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The Worst Magic: The Gathering Format. Ever.

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If you enjoyed this diatribe, you might also enjoy "A Critique of the Frontier Format" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAbS3vjOpBw and "What MTG Doe Beter Than Hearthstone" here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwdCEw8ySCU Why people who play Magic are AWESOME: http://youtu.be/E-Sg3G5y0qg Here's why parents should be happy that their kids play Magic: The Gathering http://youtu.be/dRtK-AIR1Lk Thoughts On Quitting Magic: The Gathering https://youtu.be/wXvCcEIOCgc Better Than Homework! Magic: The Gathering and Gaming With Your Kids https://youtu.be/w72i_c-jNc0 For awhile now, I’ve had a funny idea for a video knocking about in my head. I wanted to make a video called “The Best Magic: The Gathering Format” and in it, I would basically go over every format from Draft to COmmander to Modern to Pauper to Legacy to Standard to Cube, and conclude them each to be the Best Magic Format, only for different and unique reasons. Because, of course, there is no such thing as a best Magic format. Magic The Gathering isn’t one game, but many, and with many magic the gathering players there are many, many wonderful and different ways to enjoy the game. That would have been the thesis of that video, but I opted not to do it because I didn’t want to encourage Commander players and limited players yelling at each other over which of their vastly different yet equally awesome formats was truly the best way to play Magic. As always, the best format in magic is the one you enjoy the most. If you are having fun, then you are doing it correct. To my surprise, however, last weekend brought us many new things in Magic: The Gathering. It brought us The Mythic Invitational which wow’d audience with the first competitive MTG event played on Magic Arena, shattering viewership records, introducing audience to a veritable smorgasbord of amazing Magic personalities, from the MPL, literally best players in the world, to hand picked awesome and engaging streamers, community members, for what may be the most exciting group of competitors ever, and delivered into this record number of homes by the best coverage team Magic has ever seen! It also introduced us to a brand new format, previously never before seen and, after this last weekend, hopefully never ever seen again. Why? I’ll tell you. You see, I may not be able to do a video about the best format in magic the gathering, because an absolute best does not exist, but I can do a video about the worst format in magic the gathering, because thanks to Single Elimination Duo Standard, it now exists, and it nearly derailed the biggest, most successful Magic The Gathering event in the game’s history. Music Courtesy Of: "Vintage Education" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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I always try very hard to offer criticism that does no fall into a territory of blind, emotional complaining. I try to support my claims with evidence, so that even if you disagree you can still see where I am coming from. I also hate more than anything the idea of "yucking someone's yum" and try only to make videos like this when they are on an extremely important issue, and not just some personal distaste of mine. I hope very much I succeeded in those goals here.
William Brooker (1 month ago)
Jordan Gorsky (1 month ago)
Youre a great critic of MTG and Ive always valued your input. I think you present valid points in an honest matter. It is clear that you love MTG and only want to see it grow positively.
Duo standard seems like an idea that could have been really good if they didn't fuck it up but I believe that the Mythic Invitational should have been held in regular standard or modern even officially create a playable version of Magic the Gathering only for the tournament that million dollar was bet on seems like a crappy idea they should have gone with one of the easy to follow regular tournament formats instead of trying to force a new format that they're now embarrassed over it's very conception
terryfeynman (1 month ago)
this video would have been so much better without you shilling the invitational so hard, and telling us a million times how awesome everything was, awesome here awesome there awesome everywhere. I was here to hear about a bad format, not to hear you say awesome a million times about every aspect of the invitational. We get it, you are getting cool shit for shilling, but please make that in extra videos. Simply make one about the invitational and good.
Invader Zim (1 month ago)
I'd like to point out that the Duo Format, while new to MTG, is not a new format at all. Duo Format has been around since at least 1995 with the release of Decipher's Stat Wars CCG, where players had to have two 60 card decks - one for the Empire and one for the Rebellion. It was played very similar, with the Dark Side player always going first with very few exceptions to that rule. For me, MTG Duo Format is more like an old friend coming to visit after being away for over a decade. But, to each his own, I guess.
