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7 Famous Indian Couple Where she is taller than he

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Antara Sharma (3 months ago)
Most of them are wearing heels. Too many Indian men are extremely short. These never said. It's very funny
Debasis kumar (4 months ago)
Some inches shorter doesn't matter huge difference might seem odd but ultimately except gossiping no one will say anything and moreover personality of man matter's.
Vijaya Lakshmi (6 months ago)
My husband is shorter than me like kunal and Neha kapur .... It doesn't a matter ...
Mandy's TOP 10 (17 days ago)
Good to hear😊
Karthi Karizma (8 months ago)
Joe is shorter than Surya.. U cheap. YouTube.uploader.. Don't use cheap.. promotion fuck.off
Subusingam24007 Surya (9 months ago)
Wow surya sir
kalaivani vani (10 months ago)
Jo and surya height equal ini hight paththi ethavathu podu ne setha da eruma
neha patil (11 months ago)
Beautiful Jodi sbhi ki esi hona chayiye
Vinay Pattar (1 month ago)
neha patil aapka bi
Itachi Uchiha (1 year ago)
0:10 cum
Mass Manoj (1 year ago)
Ni poi pathayada pu**** Suriyava pathi ini edhulayavadhu podu
sk singh (1 year ago)
Height doesn't matter
srb films (8 months ago)
Hight metar karta hai mai ak larki se behad pyar karta hoo 2 saal se dekh raha hoo o mughe sirf egnor egnor karti hai ur chali jati hai use pane ke liye roj tarpta hoo . Mai use behad pasand karta hoo use apna Banna chata hoo par. O mughse 2 inch lambi hai 4 years bari hai. Mai use Pana chata hoo. Part pa nahi sakta roj dekhta hoo trapta hoo. Himat nahi hota kuch kahne ko. Sayad..mai short hoo sayad isliye mughe pasand nahi karti hai
Bhavya shetty (1 year ago)
surya jyothika sprrr
nihi 917 (1 year ago)
Surya nd Jyothika both r same height who told that Jyothika is taller then surya all rubbish fake news
Tamilrockers Admin (3 months ago)
+Veena P no bro surya is taller his height is 170cm jyothika is 165 cm
Veena P (6 months ago)
Nihi 917 ,according to wikipedia surya's height is 1.66m and jyothika's is 1.71m
All about Stars (7 months ago)
Guys this is not a fake story. Whole content was collected from celeb magazine... So, keep watching and give support to our channel.. 👍
kirthika (1 year ago)
nihi 917 ur right

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