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Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

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Get the Commemorative 100 Million Views “Girls Like Girls” T-shirt here while supplies last: https://Atlantic.lnk.to/GLG100MilViewsTeeID Music video for Girls Like Girls performed by Hayley Kiyoko. Buy This Side Of Paradise EP on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-side-of-paradise-ep/id959739340?ls=1 EP CITRINE Availible Now!! iTunes: https://smarturl.it/CitrineEP Spotify: http://smarturl.it/StreamHayleyKiyoko Google Play: https://smarturl.it/CitrineEP_G Amazon: https://smarturl.it/P_A Join My Mailing List: https://atlanti.cr/join Site: http://hayleykiyokoofficial.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/hayleykiyoko Facebook: http://facebook.com/hayleykiyoko Instagram: http://instagram.com/hayleykiyoko Copyright (C) 2015 Hayley Kiyoko. --- Powered by http://www.vydia.com http://vevo.ly/XwhCOT
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Text Comments (131903)
Titin Kartini (1 hour ago)
Ah aku rindu pacar perempuanku
Krishna Sansano (6 hours ago)
ughh that short girl is so cute whats her IG
ibarra desu (7 hours ago)
shemsss..they are both pretty😍
TheOrginalTracer YEET (8 hours ago)
My mom always says no boyfriends or i can get hurt and if I have one he can't come over and in my mind im just like IM GAY
detective bittenbinder (8 hours ago)
i’ll take my gay ass back to appreciating how pretty the girls are
detective bittenbinder (8 hours ago)
nvm he’s an asshole
detective bittenbinder (8 hours ago)
ngl the dude was cute too.
Colleen Yurcisin (9 hours ago)
When your dad said no boyfriends but he said nothing about girlfriends...
EmoDuckBoyNate :P (9 hours ago)
Yeah, I was in a situation similar to this when my current girlfriend confessed to me. Don't freaking judge me
are you gay?
Cat Lover (3 hours ago)
Yas. Are you?
Martin Garcia (11 hours ago)
OH MY GOD SHE BEAT HIM UP!!!! Fuck yes Hayley Kiyoko
Martin Garcia (11 hours ago)
But did she just leave her friend with that unconscious guy like, he gon wake up
Susie Stucky (11 hours ago)
love how its all just gay disney actors
Caio Araujo (11 hours ago)
Viva ao amor Hetero ou LGBTQ+ Ambos são lindos!!! Lindo video amem-se pessoal!!! Saudações do Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
actual! trash (12 hours ago)
I think it's a universal law that anyone who likes hayley is not straight
Dakota Addorisio (13 hours ago)
100 likes to come out but to my parents
SmileyNailyLps (15 hours ago)
Aww this makes me cry! They are so cute! Click here if you agree then reply! 🐍
Robert The 3rd (18 hours ago)
I'm a gay guy. Why do I love this?
Heaven Judd (17 hours ago)
Because mabye it realated to you just switch gender roles
Unicornio Brisado (20 hours ago)
Vou mandar pra Damares kkkkk
Kayleigh Squ¡re (21 hours ago)
Hey mom wanna know what me and Brendon urie have in common Mom: what Ms: where both pansexual
Sahara Fortner (1 day ago)
Hayley Kiyoko looks frickin' young in this video!
Ella Jeune (1 day ago)
Why does almost all of the lgbt film need a cig? Hahaha *just curious, is it serious?*
Ella Jeune (1 day ago)
Neighborhoods in US looks nice. Imma wanna be adopted lol
rain (1 day ago)
okay but like i cant stop watching this 😍
a girl (1 day ago)
Blue Cookies (1 day ago)
2:08 to 2:28 I swear this made my heart burst, it's so cute
Blue Cookies (1 day ago)
Girls like girls like boys do - gay rights Girls like girls, like boys ,too - bi rights
Nicole Umbides (1 day ago)
I dont know why,but the rythm of this song just makes so songortable 😍
Takumi Rin (1 day ago)
I’m straight but now I think I’m having a crush on the girl with the boyfriend. (O_O)
Cat Lover (3 hours ago)
If you're watching this video, chances are you're not straight lol
Nicole Kidman (1 day ago)
Girls like girls yes
sherri horton (1 day ago)
Anytime I see this come up in my recommended I immediately start tearing up. It always comes up when I need it most
Susannah Cushmore (1 day ago)
the ending never fails to make me cry
Mylia Loy (1 day ago)
I cried cause he girl I like is straight 😭
marty (22 hours ago)
same lol
Someone (1 day ago)
It be like that sometimes 😂😭
SASP SwankAch84 (1 day ago)
Does anyone know how I can come out to my family I'm ready but they are homophobic and Christian I'm bi please let me know only my cousins know except two
SASP SwankAch84 (17 hours ago)
+Heaven Judd I told my aunt she said it's okay because I might not know for sure but I do
Heaven Judd (17 hours ago)
+SASP SwankAch84 how'd it go
Heaven Judd (1 day ago)
+SASP SwankAch84 OK, sorry I didn't get back to you earlier I was sleeping
SASP SwankAch84 (1 day ago)
+Heaven Judd thanks I'm going to try it soon I let you know if it goes well
Heaven Judd (1 day ago)
My advice ask them what if you had a gay guy or girl friend ( opisit of ur gender) and see what they say. If they have a negative reaction don't come out until you know you have somewhere else to go, incase they disown you
Bella Lee (1 day ago)
damn velma came a long way
moon. (1 day ago)
girls like girls like boys do nothing new
Lauren Masirovits (1 day ago)
used to think my family didnt have the gay cousin.... lets just say her name is lauren
black1582 (1 day ago)
Finally, a video that warns us all of the dangers of lesbians! Up until now I thought they were pretty benign. But apparently they’re always scheming to take your girl and if you confront them, they’ll lie on the ground and morph into an injured person, then violently attack, and I doesn’t matter how big you are, they’ve got the strength of Spider-Man!