Black Lanner (10 hours ago)
I played a format similar to this in high school with my friends. We all had a deck of each single color. You couldn't play the same deck twice in a week. You could only change the deck contents over the weekend (before sideboard was a concept.) Multi color cards were ok but legend rule applied so only 1 copy per deck (Old legend rule) and no legend could be in 2 decks. We had stupid names for the format, Mortal Kombat, World War, "Everyone against Steven."
Joseph Fruge (2 days ago)
It would have been great to see regular Standard used as a representation of the Magic community. The cards are always cheaper, the META decks almost never go past $200 and the format is superior. Once you have a Standard deck, you also have a Modern deck, Legacy deck and so on. If we wanted to get very creative then we would have used the MTG Arena format where you have a 60 card deck, singleton and only use Standard legal cards. This is how I believe Magic should be played, this keeps the matches fun, different and you never see someone get burned for 20+ damage on round 5. I am speaking from my personal experience however and I understand that the rules allow us 4 copies of a card and we all want to take advantage of that when we have a specific combo we are trying to make happen to win a game, especially at the competitive level
Val D Mar (2 days ago)
I want Frontier.
Neal R (2 days ago)
Jeff Daniels -2.0
Reggie Minn (3 days ago)
time rules in magic? Yu-Gi_Oh! would like to say hi
WiSpKing (3 days ago)
Modern is the worst format :)
Arthur C (3 days ago)
The video starts at 5:50.
Cerebellar Atrophy (3 days ago)
I thought it would be anti
Cree Orth (5 days ago)
Can I just point out that its two guys at a table sitting right across from one another playing a card game on a computer...
Jun TheMaledicted (5 days ago)
Innistrad is the best for me, because of the lore
Chamber Kingston (5 days ago)
Ngl.... DS sounds like BS to me.
Double Standard was an interesting idea at the very least.
gingervikingjesus (5 days ago)
Rahw.. EDH is best!!🤣
Subzerouh (6 days ago)
bo3 or bo7 with sideboard pls, im a casual and that would be a great chance to learn even more tactics.
Bud McClain (6 days ago)
My general advice: Be more concise and target videos to less topics and try to avoid tangents.
Jan Mayen (6 days ago)
What about “Rich Bitch“ ? Draft with only Foil, Mythics or Rares ?
Vapester McJew (7 days ago)
I wasn't about to talk trash about limited I was about to trash modern
captian bacon (7 days ago)
I think dou could be kool if u had 2 deck. But you choose which u play game 1 and if you wanna play the other game2
Chrono Shindou (7 days ago)
As a yugioh player new to magic I found your channel and have been enjoying it,and the new time rule sounds like what yugioh implemented half a year ago where higher life wins at time.
Preston Bowers (10 days ago)
I wish it would come to arena, it would be fun to play two nearly identical red decks once or twice then never again. Arena has bigger problems than this though. This format would be fun for dropping into a quick game, possibly in the future some new ideas could come out of it, or it could be a easy place for beginners to grind wins against people building intentionally jank decks for fun. Either way it sounds boring to watch so I'm glad I didn't, thanks for the video.
cha0t1c rap13r (10 days ago)
"Many magic the gathering players..." - the prof
Improbabilities (10 days ago)
Prof, 'smörgåsborg' directly translates to 'sandwich fortress'. I was about to critique you on your Swedish, but I think you just felt that a sandwich table (smörgåsbord) was too small to fit all formats. I applaud your inventive use of the Swedish language!
Improbabilities (7 days ago)
It's not the simplest of words, and it has our strange extra letters. We also pronounce most vowels differently (also, Y is a vowel, dammit), and our j's don't start with a d. I'm not surprised people have a hard time with singular Swedish words, completely removed from the rest of the language. In fact, I'd say it's more of an English word than a Swedish word these days. I haven't heard anyone use the word smörgåsbord in Sweden for years, and I haven't seen an actual smörgåsbord in more than a decade. But I thought it was pretty funny that the thing he actually said was still a word in Swedish.
