking for sex”. With a little patience, success guaranteed. Never deal with this type if you want sth serious, look for big fish in deep waters ;)
kenny (26 days ago)
this girl is idiot, she has no feelings, do this do that......bla bla bla.....no parks ? Oo
Brian Chernecki (27 days ago)
Woman in video is....crass. Unfortunately all women are not alike, even in Ukraine. I have been there many times and met several women, all different. Most love the park, many appreciate financial gifts or expenditures but are not gold-diggers, natives of Ukraine certainly know where to go better than visitors and it doesn't seem to bother them to choose. The singlemost characteristic Ukrainian women demand, is that a man be a man, not some metrosexual sissy boy or thoughtless buffoon.
No One None (28 days ago)
Conor, no need to translate. We all know ukrainian very well... 😠
No One None (27 days ago)
+Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience Conor, you're the "tsar"...😮
The video is in Russian with English subtitles. Why don’t you turn them on?
Luke (28 days ago)
The reward for that slap was sweet.
Thomas Sulmon (28 days ago)
Westeners who tend to put all eastern countries in the same category, beware. Ukraine is NOT Belarus or Russia. Living standards there are way lower, money is usually a much more hot topic. Always investigate what she really likes about you before doing the big jump :)
Ron Zee (29 days ago)
Is it ok in Ukraine to have the women pay for half of the date ?
Ron Zee (28 days ago)
Was just joking. I spent 1 month in Kiev
Tony Jablonski (29 days ago)
He who has money always wins.
Renaissance Man (29 days ago)
Easier and less expensive to just get an escort in Odessa than date a high maintenance Ukraine woman. That is why they are so bitter pissed off and demanding on foreign dating websites and why divorce rate so high and so many single Ukraine mothers.
Renaissance Man (29 days ago)
So glad that I gave up dating FSU women long ago in favor or Latina women. I am much happier now.
xoticbyrd (1 month ago)
Most everything about which she talks is what women the world over prefer, isn't it; a well groomed man, etc...? But taking the kiss...oh man...you do that now a days, here in America, and you're looking at a sexual assault charge....(shaking my head) sad state of affairs.
titaniumsandwedge (1 month ago)
Ohmigosh, this girl Marianna has cut back on men going to Odessa. Who the fork wants a manipulative drama queen? You can get all you want of this in the US.
Joe Dirte' (1 month ago)
I came to Ukraine to meet a lady I had met online. Her father was with us the entire time except maybe a couple of days. He also gives tours in Odessa so he said. Was strange having him around but the only thing that went on upon my meeting her was her taking us all to different restaurants to eat and spending a good bit of money doing things.. in the end it was a bust... basically just had me taking her and her father out a lot. The whole experience was strange..
Steve Carter (1 month ago)
Marianna is so sexy especially in her bikini. Shave our armpits?? No park on the first date, does that also include the beach? I understand the meticulous grooming, but shave the armpits? hmmm Men don't do that is USA that I know of, but for a date with Marianna I would. lol I know women love shoes so shoes have to be in the best of conditions. Facebook is full of scammers. I don't give money to anyone I'm not sleeping next to. I've heard all the excuses and scams. Don't look at other girls is a given. Tease on first date hold back the passion. She wants a man to make the decisions and relieve her of that pressure. I've never asked for a kiss. Go for it on the second date. Grab her hair and pull her in, no? lol I like her free spirit and showing off her sexy __ bikini. So, how do I rate Marianna? Do I pass? lol Do I get a date with you? lol
purdu3 (1 month ago)
I still don’t get it. The same girls that are in Ukraine are already in the us. Why go such a long way just to meet a girl.its all the same shit lol
George Masouras (1 month ago)
Judging from this video, Ukrainian women sound like crazy shrews. Have fun with your little games, im going for those Czech/ Slovak beauties instead
Artyom Arty (30 days ago)
they're all the same. You'd not be able to tell the difference if they spoke the same language. All slavic bitches are equally good
Randy Setterberg (1 month ago)
Marianna is spot on! She is 7 for 7 (and yeah, I stumbled a little with my first experience),,,,,
No Wallet (1 month ago)
So. Make a video about Ukraine girls, but the video is in Russian?
