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DOCS: Diary Of A…Mail Order Bride

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DOCS: Diary Of A…Mail Order Bride SUBSCRIBE: We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj THEY say love can cross oceans, countries and language barriers – and these mail order brides hope that is the case. More and more women in Russia are applying to marriage agencies to meet the man of their dreams – but find themselves matched with Brits and Americans who don’t speak a word of English. This documentary follows the journey of three love-struck romantics who hope to make their future with a foreign partner. But will love conquer all? CREDIT: DRG For more compelling footage of the amazing side of life: FACEBOOK: Like Barcroft TV - https://www.Facebook.com/BarcroftTV TWITTER: Follow @Barcroft_TV - https://www.Twitter.com/Barcroft_TV WEBSITE: For licensing & business enquiries, visit the Barcroft TV site - http://www.barcroft.tv/
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Text Comments (6677)
PalmSiberiant (8 hours ago)
I totally understand how Dave's daughter feels with him dating someone so young. My dad has been dating a girl that is only 2 years older than me, and it's uncomfortable to say the least...
Gloria (15 hours ago)
Nobody's perfect but an unkempt house, drinking daily and smoking is a dealbreaker for me. I can't imagine kissing a smoker's lips ewww yuck
Dr. Deepti Singh (20 hours ago)
Alecxandra is a selfish lady..never tried to adjust..
Farah Swan (9 hours ago)
Knock it off! How can she adjust in a dirty hovel with a guy who drinks too much?! Indian thori hai kya? He did not Compromise
Kris Sumerfelt (1 day ago)
move from Russia to find out the dude is single because hes a drunk. bad luck lol
Haley Connor (1 day ago)
Aww I feel so bad for Alexandria she is so sweet she just wanted a fairytale life with her true love... such a sweet girl but she is lost... :(
fractalign (2 days ago)
Nothing sadder than a 51 year old man grooming a women half his age !
Suzanne Baxter (2 days ago)
I really like luda!! I wish her well!!!
Suzanne Baxter (2 days ago)
These poor young girls are subjected to a meat market. These old, tupe wearing, desperate, Viagra chugging , vial grandpa's trying to exploit young women. These men should just stick with American prostitutes.
Marisa Beltran (3 days ago)
I would definitely sugest therapy
declan connery (3 days ago)
poor girl. her flat in russia was probably much nicer than dave's. hole's in the ceiling, filthy carpets and half painted wall's.
Tanietsha Tims (4 days ago)
the bald guy is not looking for a wife he's looking for someone he can control
Tina Colada (4 days ago)
lmao who allowed Kurt to be a matchmaker?
Ovrissa M (4 days ago)
Western men have a lot of expectations when it comes to how their women should look like while most of the time they aren’t themselves on top of their physical appearance
Ovrissa M (4 days ago)
Alexandria sure wasn’t happy .
Iam Cleaver (4 days ago)
I am not sure when this documentary was made, but 60 gbp is not above an average Russian wage in 2019. An average Russian wage is nearly twice as big as 60 pounds per week. but I guess it is a nice bonus.
USS Trekky (5 days ago)
Fukin hell. Dave’s house makes ME want to move to Russia.
kystars (5 days ago)
Dave was the worst. I'm sorry but his looks were very very rough. His place was filthy , and he drank to much. She complained about his drinking.. if he wanted to keep her, he should have at least tried to make a change. I still don't think it would have worked though. She was getting money from another man.. wow. She was looking for the right man.. maybe she should have talked to Rod lol. the Brit Dave had NO chance.
Addie Martins (5 days ago)
OMG...does he really think Alexandra loves that guy? How naive can you get...they are money leechers/gold diggers, wanna go abroad stay married until restrictions are lifted and the divorce is on the horizon!
Aaron Bo Baron (5 days ago)
I’d suggest therapy. If you want a better woman, then be a better man.