Cat Lover (3 hours ago)
stan loona (1 day ago)
i always come back to this
Evie Harrison (1 day ago)
I've just realised that, me as a hetero, all of my favourite songs are about lesbians. Seriously. Look- 1. Cliffs edge. 2. Gravel to tempo. 3. Sleepover. 4. Girls like girls. 5. Jenny. 6. Only you. Like lol haha wtf. Any other straight girls relate? Tell me if you do. Do all straight girls do this? :/
Heaven Judd (1 day ago)
Sure ur not bi
Charlotte Raches (1 day ago)
Awwwww, I want someone who will look at me like that
HiSisters. (1 day ago)
I had my first lesbian kiss at a pool last week. We broke up because afterwards it was too akward for her. But it was nice while it lasted, we ate still friends
hello movies (1 day ago)
The thumbnail looks like Serena Gomez
Salib Bertasbih (1 day ago)
Girls like girls like boys too 😂😂
venus 9 (1 day ago)
100 likes and I’ll ask my crush out ☺️☺️☺️ guys please get me to 100 I love this girl so much and she’s moving soon
Lauren Masirovits (11 hours ago)
venus 9 see you have to take the chance when you have it
venus 9 (11 hours ago)
Lauren Masirovits I just told her I liked her. She said she’s had a crush on me since the day we met.
Lauren Masirovits (1 day ago)
ok listen. I dont care how many likes you get. Ask her out. I didnt ask MY BEST FRIEND out and i dont get to see her anymore. do it while you still havr a chance
cristian H.H (1 day ago)
the love
Critchley1101 (1 day ago)
After watching what's going on in the United Kingdom with Islamic parents arguing against LGBT subject taught in school, I needed this song. Breath positivity into me again!
Joselma Almeida (1 day ago)
Pq ainda não fizeram um filme ????❤️❤️❤️
printed paper (1 day ago)
this comment section is just full of terrible gay jokes
Mona Darling (1 day ago)
Almost 4 years and makes my heart happy that most liked comments are the recent ones.
권세찬 (2 days ago)
What is her name
Irvin Martinez (2 days ago)
I like it 🤵🏻👍🏻
gabriella (2 days ago)
her smile at the end is so precious... I got so happy
this is better than 1 hour lesbians movies
Its_ _Taylah (2 days ago)
200 likes and I’ll tell this girl I like her Which also means I’d be coming out
Its_ _Taylah (2 hours ago)
Cat Lover hahaha thanks 😄
Cat Lover (3 hours ago)
I wish I could like this comment a hundred time lol
Ruby Rose (2 days ago)
I love being lesbian uwu
puberty monster (2 days ago)
Leabian gang
Wolfycats 77 (2 days ago)
Camilly Santos (2 days ago)
Melhor música lesbiana quem concorda?
Kristine Collingridge (2 days ago)
I blasted this song out loud so many times and some how my family doesn't know I'm a lesbian
Cat Lover (3 hours ago)
Wtf dude yo family needs help lol
ludicanna (2 days ago)
may 2019 anyone ??
Faith Hahn (2 days ago)
This is so sweet
samminos (2 days ago)
My guy friend is taking my lady crush away and I’m gonna tHROW SOME HANDS
Joselynn Dolan (2 days ago)
Heh gay
Emilia Oemick (2 days ago)
Amo 😍❤
Isabelle Orosco (2 days ago)
Kimber? Is that u girl?
Dhruv Bhatikar (2 days ago)
Even though I'm gay (MLM) I Fucking love this song
69 420 (2 days ago)
This song made me realise I was the biggest lesbian.
Moonys world (2 days ago)
The gayest of all Queens!!
MrMidnight (2 days ago)
Plot twist: The guy is gay too
Rhian lavine bae (2 days ago)
Is it only me ???or anyone else who is still in the closet😥😥
Leah Greene (7 hours ago)
+Rhian lavine bae I came out to my best friend
Rhian lavine bae (7 hours ago)
+Leah Greene me too 😥😥
Leah Greene (17 hours ago)
me 100 percent
Gigi DUS (2 days ago)
This video is so powerful wow
luve (2 days ago)
me: i'm not gay, i'm not gay a hot girl: hi my mind: holy shit-
Dark Wolf (2 days ago)
Brendon Urie: Girls/Girls/Boys Hayley Kiyoko: Girls like Girls Me as being bisexual screaming in the corner.