Quietus Q (7 days ago)
I don't think anyone in native English speaking countries can pronounce it properly. I know my pronunciation for it is all over the place.
Purpleboye_ (12 days ago)
Brawl was a format until it wasnt
Brent Billig (12 days ago)
4:00 Oooohh... that didn't age well did it?
The Gentleman (13 days ago)
Dude, MTG is cool, but don't bash Hearthstone. HS is cool too
Raef Wilhelm (13 days ago)
Besides all the cards necessary it sounds kind a like a fun format for Card Play
Mark van Es (14 days ago)
Remind me: die they invite PewDiePie
Cinomod6066 (14 days ago)
See that's the thing magic actually has formats and different ways to play with the cards yugioh on the other hand I cant stand when people use format when describing yugioh. Yugioh has "standard" which is basically just use anything except what's on this ban list.
ShoeLaceBandit (14 days ago)
Magic should be fucking psyched with where they are. Im not sure why they want to convolute. I want to see the best players with the best decks going head to head. Hearthstone is not as similar as ppl seem to believe. Magic has more complex game states than any other game maybe other than some lower tier TCGs. I just want every card game to do what they do best. Yugioh, pokemon, magic. They all have fun aspects to them when they are true to themselves.
Fair D (15 days ago)
I think that duo standard should not be used again, however, I do think that creating a format where multiple Bo1's can be played in a Bo 3/5 is a good idea. Having two decks instead of one is in my opinion not much harder since you don't need a full sideboard. Still, getting to see the pros sideboard between games and revealing their side-boarding strategies would have made more sense to me than playing a series of Bo1's
Iris Pounsberry (15 days ago)
Interesting video. I agree with your points, even not having watched the event, but I have a guess as to why sideboarding was dropped - it doesn't excite viewers unless you have very good commenters chattering over the process. Take League of Legends as an example, the pick/ban phase sucks up a bunch of time relative to the length of the matches and is of interest mostly to hard core followers that are actively guessing what team comp the team is going for as they pick it. It is shown so the viewers don't ask why this or that OP champion is not played, but it is not the core action of the game. Now if they had multiple stations set up and some clever editing (and secondary streams for those that want to see the sideboard process), they could bounce directly from one game's ending to the start of the next and let the sideboarding happen off camera for the main event stream, but that requires a lot more set up. Offloading the prep work onto the players by telling them they must come prepared with 2 decks was intelligent, even if lacking wisdom in execution by forcing them to use both. It would have been better if the players had to submit and were told beforehand what 2 deck types their opponent has and let them choose each time how they were responding. Then you can do a random/loser/loser (keeping best of 3) choice to declare their deck first or second, as it takes seconds for someone to say "i'm picking second"/ (opponent) "i pick my red aggro deck"/(first guy) "then i'll pick my blue/green control deck" - and start the match. If deck building money was less of an issue, then having players have a 3rd deck available during the tournament would also ensure there was even less need for a sideboard as there would be more options to choose from when countering the other players. If they were going to focus on deck elimination to up the variety of decks being showcased, then they need to provide the cards and have 5 decks available to players - possibly a tournament focused on the premade decks available for a block available in Standard, rather than whatever the players come up with (which would admittedly go against your focus on showcasing 'real' Magic games and be frowned on for advertising them directly).
Graham Lewis (16 days ago)
Duo standard was the worst decision ever @wizardsofthecoast
David Peabody (16 days ago)
This is great critisism why does a video orchestrated by a correct person need to be disliked
Ember Storm (17 days ago)
"Let's sit at a table and play mtg but only on screens" If that isn't the stupidest, least interesting way to play MtG I don't even know. Use real cards if you're that close. Holy hell.
ThePidude314 (18 days ago)
You spent the first 8 minutes of the video just saying that the mythic invitational had pro players and streamers, repeatedly in slightly different ways.
Daniel Millen (20 days ago)
No love for Vintage or Old School 93/94?
