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Best & Worst 90s Fashion Trends (Throwback)

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For more ClevverTV shows ►► http://ow.ly/ktrcX Oh the 90s. It gave us some of our favorite movies, TV shows and of course some of the best fashion trends...or some of the worst. Lets relive all the best when it comes to hair, clothes and accessories! Including: Frosted Tips JNCO Jeans Butterfly clips & scrunchies Mini backpacks Chokers Jelly sandals Watch Even More THROWBACK: Remember Step Up ►► https://youtu.be/n8VsDeFIKSo Celebs Who Were Athletes ►► https://youtu.be/MXKQ1Hq4rBM Back to School ►► https://youtu.be/z0NjBen3yt4 Best DCOMs ►► https://youtu.be/If9aGqwJNc4 First Boyband Videos►► https://youtu.be/5LoUq00UpLE Remember Legally Blonde?►► https://youtu.be/snE_cCW4-E0 Remember Princess Diaries? ►► https://youtu.be/mpAy21xrvf4 Worst Summer Jobs ►► https://youtu.be/xJqDwe9p7gw The Hills Turns 10! ►► https://youtu.be/18o1EkI4CYs Baby Things ►► https://youtu.be/2qtbZBn3YG4 For More Clevver Visit: Website: http://www.clevver.com Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/ClevverTV Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ClevverTV Keep up with us on Instagram: http://instagr.am/Clevver Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+ClevverTV
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Text Comments (2441)
Alison Abell (1 day ago)
i had butterfly clips, scrunchies, jelly sandals, overalls, platform sandals in the '90's i only have scrunchies now
XXXSUSPECT (2 days ago)
I had all of these things when i was younger (except frosted tips lol) and I was born in 2002. Im 16 and I still have some of it. SOME of it 😂
Justin Hopkins (4 days ago)
Jnco was not associated with “poverty and suffering” and you certainly didn’t know someone was “poor” when wearing them. They weren’t exactly cheap. I went to a wealthy suburban school and everyone wore them. Girl doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.
Emilee Kathcart (5 days ago)
I was born in '98 but just got all of my mom's high school hand-me-downs from the '90s so I dressed in these things up until, like, 2009.
*So, I was born in January 16 2007 and I have/had these stuff, not the pants though, those are so ugly!!!*
Yeet Yeet (7 days ago)
Ok this is scripted
MAndy Aomine (7 days ago)
Man remember when chokers were popular and now they’re aren’t anymore 😂😂😂
Chad Peterson (7 days ago)
Oakley minutes, 26 Red, Mossimo, goatees
Lucy_ editz (9 days ago)
I'm not a 90's kid but I have all these-
Aaron Gay (9 days ago)
One of the guys looks like James A Jennese from deadmeat
Erika Fiore (10 days ago)
Jelly sandals (by Melissa) were a trend in Brazil in the 80s.
Stephanie Jackson (10 days ago)
This gives me the feels. I miss the 90s and early 2000s.
I Rage A Lot (13 days ago)
It's 2018 and one of my best friends has frosted tips
Phoenix Note (14 days ago)
Birdgoesnyoom 24 (15 days ago)
I like how some 90s kids will get so confused when 2000s kids talk about how they remember some of these trends. The 90s never really completely died in the early 2000s lol
_twisted_imagination _ (16 days ago)
That lady is so freaking racist. "White people shit" said by a black person gets brushed away. But If a white person was to say "black people shit" there would be an uproar, it's so dumb
Salene Rose (18 days ago)
I was born in 2005 and I know of some of these and even had some!
Shalona_Sweden (18 days ago)
Here in Sweden I used to rock bleached jeans, a white t-shirt and a red & black flanell shirt tied around my waist. Doc Martens was a must and those round, John Lennon type sunglasses... Bomber jackets was a big thing too. ✌️
jquest386 (19 days ago)
Jnco associates with poverty? Obviously she has no idea what she's talking about, they were fucking expensive
Bill Bill (19 days ago)
I remember all the fat people wore Tweety Bird shirts
Mary Opemiyan (21 days ago)
after 2010 thats when the 90s fashion died down i think
Caitlyn Bladen (22 days ago)
Uhh Cargo Pants/shorts are back.
