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Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man lyrics

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Text Comments (154)
Jatin Batra (5 days ago)
Ggooood niiiight ..
MrHEC381991 (14 days ago)
I wonder how people felt about this song BEFORE they saw Zodiac. Now it's some sort of boogieman song.
chuck dargy (16 days ago)
Mellow Yellow was the closest thing to a druggie song he wrote.
ᴡɪᴅᴏᴇ (18 days ago)
The mixture of killing and then this song is playing gives me chills
Miranda Ali (27 days ago)
Zodiac brought me here 🙏💚
David Konen (1 month ago)
A great song which was popular around the TIME I was born
DonMinnows (2 months ago)
I came here looking for the Butthole Surfer's version but happy to find this one, too. :)
Phone One (2 months ago)
Used to call my dad and stepmom rolly polly man while tripping they got very angry because of being fat i guess and kicked me out of house still dont hav a clue about meaning of son though
Hayabusa Kobayashi (4 months ago)
debojit swarnaker (5 months ago)
Zodiac.... Jake Gyllenhaal is freaking awesome.... I am also an Ambidextrous. 🤪
Mike Alderman (5 months ago)
Trump sent me here
Jonathan Goin (6 months ago)
I just heard this for the first time ever on "THE COOL KIDS" Zodiac Killer episode Dec. 16, 2018
Mr. Kyle Miles (7 months ago)
Putin brought me here! 🇷🇺❤️🙏🏻
Zev Feldman (7 months ago)
a hit
Graeme Brindley (8 months ago)
He wrote it on a meditation retreat with the Beatles in India.
jeffrey dahmer (8 months ago)
This is the zodiac speaking
Bruno Galdos (9 months ago)
O yeah! Tranquility it's give me!
Dave Fairweather (10 months ago)
This song is just too cool here we are in 2018 so why am I freaking out to 1968 stuff ? WOW lol
Big MamaBr0 (10 months ago)
Britannia ❤
erekle cagurishvili (10 months ago)
man you really creeped us out
Chris Heath (1 year ago)
Donovan was so ahead of his time. Sunshine Superman was held back from release by the record company for twelve months because they thought the public weren't ready for it. Even then, it was the first psychedelic song.
Captain Sixties (1 year ago)
Britannia, anyone?
Lo increíble es que la haya escrito George Harrison
Gobbles wells (1 year ago)
"Spun" movie trailer anyone?
Darwinian Life (1 year ago)
If you read deep into the lyrics you will notice that this is perfect for a movie about the zodiac.
Gyula Dan (1 year ago)
Britannia forever serie music
Luke Small (1 year ago)
Britannia? Anyone else here from that
chpe contreras (7 months ago)
I am just glad that the new young get to hear these old songs, regardless of where the listen to them, this way they remembered, so is ok. enjoy what you do not get any more younglings lol
Dave Fairweather (1 year ago)
Luke Small Yo Luke I remember this first time round just rediscovered it thanks to Britannia and am hooked
Luke Small (1 year ago)
steve050 Agreed 😂
steve050 (1 year ago)
Haha nothing man, just how everyone posts these types of comments now. Being directed from some TV show or movie or video game.
Luke Small (1 year ago)
steve050 ok. What’s your point?
mynewschannel (1 year ago)
Britannia and Veran bought me here
Vic (1 year ago)
When I was in high school in the early seventies, there was a kid named John Girty. Every time he walked the halls, everybody who saw him sang this song. We even sang it when he walked for graduation.
The Bushwacker (1 year ago)
I preferred Donovan WAAY over Bob Dylan.
Sandra Ruiz (1 year ago)
hurdy , gurdy, hurdy......
Krysten55 (1 year ago)
I heard this play on the radio, and I had forgotten all about it, until then!
AlwaysPrisms (1 year ago)
i often wonder what  ever happened  to the zodiac killer if he is alive to day he would be very old  he has to be dead by now
Sakura Kinomoto (1 year ago)
The Conjuring brought me here
Larry Ryan (1 year ago)
Can't help but think of the zodiac killer
Jesse Nisbet (4 days ago)
Larry Ryan OMG YES scares the shit outta me
Joe A (1 year ago)
Song about LSD trip?