Alex Lyon (20 days ago)
My first competitive rel event the life total tiebreaker rule actually came up. It was a tournament grinder the night before GP Ottawa, single elimination khans sealed. Last round they ran out of time and were closing the venue. I remember watching one table in the process of sideboarding for game 3. A player sided into as many duo lands as possible, and mulled to 3 cards before playing a dismal backwater, gaining one life, and winning the series.
Isaiah Welch (22 days ago)
My idea is simple: Use a format players are already familiar with. This cuts down on prep time, and allows tech issues to be resolved before the event begins. The being said, allow a sideboard. Let the players play, even if timed. Use the already-existing play clock. However, I would prefer to see four-player pods playing Commander for an event. Not only is it sideboard-less, but it's also Singleton. Also, make it double-elimination, but without certain cards or combos that allow for "infinite combo." I would not allow cards like Knowledge Pool, simply because cards like that take all the fun out (in spite of non-hand casted cards bypassing the Pool, such as cards with Flashback, or Commanders like Muldrotha and Karador bypassing the Pool).
TheAweDude1 (22 days ago)
Also, put Brawl on Arena.
TheAweDude1 (22 days ago)
10:30 They could've put in a BUILT IN CHESS TIMER like in MTGO and they do that shit? What the fuck?
Andrew Johnson (22 days ago)
I share the frustration of what MTGA could be competitively. I think the goal of MTGA is to attract new, and younger players intimidated by people with a lot of experience. If you have fun playing it, you're still doing it right. It can't be compared to MTGO or Paper competitively, because it isn't actually competitive. I believe the targeted demographic has more to do with Hearthstone comparisons, than just copying Hearthstone to make money. It is free after all.
Schecter 7 (23 days ago)
astebel (23 days ago)
$250 - reserve list land, well a partial payment on one.
Borhamus Fynolt (24 days ago)
obviamente un juego donde dependes de la suerte de una moneda y no de tu pensamiento para elegir tu deck, no es un juego de estrategia, es un juego de azar, completamente. No me gusta para nada.
GamePodify (24 days ago)
Stopped playing Heartstone years ago because it's bad development. Recently started playing Magic and love the complexity and the ability to play in real life. The only thing which could make me stop playing Magic now I think is to turn in to Heartstone
Jose Castillo (21 days ago)
The new expansions got you into a rut?
Jose Castillo (21 days ago)
Bad development how?
Locke Pinder (24 days ago)
Just going to copy-paste my comment from your latest video as I feel it is just as relevent here... I promise not to do this again! Prof, you are the reason I started to play Magic and it's videos like this that make me think you are the greatest ambassador for the game. Always ready to offer praise or condemnation whenever and wherever it is due. Thank you so much - I just signed up to Patreon to be able to offer you some monetary support in continuing to be awesome. I can't promise I will remain so long-term as money is always tight, however you definitely deserve the support. If you see this comment, please don't mail me my "reward" for my subscription tier. I don't need it and I'd rather you keep the money to further the channel.
dlollolb (25 days ago)
if they want to showcase more decks, they should try having them play multiple games at once, like in chess when one grandmaster will play multiple matches against different people at the same time. Make a triangle and have 3 players play 6 separate games at once.
shady bunny (26 days ago)
god duo standard is crap
Kiseki Necro (28 days ago)
word of advise Wizard: If "gaming" history has taught us anything, do not try to mimic Blizzard. So many company tries to mimic WOW and they all fail. What you need to do is to be your own beast and stay true to yourself. Only that will give you a fight chance.