Rachel Alexandria (6 days ago)
18:59 yes the way to have someone understand English is to put on their accent. Right
alex pratt (6 days ago)
she is taller than him lol
Farah Swan (9 hours ago)
So? It doesn't matter if she's taller. There should be chemistry. Which there was not. Still looks fail in comparison to understanding
alex pratt (6 days ago)
uhhhh maybe because russia is a shithole lol
Crownn Mhee Queen (6 days ago)
Sooo this is where the ideal of 90 day fiancé came from 😭😭
Sláine McCool (6 days ago)
Jesus man at least clean the house first
Red 27 (6 days ago)
47:16 at least he fixed the hole
LoveMe,com (6 days ago)
Here is a great documentary on the mail order bride business just came out on Australian TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLb7DPxl7ME
Desk Top (7 days ago)
Two things come to mind...either a guy looks to Russia because he thinks a girl is willing to settle for less...or...he thinks he has more to offer her than his Russian counterpart. Wrong and wrong again, girls are the same on matter where they're from.
MóNICA GonzálezGlez (8 days ago)
The Russians have Mongolian features. They are a mixture between Europe and Asia and it shows on their cheekbones ... It's sad that these women have to sell themselves ... Selling their youth and their dignity for a man older than them who sees you to know how it is ... The Communism has failed. He has prostituted his women. It is sad. I am from Spain and I am living in London about six years but I am feminist and I don´t like to watch this as woman I am. Why these men don´t try to meet a woman from their country?...They think that poor woman can support more them?. I don´t see that Russian woman will be beautiful. There are everything for everywhere. I think is because they want a young woman...I also don´t understand this because why do you want to be a daddy in your relationship?. It is boring?. This world is crazy and ...Not all is money men...
Niamh Healy (8 days ago)
That bed though .....
Jemma Farrar (8 days ago)
David is hot
Winston Freeman (8 days ago)
You can buy them but not make them love you.
Evan93 (8 days ago)
This is a picture of my bathroom. Do you wanna marry me lmao.
Evan93 (8 days ago)
I think that was the first time he has ever cleaned that house.
cocobutter Chin (9 days ago)
Dave is a dirty old man. That girl is going to run away. Very well educated woman with an old ugly man Living in a very flirty environment.
Alliah Adeola (9 days ago)
Rod looks like a guess who character
a.j.a.k.uk.1 (9 days ago)
Thank god rod don't want to reproduce. 😥
Aidah Di Leoni (10 days ago)
Dave’s house is disgusting even for a man to live in. Broken ceiling’s. Broken toilet with mold growing all around the carpet. Filthy kitchen. Ceiling falling down. The roof leaks. Have you no pride ??😱. Your place looks like something out of a Charles Dickens novel. Alexandra this young girl traveled halfway around the world to be with a man that she hopes to marry. Dave 🍹 drinks like a drowning fish. When you can out drink 🍹 a Russian you definitely have a problem. 🍺🍺🥃🥃🤮. Alexandra is too nice of a girl to live in such squalor and too spend her life with a drunk. 🍺🤮 Let her go so she can continue to enjoy her youth.
Richie Kock (10 days ago)
if That dude fucks up the relationship with Liuda, I will write her a letter.. that girl is not to be found where im from
Sunshine Bones (11 days ago)
I really hope David and Liuda worked out, they appear to be genuinely in love.
Rachel Robertson (11 days ago)
Why is it always mail order brides... BARCROFT I want to see a doc over mail order grooms! Let’s get some equality in here
Laura A (12 days ago)
Why is the first guy dating a woman that’s the same age as his daughter. That’s so weird
Alice Moore (13 days ago)
Rod is a real creep. He should just get a sex robot.
J L (13 days ago)
He must smell bad because Alexandra keeps turning her face away or pulling away from him when he leans into her face?
DJ Rattez (13 days ago)
Anyone got a knife and fork spare? the tension when david met liudas family was painful to watch (but funny at the same time) haha
P Smith (13 days ago)
I agree with everything written below
SpaceWalkTraveller (14 days ago)
It's really sad to see desperate men and desperate women getting involved with the mail order bride industry.
Seek Truth (14 days ago)
I want to know their story after they married? How is life? Are they still happily married ?
M smith (14 days ago)
That sloot getting side money....
Trex Masters (14 days ago)
What a dumbass maggot.