Russian is the main language spoken in Odessa.
Большей чуши чем в первых 2-ух типах я не слышала. 🤦🏼‍♀️ useless tips. Be yourself and you’ll find your perfect match 😉
That's not very helpful advice unfortunately.
Bueno Bruno (1 month ago)
Saludos desde México buen bideo
Hebe Kikenburg (1 month ago)
The trick is to find a nice Ukrainian girl who lives in the countryside with her family who is of the same religion as you. She will walk in the park with you on the first date and as long as you are a great man she will love you forever. Trust me I know.
Amir shitrit (1 month ago)
трахіти для тебя з наци
john neikung (1 month ago)
Why would you want these kind of girls ,look at mark zuckerberg ,bill gates they know these girls are garbage .just find a simple,humble girl smart and educated .find a girl who will assist you to be a great man .not these garbage
Brian Hall (1 month ago)
Very good video. Not too long or too short
ELVIS1975T (1 month ago)
Pause at 0:27
Roy Van Ingh (1 month ago)
What a stupid bitch. Spending enough time in Ukraine to know how to do it. Just be realistic! Just look normal/ average but indeed have clean and good hygiëne! Don't be a player but a Nice And family orientated man or play like it And you have a date everyday with a serious girl. But please just be honest with them and don't play the good man but BE THE GOID MAN! They don't deserve it and they really make good partners and wifes. But this bitch!!c'mon, she prefer a compliment like "hey you have beautifull legs, specialy you right leg??" Over " you have beautifull eyes"!!! I mean...she sick in the head.
dfrnbnt (1 month ago)
All this stuff would work the same with western girls , so ukrainian girls are the same we don´t want.
William Schall (1 month ago)
Does she ever shut the f#@k up...???
Gordon G (1 month ago)
This thot is nightmare...pass!!
Max Johnson (1 month ago)
Ok. I might pluck my ear hair, but I ain't shaving my armpits. Not no way, not no how.
mike 201314 (1 month ago)
Maybe she has some points, but oozes too much obnoxiousness and high maintenance, she seems reading from some of those high class Jet Set escort web pages pandering "ideas" on how to be a "sophisticated sl*t" and what are expected "legitimate" male chivalry, anyhow.. dear Marianna, dumbed down cues and cursing ("come on.. seriously.. really... this is st*pid sh*t...") is not attractive! :)
wingrovedl (1 month ago)
All of the above.
Edward Diaz (2 months ago)
PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! What a Stupid Video!!! GET A LIFE!!! And a ROOM!!!
Relaxation Station (2 months ago)
This impresses me as a guide for meeting totally vain, insincere and completely heartless women whom are players that absolutely guaranteed to wind up divorced if they even ever get married in the first place. There should be absolutely no harm in helping someone who needs a bit of help, any idiot can tell if the requests are getting excessive and they are dealing with a scammer / hustler. Decency begets decency!
Jaroslav Hancovsky (10 days ago)
That's not how you use "whom..."
Zombie Game Show (2 months ago)
What a classy woman.
Shahnaz Malik (2 months ago)
I have lived in Ukraine for more than a decade and married to Ukrainian girl and trust me what she advises is mostly crap. The bottom line is any good character Ukrainian girl like any other girl in the world needs love, alot of care, continuous attention and hot romantic endless nights. They need good communication and a person who understands them and treat them like a Queen as much as possible and whenever possible. Girls like in proper proposition to go on holidays, watch movies and enjoy different restaurant dinning. Gym, walking , swimming and running are other activities that they like. In short, girls and girls no matter where they live , each different but they expect a complete package which makes their life enjoying.