Kirby Joe (1 month ago)
Honestly, standard has the exact same problem at the highest levels of play when it comes to a lack of deck variety which I think is what they were trying to fix, albeit unsuccessfully, with this format. I personally prefer old school mtg best of three with a sideboard, but at the same time their are serious problems with that format as well, but people forget that because they are so used to playing it. One of the biggest problems with sideboards in mtg is that the hoser cards are too powerful and more importantly lopsided which completely prevents some types of decks from even existing and it turns many game two and threes into coin flips on who will draw their silver bullet sideboard card first and win because of it. A good example of this that comes to mind right of the bat is back in the Theros block standard environment. There was and incredible suite of enchantment and enchantment creature cards in that block that could have supported multiple tier 1 and 2 decks. Entire sets were built around enchantments and yet we never saw any of them see real top tier play and it was precisely because of sideboards and the fact that Back to Nature was in the core set at the time which was a two mana wrath for enchantments. The reason I chose this example is because it so blatantly warped the format and was entirely the result of a lopsided hoser card that could be side boarded in to strait out win a game against any deck based around enchantments. I mean can you imagine if we had two mana Wraths of God for creatures? So the question is, why don't we? If there are going to be brokenly insane hoser cards for one flavor of permanent or deck type then why aren't silver bullets of that caliber available for all permanents and deck types? If we had Arena back then I am willing to bet we would have seen some of those enchantment decks making it into top tier play precisely because people couldn't sideboard in their two mana win the game hoser card for it. and have at times severely damaged entire standard blocks and deck archetypes. Sideboards as a mechanic are not perfect. Lopsided win the game side board cards have at times severely warped and damaged standard environments over the years where entire mechanics and deck builds that were supposed to be pushed in a block were just useless because there was some unfair silver bullet hoser card that happened to be in the format as well at the time. It's important to have answers, but it's a huge design flaw in classic mtg when you get crazy over powered answers that basically just win the game against the deck they are designed to hose. It turns the second and third games in a match into a coin flip as to who will manage to draw their silver bullet sideboard card first.
Razmatschannel (1 month ago)
Nah the worst format is “Momir’s Madness”
Andy Enterprise (1 month ago)
sounds like they just copied Final Fantasy TCG to be honest
Tom Accola (1 month ago)
You want to show people the core of magic? Show them a draft, if that isn't magic nothing is.
Metsän Asukas (1 month ago)
life total wins?? what about a mill deck that has evaded lethal effectively and hits time with opponent on a one card library...(!!!) I almost went to time on a trial "Pertinent Fog" deck where I had 2 min left. Life at 23, opponent at 26 I won but almost a time out. That was earlier today on mtgo. What, if time ran out would they give the win to the person who hadn't been able to significantly make dents in my life total while I effectively threw his library in the trash??! COMMON!! BLASPHEMY! HERESY!!What if itd been a burn player knocking me down to 1 life and I was able to put them down to 0 cards in library during my turn? A severe race won but time serves a loss? BOO! Might as well award it to the person who has a fuller library, or more cards in hand, or more lands on the field... life total = nothing
Metsän Asukas (1 month ago)
also, hey man make bread not cake. I prefer MTGO over Arena everytime, everyday. Why slam MTGO so hard. "what a mill player complaining about Arena, what does this guy sell vacuum cleaners in the library?"... actually Im an Ironworker and Im not so boring IRL hahaha
Andy Kapsar (1 month ago)
the ring dinger is the best manual spinal decompression move in chiropractic #chirowars whoops, wrong channel...
Clay Hall (1 month ago)
New player here, but it sounds like it actually could be an interesting format. It reminds me of more traditional sporting events almost. It is for sure pretty luck based but still seems like it could be fine. I actually wouldn't mind playing this format together with my friends. With the exception of the timer in that case.
Luiz Gauziski (1 month ago)
AGP 187 (1 month ago)
That format is only good for sales. Do they really think they can effectively double buy pushing players into buying 2 decks? In reality, the idea is bad for sales. I see your greed and i raise you my middle finger. I have faith in the community and don't believe people will support DUO.
Keran Darkh (1 month ago)
Here is how I would do it. Each player starts with the deck of their choice, name these decks “A”. After the first round the loser changes to his/her deck “B” while the winner gets to sideboard. Than if there is a 3rd round the same thing happens, loser changes decks, winner does sideboard. With this it would be more balanced and it also gives proper chances for both players to show off their skills.
TheUniversalEclipse (1 month ago)
CEDH is the best Magic the Gathering format, change my mind.
