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Thievery corporation - Treasures

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Thievery corporation - Treasures
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sa miya (1 year ago)
LOve it ill never stop listening to it ♥♥♥
Sacred Raisin Cakes (1 year ago)
Vastly underrated tune. Puts me in another dimension
Masahiro Moriyama (3 years ago)
Jah we love and not another. One bled for all of the people on the face of the earth. One [...?] He's on the [...?] God is His Majesty. Open your ears and open up your heart and listen to these words [the] Father of the Universe shall message to all nations: God is the respecter of no one... He is the saviour of all mankind. The treasures of righteousness is Love.
DANIEL AGASSI (3 years ago)
tom janus (5 years ago)
Nice synth bass riff. Great voiceover.
MrRichieRichieRichie (6 years ago)
the LIPS in the picture to the right look like could give good head jobs, I'm just saying....
nodularification (6 years ago)
hope you brought a parachute...
RossZ32 (7 years ago)
excellent song
psyker40000 (8 years ago)
this song should be longer
Rosario De Medici (8 years ago)
One of the things I like about this song is that the lyrics, "The treasures of righteousness is love" is a universal truism that reaches all humanity.
Raeanne Jadeyy (8 years ago)
@TheVideoMaker001 I just fell off the plane of reality
Raeanne Jadeyy (8 years ago)
I love the drums on this one, gives it a jungly feel, on top of the low down, soulful depth charge personal journey style that I love. One of their best tunes IMO
jjjjjjoooooooooooooooooojjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj uff koja brutala od stvari :D bristleing
szwedzkiPL (9 years ago)
Loving this one. Thievery Corporation's finest....
BetWinston (9 years ago)
haha i used to think they said "stop at red light", love the band, music, song!
skacicki (9 years ago)
great tune

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