Kendra W (15 days ago)
Dave wanted love but his flaws seemed to be too great. Rod, I'm speechless.....he wants a lot but I haven't seen anything from his little clips that shows he deserves what he is looking for; he'll only damage who he's with
Justin Facer (15 days ago)
David and Luda seem like they could be happy together. They aren't too far off from each other and it seems like respect is mutual. The language barrier will either bring them together or tear them apart.
Peter Germanese (15 days ago)
"There are some trash fish in there" Let that sink in. (*′☉.̫☉)
Barbara Stepien-foad (15 days ago)
Luidas family can't socialise very well, feel sorry for the English guy, he didn't turn his nose up at the awful flats in Siberia, not like the Russian Alexandra who seemed to complain about everything in Lancashire with Dave. No manners eh If you paid me a fortune I'd never accept rancid Rod. Btw why did Linda marry in Prague not Russia ....? Lancashire Dave has been totally duped, his 'partner' was just looking for a rich man with a big house he is a total cool for paying her all that money .
Altautofan Boris (15 days ago)
this first guy is so typical british
Claudia NL (16 days ago)
I can't stand Rod 😤 What an arrogant American man!! Cringing here!
hellovanite (16 days ago)
Guy meets a girl once proposes and gets a tattoo of her name on his neck. Danger Will Robinson
Noble House Foundation (16 days ago)
BarCraft TV you are such idiots, there is no such thing as a mail order bride! that was only done in the american West Era, using a real paper catalog to help get women to the men out west. it was short lived and is gone, internet dating is NOT MAIL ORDER BRIDE!
Windy (17 days ago)
Look how the two men are sitting at 48:28
princess bell (17 days ago)
Hey. I'm 50. Not married. Not fat. Not from Texas. But I have kids and they WILL ALWAYS come before a man. You know...The way a real woman should think. But good luck with the type of woman you're looking for. It's exactly what I thought. American women have too many of their own thoughts. The next story was sweet. With Luda and David seems like actual love.
Peaceful Medicine (17 days ago)
It's cringy watching Kurt and the other trashy men try to explain that they know what their Russian girlfriends want or even what all women want. Seriously, I feel bad for the women that had to socialize or live with Rod and Dave. It's just those men sweet talking them on the internet and giving them a shitty experience without trying because they either live in a dump and is an alcoholic or selfish about his own desires. Rod cares about the money he spent on them. Not loving them.
Peaceful Medicine (17 days ago)
Is no one going to talk about David having Liudas named tattooed on the back of his neck? I mean, It's fine that he loves her and everything but I find that a bit odd.
Greer Stirling (18 days ago)
OMG Luda is so freaking cute
petepiaire (18 days ago)
Met her once and as a tattoo of her name??
Terry Mun (19 days ago)
36:38 Just a non-chalant shot of a bike dumped in the canal 😂
Josh Veres (20 days ago)
MusicKing619 (21 days ago)
46 year old getting 22 year old girls, that is Life
Baby Boy (21 days ago)
Russian pussy is hard to get. Hard but good.
Cancer June (21 days ago)
Superman S (21 days ago)
Dave is what my nightmares look like
kompafan (21 days ago)
Man, that Rob is a catch. With such jewels like ‘half his age + 7’ 😒
Russ Pink (22 days ago)
Lol she totally was disgusted by him in the beginning from the face expressions 😂😂😂😂
explosivo1980 (22 days ago)
WOW 13:35 Kurt is a grade A douche bag!!
no name (22 days ago)
So sad...... Alexandra had me fooled too. It is one thing to not be compatible or not like your new home, but to play the man and another is a tough pill. I feel for the old Brit guy. Tex is a fool-tool and best to find great love with his dog.... perhaps get a cat too. I hope Dave and Linda work out. I was a little surprised he was somewhat aloof around the parents-in-law no suit and tie not gifts shown. No effort with a letter written in Russian translated in England first. He looks a little sketchy to me, but I hope things go well.