CHOU TZUYU (2 days ago)
Didn't know about the existence of this song. Wow Girls like us and Girls Like Girls need more attention ❤
Lord Lawnmower (3 days ago)
9 year old me was confused
Sage Skywater (3 days ago)
*screams in pansexual*
Ikuru Atoto (3 days ago)
blink vidal (3 days ago)
I don't think bisexual exist, you are gay, but you are afraid of what the society says so make yourself bi.
sarah ashrafi (2 days ago)
That is truly false I am bi and I can tell you with 100% certainty I like girls and guys. I went crazy trying to figure out who I am straight gay that was all I known. In till I found the term bi it's a very confusing sexually. I wish I could pick a side but life doesn't work like that. Your lucky to know you have one attraction. But we do exist I can say I am not gay but I'm not straight ether. Shouts in Halsey
gum drop (3 days ago)
Why not? Some people really just are attracted to both genders
Kayla Lynn (3 days ago)
Hayley Kiyoko really pulling ex-Disney stars into her videos and making them gay I’m SO here for it
Allison Lewis (3 days ago)
That’s the tea
Lisa Z (3 days ago)
Emma (3 days ago)
+Lisa Z No what?
Lisa Z (3 days ago)
I don't know why I get such an immense sense of satisfaction when she beats that caveman's ass like a pinata. I still half expect to see candy fall out of him.
Margo Sayre (3 days ago)
I don't think there's a single straight person in this comment section
NekoMiku3 (3 days ago)
I'm half Japanese and gay I'm so proud that someone like me is representing the gay community 🙂
Hyun Jin (2 days ago)
You know about twice? What di you think about them? I mean some of them are really gay? According to this video https://youtu.be/xjqu-vjkyT0
Djamel Hemma (3 days ago)
When i knew that the wonded girl was Stefanie Scott i almost died.. From happiness
Kyasarin Hyung (3 days ago)
Big crush with this song :v
Sophia Grider (3 days ago)
Im straight but this is a really catchy song
Luana Emanuela (3 days ago)
Playing lol like a sound girls like girls
Lu Han (3 days ago)
2015: Love is ew 2016: Oh, that guy is cute tbh 2017: Oh my Lord, look at that girl 2018: Look at my cute Gf!! 2019: Mom, I think I like Girls. Me rn: *is depressed bc her family hates her and her mother beats her up* I still love you, my girl (I mean my Ex who broke up with me HAHA fml)
gum drop (3 days ago)
You should really talk to a school counselor if your mother is hitting you. Seriously
Gaixotasunak (3 days ago)
Boys like boys like girls do.
Kaytie (3 days ago)
As someone whos straight, I wonder how people who are bi or lesbian and gay handle having a crush on their long time friend and how they break It to them It must be tough. Also wow 100M, I remember when this was 100k back in 15 this song has blown up, I love the camera angles and theme for the video It's retro, and the story Is easy to follow. They really got some beautiful shots, and captured what It would be like to be In this situation.
Anime and kpop (3 days ago)
My lesbian fam ?
brendon urie (3 days ago)
i honestly don’t know what my sexuality is, i suppose that i am bi-curious because i’m not 100% sure i’m bisexual or not. if anyone has any tips on helping me figure myself out, it would be much appreciated <3
Kaytie (3 days ago)
Me too I think Im bi curious. Although, I cant give you tips my gay friend took TWO years to figure it out. Its not as simple as watching gay porn and being like "I like guys" It was really hard for him. All I can say Is try to experience things with other girls.
Ava ire (3 days ago)
Everytime 3:30 comes on I always get sad like my heart actually hurts idk why ..
Ava ire (3 days ago)
As a pansexual I can confirm I live in the kitchen cabinets 🏳️‍🌈
Ava ire (3 days ago)
As a pansexual I can confirm I live in the kitchen cabinets 🏳️‍🌈
Abby D (3 days ago)
Me: **plays song 10 times** Parents: **doesnt get hint** Me: ???? **plays song 99999999999 times** Parents: **STILL doesn’t get hint** Me: 🤦‍♀️
labrantsfoley (3 days ago)
Ariana G (3 days ago)
Fuck i need another music video of two of em together a sequel 😭🙏🏻
Iveen Toris (3 days ago)
Me at 0:19: OMG WAT HAPPENED?!?!? Did somebody bully her cause Ima beat that person up if they did Me at 0:29: Where is it? Her face just healed....
Aesthetic Dreams101 (3 days ago)
2007: EWWW 2008: EWWWW 2009:EWWWW 2010: EWWWW 2011:EWWWW 2012: EWWWW 2013: I’m straight 2014: straight as a ruler 2015: straight 2016/ 2017: same thing 2018: wait I’m bi? I can’t be gay right? 2019: yup I’m gay as hell
Bluestreak Blazes (3 days ago)
@Aesthetic Dreams101 that is actually me😂

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