Joe A (1 year ago)
This song scared me I was 7 in 1968
Stormwatcher (1 year ago)
Same! It's still a little creepy for me even now I'm grown.
William Van Dusen (1 year ago)
you guys know this song has very little to do with LSD at all.. right?
Branden Loeser (8 months ago)
Hurdy gurdy is an instrument. This song isn't about LSD but most Donovan songs are catered to the ear of LSD.
Tati L. (11 months ago)
But donavan was smashed out most of the time on LSD.
Miss X (1 year ago)
I'd like to report a murder... no... a double murder
Samcro 573 (21 days ago)
Miss X that thing even loaded?
bwanna23 (2 years ago)
I remember when this song first came out, you had to be careful driving so you didn't wreck your car.
Michael Jensen (4 months ago)
Although...I was on my bicycle for a couple more years.
cellissmo cellissmo (2 years ago)
who else listening to this for Zodiac ?
Butt Munch (1 year ago)
Abhishith Suvarna (2 years ago)
Who came here after watching Zodiac 😍
hurjihye80 (1 year ago)
I just watched. Good movie and good song!
Sefus (1 year ago)
Ross Fisher roasted
Ross Fisher (1 year ago)
i came over your mom lol
IndiaRockLovers (2 years ago)
Phone rings.... Heavy breathing.
mistake111 (2 years ago)
here comes the roly poly man....he's wearing a fucking red tie. and he has a scum bag daughter.....he lies 96% of the time.
Thomas Davis (2 years ago)
Hippies used to listen to this.
C K (2 years ago)
Hippies STILL listen to this. RIghtly so.
jaymogamy (2 years ago)
Thanks for the vid.  Karaoke bitches!
Janelle Earnshaw (2 years ago)
Who/what does the meaning "Hurdy Gurdy Man" stand for /mean??? Nonetheless--one of my favorite songs!
O.P. Yates (16 days ago)
@aleta welch Probably an edict or papal bull from the albino assassin , Mike Pence, right after the inauguration at the request of the Opus Dei. Just kidding•••••• I hope❗⛩
aleta welch (16 days ago)
@O.P. Yates I've been on a mission for two years to find out why our content was censored seemingly overnight in January 2017. I know about the hateful content policy, but that's a ruse. Do you know why all the explicit content has been wiped from by Google? More of my playlists have been deleted behind my back by YT.
aleta welch (16 days ago)
@O.P. Yates 😹😁
O.P. Yates (16 days ago)
@aleta welch I was checking out your videos on your YouTube channel and saw one entitled "5 strange sounds that no one can explain." I was expecting one of them to be Yoko Ono.
aleta welch (16 days ago)
@O.P. Yates My generation founded MTV and created videos. We lived and breathed videos. All the shit you see on YT has been re-mastered for digital media. There's few videos left from the 70's and 80's, and NEVER the ones I want to find. It's fucked up that I can't find shit I grew up with. I wish I could find it. It's an animated video, but so cool. The meaning of the song is demonstrated through the video. Did you think I was talking about one of these hatchet jobs which pass for a video now? 😂
StonerDloner (2 years ago)
one day i swear i will do acid while listening to this song anyone wanna join me? lol
itachi uchiha im down
Piri Urwin (1 year ago)
It doesn't sound like a bad idea
michael standrews (1 year ago)
itachi uchiha hell yeah
Ross Fisher (1 year ago)
your mom will join you, you stoner bitch lol
Rob Buckley Jr (1 year ago)
itachi uchiha hell yea, I do!!!
john val (2 years ago)
"last time I saw this face was July 29th 1964, I am very sure this is the man that shot me"
Jarron Smith (1 year ago)
owen (1 year ago)
He wasn't killed at lake berryessa.
Night lilly (1 year ago)
Wrong, it was 4th of July 1969, lake berryessa, Vallejo.
owen (1 year ago)
john val Why the fuck would he have seen him on the 29th?