GosokuRyuYodan (2 months ago)
No kiss? Well, I guess a blow job is out of the question...
Scotty MSU (2 months ago)
WFT, just shut up and take my money
Robin Breeding (2 months ago)
Good Stuff Conor!  The Young lady is telling it straight too.  After four trips to be with my girlfriend i learned the hard way that Ukrainian ladies are sophisticated birds and i pity Ukrainian men ahahaha.  Kidding of course.  But I found it interesting that the more i ignored my beauty the more interested she became.  Its the same anywhere to be honest.  Be carefull of them bitches that ask for IMacs on the first dates and say they want to make a life with you KATYA! ahahaha
Rubiel Herrera (2 months ago)
Very very good video Conor. It was fantastic. Tell me please, what i need for living in Ukrania? I from colombia.
STEPHEN CHRISTIAN (2 months ago)
French Paul Kalbrenner (2 months ago)
Hey Connor I don't understand why you chose an ugly cat to explain us how to date miss universe ?
EngelJazzman (2 months ago)
She is an idiot.
Jose Achu (2 months ago)
Andrii Siradchuk (2 months ago)
Get rid of this expert. She is GOLD digger. Stupid one.
Andrii Siradchuk (2 months ago)
На первом свидании - побриты ли подмышки:)))))))))))))))))) Это пиздец.
these kind of videos generalise in a wrong way.Every person is deferent.
Samuel Sallai (2 months ago)
To have a stupid bitch like this I would rather go for a trans or be alone forever. Fuck sake "princess"? It looks and behave like a Satan himself. Unbelievable world we live in!
ArtDevil85 (2 months ago)
Тхат лукед чеап...
eduardo rangel (2 months ago)
I always Thought was just be Nice and Yourself! Bunch of Nonsense these two this video LOL
Z. (2 months ago)
I was hoping that this guy will have some real advices,and it turns out that I couldnt understand him at all(*2) that Im seeing is his hands moveing freakin strange?!What is he doing?!Is this some kind of joke?I dont get it,whats he doing,and why is he behaving so strange??I have seen similar hand gestures in Italy,but they were speaking in unison with their gestures,well now when I think about all that weird hand gestures,maybe hes trying to be Italian,like macho guy?I just dont get it.Why is he doing that,all the time?Thank you for your answer in advance.
gazza wilko (2 months ago)
Been 8 times I’m with Ukraine girl all I say is dress smart treat with respect and you never know 👍
Yu Kk (2 months ago)
wow, one bad video after another... the girl is repulsive. why would anyone listen to her?
Barry Super (2 months ago)
I have to shave my armpits and get a manicure for one date ???
Jeff D (2 months ago)
cThis is the same way with every girl in the World, not just Ukraine, I know plenty of American girls who all react in this same way
Петя Кольт (2 months ago)
She is 100 % gold digger. I’m from Ukraine 🇺🇦:)
tanga ka chengwa chan (2 months ago)
Man your channel is so hyped so silly funny with this girl.
Rera P (2 months ago)
Here's the problem, foreign guys. Most girls that you meet in Odessa are golddiggers. that's how it works here. it's a business. you will pay a gide or translator, whatever. and she will introduce you to her coworker. this is the global ambaressment of our city and our women. just don't do this. don't use this thing. believe me you will be dissapointed. you can just visit our city. go for a walk, i don't know. meet people. try to talk to us, learn something new. we are all people! Hello! ) and rich chicks such as "I wanna go to a restaurant for our first date because i'm wearing high heels"... come on. most of us are not like that. it depends on who you are. like everywhere. don't generalize us by one person.
evija Reinfelde (2 months ago)
But ,she is smart
jessxxy (2 months ago)
Women are no different in this country than they are in any other.... common sence dictates how your date plays out, As an English guy myself we are well mannered but no ones fool' the moment we hear how you need a little " money " you get dropped there and then' to us that tells us you are a prostitute of sorts, this is not attractive to any man. I will visit your beautiful country as i have many others, it is in Gods grace as to how my time will be spent and in anyones company. Thank you for this video, it was appreciated. :)
Jeffrey Gale (2 months ago)
Dont like her
dieselscience (2 months ago)
She's in dire need of a Midol or Pamprin.
