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Daygame Student Infield Coaching Session Part 2

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Daygame Student Infield Coaching Session Part 1: https://youtu.be/egEpZJfgwfc Access My Proven System For Sleeping With And Dating The Women You See EVERY SINGLE DAY ▶▶▶ https://www.thrivedaygame.com For Bootcamps, Courses, and Coaching ▶▶▶ http://www.evolutiondaily.com
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The key take away from approaching women is to not attach yourself to the outcome . Anytime I approach a girl with no high intention . The interaction goes so well . Also Aaron teach your students to stop the girl and get in front of her. Walking with the girl isn't good enough . The girl is usually not so engaged .
SlyPanther (5 days ago)
Super encouraging.
Keith (7 days ago)
"Your capable of doing that all the time." Reminder to self. "Assume the sale" That's gold. "Not really feeling it" you got to get into feeling it my guy. Maybe practice the "wait, wait, wait, comeback" technique on that one. I want to believe that a lot of these interactions comes from questions and assumptions. The questions being the real knowledge and the assumptions being where all the fun's at. Also, work in the touch and add some energy to that for an excuse for the touch and that's game. That's what I'm summing it up to be about for now. In beginner practice I can imagine that to be overwhelming though so I'd say that this is pretty good starting out. Got a lot of rapport from a lot of different girls and what's going on. I've been watching and studying a lot of different pick-up and it really seems to be about like this exhaust of all this energy and contribution to the conversation and interaction. Easy to speculate, not so easy to practice. Great video, quite a lot to take away here. Props for the student's ease of approach. 👍
Carl Zimmerman (8 days ago)
This guy LOVES shark week
Bryce Jacobsen (6 days ago)
Lol right wtf
Jake Poyar (8 days ago)
Advice at the end is great
Evolution Daily (7 days ago)
Thank you bro!
carodejXXX (8 days ago)
You look terrible
Evolution Daily (8 days ago)
Thanks man lol
Jarno (8 days ago)
Lmao that motivational speech at end tho
Evolution Daily (8 days ago)
Glad you liked that. Gonna make that it's own vid for sure.
MartinJ (8 days ago)
That got quite deep @ 13:42 bro
Evolution Daily (8 days ago)
MartinJ people have hit me up about that rant actually I’m gonna make it it’s own video. It’s just so true
D.W.L.F GAME (9 days ago)
Nothing like a good ole daygame session
Commando Master (9 days ago)
This is funny and good advice.
André (9 days ago)
"To be honest a bit boring" means she's open to you keeping her busy!!
Evolution Daily (8 days ago)
Ayyyyooo. I'm actually gonna do some breakdowns of these and some more student infield in the future.
M Magician (9 days ago)
good stuff brooo keep it up
kungtony (9 days ago)
Good coaching Aaron! Such a quiet area though. Mainly college girls I noticed. The streets seem to be virtually dead. I mean I actually prefer it when it's a little quieter because it's easier to start natural conversations. Saturday I was in London on Oxford street. You could barely move for people and pussy lol if you don't go for an opportunity when you see it you end up losing the girl in the crowd. Out of interest what time of day was this? I'm guessing maybe in the morning? It might be an idea just as a suggestion to try quiet times/areas and when it's really busy. This area reminds me of oxford at 8am lol later in the day it's bloody busy. There's an infestation of pussy in the afternoon haha😂
kungtony (8 days ago)
+Evolution Daily haha oh my God! You're kidding me! In oxford at 5pm the streets are manic full of people coming back from work, tourists and students. What's the population of this town you're in? I see some girls but they seem very few and far between. Like one or two every 15 minutes. I was doing some daygame in this town which has a population of about 280,000. I got there just before 4pm and there were enough women to approach. At around 5 it gets busy as people are finishing work and going to and from the station. The station area is a goldmine so did about 4 in quick succession. Number closed a cute Asian Canadian using the directional opener but I actually asked her where this supermarket was. Man when you come here you'll be like a kid in a sweet shop especially in London! There's a serious pussy infestation there haha
Evolution Daily (8 days ago)
LOL you crack me up man. This was around 5pm on a weekday I believe. It's been about a month now but that sounds about right. I can't wait to make my way out to the UK
Tyler’s Lips (9 days ago)
Lmaooo “Justine? OMG” *Girl leaves set* •Dude turns around and walks past girl* “Yo Aaron” 😹
Tyler’s Lips (9 days ago)
The kicking feet thing looks like a bad habit lol. I hope he slept with that chick in the blue tho. She seemed pretty chill.
DJ Carson (9 days ago)
yo what college is this?, props to this guy too btw keep at it man.
InBeileinWeTrust (9 days ago)
Hahaha this was good content. Always cool to see these filmed at OSU. You said you needed help with something and to send you an email since I’m at OSU. Just wanted to follow up
Evolution Daily (8 days ago)
THANK YOU DUDE I will hit you up asap
Og_Deadbolt (9 days ago)
i don't feel anything when they brush you off, i only feel something when I dont go for it.
Evolution Daily (8 days ago)
Yes man regret is far worse that rejection.
Ali Mohsen (9 days ago)
I feel like you fucked the guy over a bit more then anything after that last approach
Muni (9 days ago)
These are good as fuck👍
genius2005 (9 days ago)
Nice student infield! I posted a link on www.pickupdaily.com
Holden Knutson (9 days ago)
I'm pretty sure I've introduced myself to friends and they automatically assume you know each other or like we meet other guys that assume that as well.
Marios Constant (9 days ago)
Funny thing is. I had that same first fail. And took it pretty bad. And laughed about it couple sec later
NYC FLAME (9 days ago)
How do you guys hide the camera...
Evolution Daily (9 days ago)
NYC FLAME lots of different ways but it’s always just a GoPro lodged into some random object
Jasper Gabriels (9 days ago)
this is really good and constructive to learn from! maybe after a set say more what he did right and what could better that would be awesome!
Evolution Daily (8 days ago)
Absolutely man gonna do some more thorough breakdowns of this and some stuff in the future.
Victor Sweet (9 days ago)
Props to the student for not being afraid to fail in front of the camera. Respect.
Evolution Daily (9 days ago)
Victor Sweet he’s a beast
Giovanny Cruz (9 days ago)
just saw yur ig story aaron ✌

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