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Zodiac - Hurdy Gurdy Man

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final cut fucked up my original editing. but i'm too lazy to make a new video again. this is my dedication to zodiac... i always have been a big fan of donovan's song, hurdy gurdy man. Please visit www.comedytron.com for the films I wrote and directed and shot and edited.
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Redlinesixtynine (1 month ago)
I never cared for this song until I seen it with Zodiac. Great job on your vid!
jack hamilton (3 months ago)
Great movie, great song but Robert Graysmith is full of shit.
I Am a Dirty Bird (4 months ago)
The guy who played Arthur Leigh Allen was just perfect. And Robert Downey Jr played Paul Avery to a Tee. Also loved Jakes character to. The only one who didnt give up
EuromanMovieReport (4 years ago)
My my mother always told me there was no such thing as monsters. Obviously she didn't know about the Zodiac.
jack hamilton (3 months ago)
Come on, he wasn't that bad. Now John Wayne Gacy was a monster
calum ryan (5 years ago)
This is great, though you should be limiting shots that show characters lips moving a lot. Its fine if theyre just saying like a word or two (like at 2:57) as it kind of leaves us wondering what theyre saying. However showing a conversation we can't hear kind of ruins the magic. You have awesome timing for shots though.
MarkN7 (5 years ago)
This movie had such great actors
vidal graziani (6 years ago)
Hurdy Gurdy Man is excellent
vidal graziani (6 years ago)
I love this movie is an Fincher teacher, all movies
TheGoldcountry (6 years ago)
fucking library
TheGoldcountry (6 years ago)
sorry, it's "can't take my eyes off of you"
TheGoldcountry (6 years ago)
Very true. Another one "Can't get my mind off of you" from the "Deer Hunter"
layla elder (7 years ago)
me too-in the movie it gave me chills
ted hedlund (7 years ago)
nice cuting and i love this song
TheGoldcountry (7 years ago)
I love this movie, but I find that lake side scene more disturbing than any horror movie. I think that the reality of the scene, combined with the futility of the man arguing with Zodiac when we already know the outcome makes my stomach twist. I always fast forward.
Indisposed Chicago (8 years ago)
brian hackett (9 years ago)
there are few songs that when you hear them, you instantly remember the movie..."stuck in the middle with you" from Reservoir Dogs, I will never hear this song again without thinking of Zodiac.
Pascal Donval (9 years ago)
Le chef d'oeuvre de Fincher. Et cette perle de Donovan.
J Bone (10 years ago)
bro, great piece. best donovan/zodiac vid on youtube. great job, ive watched it like 100 times.
blank (10 years ago)
Beautiful cutting Andie! Great piece. David
silberzwibeli (10 years ago)
hahahhaha :) i love the scene when avery leaves the building right about 2:11 n1 clip / song n'd movie though

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