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Secret NATURIST beach in Athens RIVIERA, GREECE

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No one would imagine that it is so easy to dive and swim completely naked and free at the south edge of a European Capital that in general has conservative perspectives...! This is the magic contradictions of ATHENS & GREECE!
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BarefootShaman (3 months ago)
Beautiful! Every summer when I lived in Scotland, I would be swimming naked in the lakes. How I miss living in a remote area where this is possible!
Pop Rock (5 months ago)
To find a nude beach i don't think ! Greece has become stupid! Naturist (tourists) are numerous in the world. And those who live in Greece, in Athens in particular, have no more beaches to swim freely under 35° or 45 °! The only pieces of land are just rocks for gay. When you are a woman and we have no car, there is no safe and quiet nude beach.
free human (7 months ago)
Hello. I'm a naturist lady and planing a naturist trip in Greek.. .I'm looking to meet and make friends with naturist humans
Mikhail Liakhovskiy (1 year ago)
▀██▀▀▀█ ██▄█ ██▀█ ▄██ ANTASTIC !!

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