Krysia Tabachenko (22 days ago)
The Texan says “unless your stupid you can find a match” yet he’s paying 4000 to meet a desperate woman to get a green card to America
Coco Luxe (23 days ago)
That house of Dave’s was so cringeworthy. No wonder why Alexandria wanted to leave it’s was a shack!!! David and Luida were a cute couple. Rod cracks me up with his notes he takes on his future wife lmao 😂
Marjorie Tillman (23 days ago)
The guy from Texas leaves a lot to be desired. He’s looking for a wife young enough to be his daughter. I don’t wish him well!!!
Just Jun (23 days ago)
I am not a fan of this. Dont like Rod. I honestly had no idea something like this was even remotely real, the language barrier is far to great, not that to people really in love cant make things work but this is...anyway feel bad for Dave. All this stuff is risky
MadCat 741 (23 days ago)
At least Liuda seemed fairly genuine
JS McEwing (23 days ago)
Rod..beat yourself on the back with your name...Do you hang the heads of chickens and cows on your wall too? By the way..trophy heads are examples of unique triumphs for barbarians...not average kills. And Dave could use no advice from his relative trolls. Gee whiz...do you have any examples to get from anyone? You can tell at the airport that she simply can't bear to touch him.
politics for dummies (24 days ago)
omg, she didn't even want to kiss him, but Russian women are brutal and determined to get out I don't blame them just be honest. visas cost a ton of money then you're responsible for them for a decade, even though they can divorce after 2 years
Stephen (24 days ago)
These men are starting with the belief that Russian/Ukrainian/etc women are desperate to leave their homeland and marry a "rich" foreigner regardless of how repulsive they are. Where might they get that impression? Oh, I forgot ... from our President.
thefast427 (24 days ago)
David kinda looks like Alec Baldwin..lol
Brenda Rose (24 days ago)
"Trash fish". Wow. That guy is a real jerk. Yeah, that's who I would take advice from. Geez.
Manpreet Dhatt (24 days ago)
All the Ugliest and Rejected Old American men go there to BUY a wife coz they know they don't stand any chance of even a less than decent looking wife in America, and in Russia they can Buy one of the Best-looking and Hot Gold-diggers that they could've only Dreamnt of in America or Britain. Well, ENJOY while it Lasts !!!!
MontagZoso (24 days ago)
13:30 Kurt is disgusting. Perfect tour guide for a sleazy “fishing trip”. Ughh.
MontagZoso (24 days ago)
Rod hunts deer, has dead animal heads all over his house and loves to flash his shiny cowboy boots. Major Small Penis AKA "Look How Manly I Am" syndrome. Instant pass on that loser. Okay, try Russia, Rod.
Felicia Camacho (24 days ago)
Dave expects Alexandra to come to England and learn the language, but isn't willing to go to Russia and learn Russian.
Felicia Camacho (24 days ago)
Alexandra is right - the English drink way too much.
Felicia Camacho (24 days ago)
Men are so freaking shallow. They want to marry a woman simply because she is tall and blond...
Felicia Camacho (24 days ago)
Wow, talk about nothing in common...how can you marry someone when you don't speak the same language?
Felicia Camacho (24 days ago)
A grown man works as a part-time bouncer. No full-time job? Man these women are desperate.
Felicia Camacho (24 days ago)
Rod seems like a real winner. Gross.
sphincter (24 days ago)
That texan i discerned, was a jerk and an alcoholic.
stephen walker (25 days ago)
That guy is going to the pub always and smoking in the kitchen. This is not British culture. He is really an idiot. He really does not deserve anyone.
Ghetto Fitness (25 days ago)
Yeah ok Dave if u go to another country an u dont like it nothing u can do about it? Wrong she left ya house after 6weeks so😁
Emerson Ravarotii (25 days ago)
i need a russian wife
xEunsol x (25 days ago)
I acctually get Liuda and that guy. Cause like the girl literally us trying to make it happen. She spends her savings and is really trying to start a relationship with him. It's acctually nice.
Bdm_Gtr (26 days ago)
39:16 love how they sync the music to his walking XD
Stromatic (26 days ago)
Female Post Malone STG!!
Willsters (26 days ago)
Why are there so many more women in Russia compared to men? Do the men died more? Ok, I can't watch anymore after 15min, too disturbing and disgusting.

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