Masroor Hassan (2 months ago)
I was in Ukraine odessa for 7 yrs I had great experience man . One of the beautiful city odessa mama слава украна
Steve Baziuk (2 months ago)
beyond stupid post
Steve Baziuk (2 months ago)
oh...why are you speaking Russian when the topic is Ukrainian?,,News flash...Ukrainians want nothing to do with Russians
French Paul Kalbrenner (2 months ago)
Yes. Why ?
Steve Baziuk (2 months ago)
Conor Clyne - Tsar Experience then why is the topic about ukrainian woman?why don't you call it Russian woman?
News flash: 'you're clueless' ... the main language spoken in Odessa is Russian ... it's got nothing to do with being pro-Ukrainian or pro-Russian, simply linguistic.
Max Gromov (1 month ago)
Im Ukrainian guy and I want to say don't listen that girl. She is an idiot. I never ever date with that kind of girl. She's gold digger. The advice what she gave will work only for girls who are gold diggers. An honest and decent girl will never mind go for a walk on the first date on the park. Because it is a first date, and you will only recognize each other.
actually you should stay away of Ukrainian / Polish lady's just avoid them believe me 90% are nightmares .. and never take an advice from a woman
ronnie navarro (1 month ago)
Honest opinion you pick a wrong woman dude 😂😂😂 im sure not every Ukrainian woman will agree on everything what she said maybe that what she prepared on the guy what she want to meet. At least she gives a clear sign what a man to avoid when they meet a woman like her in Ukraine. 🇵🇭✌🏽
Joseph Flake (1 month ago)
Kevin Westerlund yea I don’t think that girl knew what she was talking about!
Joseph Flake (1 month ago)
Max Gromov I thought that was stupid what she said about how walking in the park is bad. Why would going for a walk on the first date be bad?
Sergey Sedlovsky (1 month ago)
I think you are over exaggerating :) But she does too...
Gil Kim (3 months ago)
ukraine women are just overrated.
Erik3E (3 months ago)
Sorry lady, I dont give compliments to women.
Jahmars Shiva (3 months ago)
Well if that’s what they what sorry!!! Noting for me . Inner part is more then shoes or code dress. At the end it’s all about money money. Love has got noting to do with Outer World. And they are so capitalists . It make me feel so sad.
Q'ben Al Zaeen (3 months ago)
A. T. T. I. T. U. D. E
Richard Vinneccy (3 months ago)
Gold digger = Exchanging a perceived "love" for money. The typical scenario of the old wealthy man and younger, often beautiful, woman is what most people think of when the word "gold digger" is used. It's a contrast that immediately stands out and makes people very judgmental and/or jealous. However, it's not much different than two people marrying for other reasons: security, love, sex, power, etc. These things are much harder to see because they are not physical attributes on display. It’s just my opinion....
Frank Da Tank (3 months ago)
you are 100% correct women want it all and can take half your shit man are going MGTOW i just root and boot im 6.2 mascular high paying job i tick all the box's but i can read women like a book had women put hole's in my condom to get pregnant but i'm a jerk and it work's for me i have mate's that are great guys with good job's and are friend zoned constantly by fat girls lol.. women have to drop there expectations
Justice Warrior (3 months ago)
Manicure?? Is she describing a woman?? WTFFFF
Justice Warrior (3 months ago)
Looooooool she's and expert.. Seems like she's a fuck guide in Ukraine!
Саша Жидков (3 months ago)
Ну это весьма не истина это все индивидуально от девицы к девице!