Tvtyrant2 (1 month ago)
I'm probably alone in this but I like the idea of a two deck format. My preference would be something like double sealed though, or 40 card singleton.
Kirby Maylish (1 month ago)
I'll throw in my ten cents here and just say that I've had the most fun playing MTG with the commander format. Not saying one is better than the other, just a personal experience.
BahamutEx (1 month ago)
didnt watch it(the event) but it sounds horrible and kinda unfair
Martin Sparkes (1 month ago)
The Duo Standard format also served as a way to "level" the playing field. It reduced the edge of the pros where side boarding is key - Anybody can grab a list and play it to some degree. Knowing the format and what the options are for improving your chances post side boards would have skewed the event against the streamers, and it is these people who are needed to grow the game as an e-sport.
Mark Akers (1 month ago)
As a person that plays yu-gi-oh and magic both, magic players complaining about time is hilarious to me. Yu-gi-oh tournaments are all times and players will take 10 minute turns just to time you out.
WeCoolWeCool BOUNCE (1 month ago)
Frontier, lol
Gud Hunter (1 month ago)
Casual is the best cause you get to see some really retarded yet amusing decks and janky gimmicks :p I remember facing a Frog deck Yes a flipping frog deck and it was hilarious of the crazy combos he was making 😂
lClaudiohl (1 month ago)
The life rule is common in tournments where draws arent allowed such as pptqs and ptqs top8's, I saw it come up a couple times.
Simon Willis (1 month ago)
I’m new and the world of magic is like wow
Evilfetus15 (1 month ago)
this guy is such a nerd for magic lol, i love it. You can hear the enthusiasm in his voice. Subbed.
Luis Trevino (1 month ago)
MA is now a level playing field. Anyone can win. Magic
PyrGynt (1 month ago)
This isn't really Wizards, it's Hasbro, the parent company. Magic accounts for over 1/2 of Hasbro's profits, which makes sense since it as close to printing money as you can get, and arguably better since many cards hold or increase in value more than most currencies do. After the shuttering of Toy's R Us, there have been articles printed on how Hasbro can still be profitable in an age where digital toys are more popular than physical, it's because of their Golden Goose, Magic. So, Hasbro has increasingly been trying to interfere and make magic as profitable as possible, but they have no clue how Magic works, so they keep fcking up like this. Look at Dominaria, there was less corporate oversight of that set because of how badly the corporates f'd up the previous sets. It turned out to be a huge success, but the corporates were like, "Hmm, based on the prevailing trends of the previous sets we should print less" and "How can this set be more popular than the ones we f'd with? It's less like hearthstone, which according to market analysis is the most popular online game". And guess what happened? They didn't print enough cards and lost millions in revenue; all because they don't understand people who play magic or what they want. Unfortunately, based on what I've seen, Hasbro is continuing it's Hearthstonization of magic, while blindly ignoring not only the people at Wizards who understand the game, but also all the evidence that making magic more like HS will ruin magic and thereby their company. I mean look at some of the cards that have been printed; more and more the game is revolving around landing busted cards such as Phoenix, which should not have been able to block. This results in less intricacy, and is also why pauper is my favourite format now, after cube and draft.
Billbo Baggins (1 month ago)
Don't know about the best, but 6 man cube multiplayer is by far the most fun I've ever had playing magic in my 12 plus years of playing
Kaden Blake (1 month ago)
are you sure it isn't BRAWL
John Goff (1 month ago)
"Smorgasborg" :-(
Infernocanuck (1 month ago)
Corporate speech makes me want to throttle someone. SPEAK LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. Shove your "levers" and "learnings" up Carny T's ample bum.
Grazing Ginger (1 month ago)
Does anyone else follow his eye as he reads
AgentPedestrian (1 month ago)
I just love it when other language speakers try to pronounce smörgåsbord. Good job professor
Lars Wallin (1 month ago)
I like bo1 and i liked they had pros playing a mode more like the one i play and i think i was fun to watch. But the timer issues were stupid.
StealthNinja4577 (1 month ago)
It sounds unpolished and could use a bit of refining.