T RopE (24 days ago)
I was definitely the dude that was like 5 years behing the trends. still am really lol. def rocked half of these things in the day. they were always hammy downs from friends though cause we was def too poor for that shit. I still think 20 dollar jeans are too expensive lol.
Olivia Michel (29 days ago)
I'm trying to do a 90s look for Halloween but this is the only video that gave me a few ideas. I was thinking about mom jeans or overalls with a baggy sweatshirt a SnapBack and the round glasses. Any other ideas?
Andrew Steel (29 days ago)
Born in 75. Graduated HS early 90s. Nothing new under the sun. All trends recycle eventually....some I have seen recycle two or three times. Course when your young you think it’s the latest thing not realizing decades before you were born someone else wore it. They forgot a lot in this video, but then it’d be a hour long.
Genevieve M. (29 days ago)
trying to get inspiration for an upcoming 90s party but all these trends are basically back today
Ebony h (29 days ago)
omg i love dr martins
Backyardmech1 (1 month ago)
😂 Jnco’s! I was fine with Levi 565’s. And I had an ‘89 S-10 Blazer that I fit 9 people into on the ride to school. 😂 Frosted tips. I watched a friend just bleach his entire head over a botched attempt. The 10 hole hard leather Docs I miss. 😁 Still got the cargo pants and shorts. Smokes, keys, phone, wallet, beers, and beers, etc. They were useful.
Jimmy Kriegerson (1 month ago)
Those jeans are really ugly but they’re good for smuggling stuff
Matt Boselli (1 month ago)
Fuck yeah
Prior2Popular (1 month ago)
Cargo pants are freaking hot
Prior2Popular (1 month ago)
Don’t tell me what to wear lol
TU nguyen (1 month ago)
What about guess girbaud jean and tommy polo shirt
Anthony P (1 month ago)
Get the racist black woman off your vlog. I wonder what would happen if a white person said "that's some black people shit right there."
90sBougie (1 month ago)
I still have a picture of me with my very first choker i owned I thought i was the sh!t 😂
Emma formanova (1 month ago)
4:10 I love you girl! 😂
Hi peeps! (1 month ago)
Dornstein (1 month ago)
Chokers are a turn off!
The_Boss 365 (1 month ago)
Ok, for the people who are saying they remember this but were born in the 2000s....shut the fuck up the 90s have nothing to do with you stick to your own shit like iphones and hover boards yous dont have the cool nostalgia so stop trying to act like yous remember it coming out just because you have heard of it being a trend back then doesnt mean you were a part of it
WHOA! Is that the chick from the cake browser commercial? 🤔
Cade Malley (1 month ago)
8:55 he sounds like Scottie from Big Brother 20
myah cat (1 month ago)
When you are just old enough to slightly remember these things XD
I remember butterfly clips sense the 2009 i was really young tho
Kristin Gill (1 month ago)
I wear pooka shell necklaces, I’m a south California surfer girl so I mean, why not?
x g s (1 month ago)
Meme dealer Dad (1 month ago)
When ryland said “my girl” I literally snorted. Like honey your gay. Shane is quaking
Nathan Medina (1 month ago)
wonder what it'll be like in 2040 when they look back on the 10's
Llama Rama (1 month ago)
Is it just my school or are scrunchies coming back?
Madelen Holth (1 month ago)
´´i hope cargo-pants never comes back´´wellllll
jiminslips (1 month ago)
12:35 sorry,but they're back lol
Locust Slepkava (1 month ago)
I’m not even a girl but even I remember wearing butterfly clips haha. I was kinda gay...
Ljm205 Ggg (1 month ago)
At first I that the Janico jeans was a dress
King Kylie (1 month ago)
Anyone remember Bobby jack
ziggy (1 month ago)
Wtf is happening with her accent - you know who I’m talking about
Stcrry (1 month ago)
For some reason when i was a kid i loved the smell of jelly sandals for some reason...
anti real (1 month ago)
i was born in 2002 but i remember all that trends!