Beautiful Butterfly (3 months ago)
It's her opinion nothing to do with the truth. I loved to go for my first dates to beautiful parks of Kyiv. Parks, theaters, museums etc. are best dating places, not to seat at cafes and restaurants and munch on food getting fat! It's typical for Westerners to go to restaurants on first dates.
Renaissance Man (29 days ago)
no park no date :-) weeds out the gold diggers quickly too!
Artyom Arty (30 days ago)
dinner dates are much more effective. And slavic bitches dont eat that much so its not like you waste much money. Dinner dates are best because they provide the best atmosphere
French Paul Kalbrenner (2 months ago)
No it's not! You are not westerner so don't speak about things you ignore or imagine !
Erik Konstantin Plesner (3 months ago)
I have on several occasions ASKED the girl to choose a proper restaurant for the first date, often out of simple convenience (to me) because I was not known in town. With my ex-wife this worked very well, but in other circumstances less well. When *I* chose the restaurant, it was always a success, so OK, point taken, just 10 years too late. I always advice foreign guys that if she wants to go to Budda-Bar in Kiev - dump her. She is a gold-digger. In many cases I have asked the girl to take me sightseeing in her city, and show me what she thinks is interesting. This tells a lot about the girl, and if she don't want to invest in the relationship on the first day, when is she going to start ? Of cause the man still pays for what she has planned, but that is a different story. Walk in the park can be nice PART of the first date, but of cause not the only part. In big cities of Ukraine and Russia, the parks are in general paved very well, so I don't see the problem with that. I am not against paying for her taxi. If you want Ukranian girl you will anyway have to pay for her for the rest of your life, so if you cant get used to that thought, just forget about it in the first place. Asking for money is difficult. Some girls do that because they really need the money. If you don't give her money when she asks for help, relationship is unlikely to go forward. If you give her money, MAYBE she is taking advantage of you, or maybe you are laying down the first cornerstones of gratitude on the foundation on which your future relationship will be build. Use your gut feeling, and intuition, but difficult indeed.
+Artyom Arty : Agreed. Very good comment indeed.
Artyom Arty (30 days ago)
The way you do it with the taxi is you either order uber for her through your phone or you drive with her in the car and pay yourself later. It can be seen as disrespectful and un-tactful if you straight up give her money. It might make her feel as if she's a poor gold digger. You have to make sure your bitch never feels like this One of the worst mistakes guys make with bitches is they make money a thing. When you're with a bitch, especially a slavic one, you have to forget that money is an issue. If she sees that you have a hard time paying for something or you count every dollar or you value money too much, it will make her uncomfortable
Deema Zoloto (3 months ago)
your gf this lady is too radical femen
Deema Zoloto (3 months ago)
dont say u r russian and poor
DBangz (3 months ago)
this woman is a gold digger and an ugly one at that. in one of Conor's previous videos he asked her if she preferred love or money and of course she says money. In Most Eastern European countries the first date should always be a park date. local guys don't make a lot of money so they can't afford to take women on expensive dates. Park date is the way to go even onna first date. Don't use this gold digger's advice.
Artyom Arty (30 days ago)
the F are you talking about? Ukranian and russian men always take dates to restaurants. A park date is terrible. If you are stingy to spend $50 for a good time then stay home Its actually the western men who dont take girls to restaurants
Raymond Reyes (3 months ago)
Scammers need a date too, they can't stay single forever. Play the player.
Michel Chen (3 months ago)
So many beautiful girls and women there that you become automatically indifferent. And I also want a slap from Marianna. 😂
Steffan Hoffmann (3 months ago)
What a shallow empty woman......
nidaliti (3 months ago)
Gold diggers mostly scammers Scavenging$$$
TS HACKS (3 months ago)
Okay. They spent 3hours on make up and clothes not because she wants to be beautiful for you in that park, she wants to be beautiful for everyone else, and you are just a bonus. Wow

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