Joe A (1 year ago)
Steven Turner (2 years ago)
Led Zeppelin had something to do with this song
Branden Loeser (8 months ago)
John Paul Jones and Jimmy page recorded the bass and guitar for this song
SameoldDecgar07 (3 years ago)
Zodiac brought me here!
Ken Weser (1 year ago)
SameoldDecgar07 Zodiac shot you down.
Mosila (1 year ago)
whats mean hurdy gurdy man ? im french and i cant translate this , meh , help me pls ;(
TheLordOfIrony (2 years ago)
see noevo (3 years ago)
That… thing… at 0:46, is otherworldly.
Stephen Powell (3 years ago)
A Classic from Donavan here from 1968
DickDickstein (3 years ago)
This song would be better if the verses were longer.
O.P. Yates (1 month ago)
I would settle for more verses and less Rolie Polie Rolie Polie Rolie Polie Rolie Polie Rolie Polie Rolie Polie Rolie Polie Rolie Polie Hurdy Gurdy Hurdy Gurdy Hurdy Gurdy Hurdy Gurdy Hurdy Gurdy hurdy gurdy..
the searching wind (2 years ago)
George Harrison wrote some verses to this song but they weren't used because songs longer than four minutes weren't played on the radio.
78XT500 (3 years ago)
LSD brought me here..
Branden Loeser (8 months ago)
I drop once a week and this is a must for me when I'm trippin
Branden Loeser (8 months ago)
Me to :)
Jamin Cuyle (1 year ago)
Dustin Ludlow (2 years ago)
78XT500 I'm q member but what does the church have to do with this?
Joe Rotolo (3 years ago)
Walter bishop brought Me here
Jb Addams (3 years ago)
+Joe Rotolo fringy music :-)
Lawabidinganarchist (3 years ago)
It's about being free and spreading the message of hope to one another.
Joe Rotolo (3 years ago)
you're right because I didn't hear the song until after my girlfriend of 13 months just broke up with me which was 4 days ago and ever since I've heard this song its helps me stop being so depressed.. but that's not without hearing it at least every 20 minutes... sorry every one.. not in a good place.. but at least I can prove her point..
Alia Nadeem (3 years ago)
music is good .... but what the hell is wrong with the lyrics
Gata Barbieri (3 years ago)
+Alia Nadeem Nope... a Hurdy Gurdy is a very weird instrument, so I've been told; I checked it out in google...you shoul go and see ;-)
Alia Nadeem (3 years ago)
+lawabidinganarchist. may be ... :)
Alia Nadeem (3 years ago)
+Gata Barbieri i have no idea ... i think he is a super man :D
Gata Barbieri (3 years ago)
+Alan Young True! googled it What a weird one, too...
Alan Young (3 years ago)
+Gata Barbieri It`s a musical instrument .....google it.
Xander G (3 years ago)
Richard Ames (3 years ago)
Somebody needs to stop smoking that stuff.
Average_B (1 year ago)
Richard Ames Somevody needs to start.
Jb Addams (3 years ago)
+MERRYJERRYL you smoke LSD ? how does that work out for you then ? we use drups on sugarcubes then put it in your mouth ... 2 hours later boom !! :-)
Jb Addams (3 years ago)
+Richard Ames hell no ! :-)
Gata Barbieri (3 years ago)
+Richard Ames the result is pretty good, however... ;-)
Porschepaj (5 years ago)
Mark Buchanan (3 years ago)
@MERRYJERRYL I fully agree.  Firesign Theater actually had a comedy album called, "Everything You Know Is Wrong." 
MERRYJERRYL (3 years ago)
@Mark Buchanan “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” ― Terence McKenna
Mark Buchanan (3 years ago)
@MERRYJERRYL This Egyptian sounding word just came out of my mouth as I yawned http://www.gematrix.org/?word=grahunna+muneetsuwa&save=+Add+It+
Mark Buchanan (3 years ago)
@MERRYJERRYL I agree, I'll stop time after I get this gutter fixed.

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