Marina Dyagileva (1 month ago)
ok but imagine Shane sitting next to Ryland in an oversized shirt with tweety
Candice ecidnaC (1 month ago)
*YIN AND YANG, NOT YING YANG* Ying yang is not a thing. They are 2 elements that balance each other, not a sound effect.
Raheem Clarke (1 month ago)
Big up the Jamaican girl ya Mon.
elaine wang (1 month ago)
omg ok so i was born like a way after the 90s and yet i still have most of these items haha
SN Fishing (1 month ago)
soooo you feel like scrunchies are racist..... whats next roads are racist because they have white lines..
Isabella Rose (1 month ago)
2:26 fuckin mood
this is the 2000s i dont remember any of this except wide legged pants in the 90's.
Aguero Messi (1 month ago)
That bloodclaat Jamaican gal a annoy mi
GOD MAN (1 month ago)
docs are immortal
Julie (1 month ago)
Ethan craft !!
Faith Field (1 month ago)
Is it had i still love all of these 😂😂😂😂
Charlineisboring (1 month ago)
Nala1992 (1 month ago)
Why is shannas accent so exaggerated? 🙄 she doesn’t even talk like that
Blue Mix (1 month ago)
Jelly sandles are still a thing and it's disgusting
Sissy broke (1 month ago)
I wore some of this stuff but only because my mom wanted me to when I was like four like jelly sandals and the butterflys
Amber Daniel (1 month ago)
*grew up in the early 2000's* I had most of these things from when I was 1-7 years old- and they just disappeared.
Why is the kill count guy in this video
Make it Shine (1 month ago)
I go shopping next week then....😂😂😂
Hanna N (1 month ago)
12:54 lol
Yeah the piece is a demonic symbol. Do your research, but I was mad when I found out about the darn peace sign. I was like dang it!!! *arms crossed emoji*
Yeah those chokers are still in style today...and yes it an idea that was taken from dog collars. That’s facts😐
Makayla Milliken (1 month ago)
I was born in 2006, and I had 99.9% of these things
Makayla Milliken (1 month ago)
Jelly sandales gave me blisters
Youmi Carter (1 month ago)
is that.... Ryland Adams
skarllix (1 month ago)
Where you got those super STUPID bunch of people ?!!
skarllix (1 month ago)
chokers are for bitches , nice girl never wear chokers.
Isobel Owen (1 month ago)
Almost everything was there in the 2000s I so remember these
John Random (1 month ago)
Not that good of a list at all
anime sloth (1 month ago)
james ramirez (1 month ago)
Lol, i wore overalls when i was a kid 😂😂
bonbons (1 month ago)
Lol at the puka confusion, puka means like 'hole' in hawaiian, they're traditional hawaiian (also seen in other polynesian cultures) necklaces twisted for white peepo fashion😂
OC Blues (1 month ago)
7:04 The Jamaican girl is apparently unaware that there are different islands in the world and that maybe, just maybe, they happen to have small white shells with holes in the middle of em. And maybe they decided to name the shells “Puka” shells because “Puka” means hole in their language. But hey, I’m not from Jamaica so I wouldn’t know.
The Noob (1 month ago)
But.. you can’t wear a choker if you have a double chin...
Celia Rose (1 month ago)
A lot of soccer players in Europe and UK have frosted tips this season!
cat blue (1 month ago)
I feel like 90s are makin' a comeback but it'll never be the same
xXs3dat3d S0rr0wXx (1 month ago)
ew ryland
Brady Chin (1 month ago)
Explain how I was born in 02 but remember this stuff
Alexandra Hempsall (1 month ago)
I wore a choker for like 4 years straight
Alexandra Hempsall (1 month ago)
Everybody misses stepping on their butterfly clips in the 90s
jake benzel (1 month ago)
Who are these people. Not interesting
Isaiah lizama (1 month ago)
James! From dead meAt!!!
Nat Kat (2 months ago)
I still have the disc man
Nat Kat (2 months ago)
Monica music video with those cargo pants it need a come back

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