ShadowJFX (1 month ago)
That Weebwalker pack on the shelf! i need it!
HoBrosGaming (1 month ago)
This video makes me so sad. I play both mtg and hearthstone and I love what each game has and brings to strategy card games. The fact that they tried to make a format that copied hearthstone is heartbreaking to me.
dkres82 (1 month ago)
Sealed and Draft are best for me. Love limited closest you can get to that old school feeling of just getting random stuff and making a cohesive deck.
Next tournament gotta be Duo Standard Timed Deathmatch with Antes
Miguel Pereira (1 month ago)
The "you can build a sideboard but there's no sideboarding" sounds a lot like Eternal's Market system, which is funny since LSV was invited.
Brett Hubble (1 month ago)
You are quite engaging, feels like you are in the same room. Subscribed.
mariomcp (1 month ago)
Duo standard is an absurd idea. Buying standard cards already feels bad enough, I'm not buying twice as many for a terrible format.
Demkkar (1 month ago)
I couldn’t agree more
Mario Cir (1 month ago)
That's for this video, I've seen some of the duo standard matches, and I must say, that the games self were very good, but I've missed the sideboarding to. But the Thing what I think was the worst of all, was that only a few decks had perform in the event. Because you can't sideboard, the players use their best of one decks and can't play many of normal standard decks. When you only can play esper, mono red, blue tempo and white winie it's sucks. There aren't the aspects of diversity that magic normally has
Sean Thompson (1 month ago)
Did they use a different shuffler for the Invitational?
Andrea Bachler (1 month ago)
I agree with you on most points. But one. I don't think we would have had the same viewer numbers. I would've actually watched the mythic invitational. So thats viewer + 1.
Josh M (1 month ago)
I haven't really played magic since battle for zendikar, but I've been following the story. When I saw they were streaming magic at the event I thought it would be fun to see what the meta was looking like and I was stunned to see them just using hearthstone's format. Something like that goes against everything I've learned over all my years when I did play and just made no sense. It did get me to start playing mtg arena anyway though, and I've had a blast with it treating it more like kitchen table magic
Sabot Sabotskij (1 month ago)
I think the LB finals of the tournament showcased exactly how bad this format is. Both players had one win after the first two games. Both playing aggro decks for game one, and one playing aggro and the other playing control for the second. And for the third the coinflip decides it's going to be monored vs. esper control with no sideboardning. Esper control lost both games it was played because... well he drew worse than the aggro player topdecked and that's just the way it is in Bo1. The point is that; the format promotes playing only these very fast decks, because the players obviously want to win, and when there is no sidebaording those decks is how you win. Out of 3 players and 6 decks in the finals (Lower Bracket and grand finals), I think there were a total of 4 unique decks and 2 archetypes represented. Monoblue, monored, monowhite, and esper control. Shame WotC... shame.
SonyBlack (1 month ago)
I've seen one example of a round of time elimination rounds - it was during the european modern masters 2 GP (or better said in a "side" event before the actual GP) The day before the actual GP started there were sealed mini tournaments which allowed you to get a bye if I remember correctly. The tournament was single elimination and the judge had to keep the games inside a certain timeframe to ensure it would finish in time. One game was decided in the last turn of extra turns making the match 1:1. The judge informed both players (befoire sideboarding) that lifetotal will decide the match after 3 rounds played in the 3rd game if I remember correctly (BTW the game was decided by a vapor snag returning an 1 mana 1/1 which attacked on the last turn etching out a 1 life advantage)
Not My Name (1 month ago)
WoTC hire this man already. You are not offering him enough. Put this man on your board. Make him VP of Common Sense.
Calico Leaf (1 month ago)
If you're having fun, then you are doing it *correctLY
Calico Leaf (1 month ago)
Spillage Studios (1 month ago)
Commander forever and always
Alvin Mason (1 month ago)
i will never understand why people wanted to take something unique like magic and force it to be like everything thing else. their is a reason i dont watch football and other sports
Bash Clopton (1 month ago)
s h m o r g a s b o r g

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