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Zodiac - Hurdy Gurdy Man

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Clip do filme baseado na história real da caçada a um dos serial killers mais misteriosos da história.
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Text Comments (125)
newphx (1 month ago)
The Zodiac didn't stand a chance with Iron Man and the Hulk on his ass.
Tony Chavez (4 months ago)
Don't worry, Bruce banner and Tony Stark will find and catch the zodiac.
Bert Spierings (7 months ago)
Great song. perfect casted for this really scary movie
IKR Mhm (7 months ago)
Love how Chloe looks in this movie.
AMAPOLA BILIS (1 year ago)
Vanessa Garcez (1 year ago)
Ficou muito bom, cara!
SuperLanceyPants (2 years ago)
I can't​ listen to this song like I used too it's so sinister now
Jess Hart (2 years ago)
This song was giving me chills BEFORE this movie. Now I can't help myself. Popular rumor has it that Donovan's backing band on this track was Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, who soon went on to recruit Robert Plant and start a little band called Led Zeppelin.
Vincent Prakash (1 year ago)
Jess Hart it was only page on lead guitar and jpj on bass. they were extremely popular session musicians before Jimmy joined the Yardbirds. Bonham never played sessions
Jess Hart (2 years ago)
Also, the song was written by Donovan for Jimi Hendrix, who was unavailable.
Keila Osbourne (2 years ago)
Lee Harvey (2 years ago)
one of the greatest movie ever made
Vincent Prakash (1 year ago)
Lee Harvey definitely. how this never got an Oscar nod I'd beyond me. criminally underrated movie
Le Stark Rose (2 years ago)
aeooooo! Meu vídeo favorito is back!!
George Bean (3 years ago)
I got around to watching _Zodiac_ on DVD recently. I love it.  ;)  I honestly think this is David Fincher's most underrated film of the 2000s. He treated the source material with great care, capturing the 60s-70s feel and mood very well; He didn't try to make it as another _Se7en_, and there's very lil gore in it; Amazingly wonderful cast, especially from Mark Ruffalo; Fincher's use of humor in the film is so spot-on, that it did make me laugh; And _Hurdy_ _Gurdy_ _Man_ was an *_awesome_* choice for the ending.  ;D  So if I were a critic, I'd give _Zodiac_ an 8/10, and I say that it deserves a top spot alongside _Se7en_ and _Fight_ _Club_.
TheGoldcountry (3 years ago)
Fucking library....
alfredo jack (3 years ago)
I saw Zodiac half a dozen times in the theatre. Never got old!
Allen Courson (4 years ago)
i dont think a movie has ever tied a song to it like this one has.....forever intertwined
alldaydevo (1 year ago)
Lion king?
BigWhiskey (2 years ago)
definitely agreed, mate
MUG SHOCK (4 years ago)
The Butt hole Surfers makes a really good version.
DeL DLG. (3 years ago)
+MUG SHOCK  I heard it.  It SUCKS...
segaprophet (4 years ago)
This is the Zodiac speaking. I am back with you.
RockstarDev13 1 (3 years ago)
+TheGoldcountry it's a line from the movie smartass.
Brittney Porter (4 years ago)
Lenny Cash (4 years ago)
I watched this movie for the first time a couple of weeks back on Netflix. It turned out to be pretty good. I really like films based on true stories.
pitbullgirl65 (5 years ago)
Perfect song for a perfect movie.
Waleed Khan (5 years ago)
I think he meant when it was playing in the car in the first scene. I didn't notice until my second viewing. The first two Zodiac victims are listening to it and it plays again at the ending.
Olivia Lennon (5 years ago)
This song though <3
Gergő Fülöp (6 years ago)
This film is in my top 3 fav films
jack gamen (6 years ago)
Hurdy gurdy man
StaringAtTheSun (6 years ago)
Led Zeppelin with Donovan singing???
Kylaw (6 years ago)
BEST MOVIE EVER!!! This song gives me the chills.
Nilan88 (6 years ago)
This should have been the trailer!
James Ward (6 years ago)
0:29 "It's closed." I absolutely shit myself at that part of the film!!!
Mojo Jojo (6 years ago)
No , he was an individual . He was never caught though , he died before police could catch me .
Michael Angel (6 years ago)
great song melody! voice! and text
IVAN FABIO Crocco (6 years ago)
i'm here becousa eluveitie
Babaykiller1984 (6 years ago)
This is what Iron Man And The Hulk Did before they were hero's!
AdrianoCROST (7 years ago)
Better read something about Zodiac on Crime Library. :)
HatesStupidPeople194 (7 years ago)
yes, this song set the story PERFECTLY
xXFatesJesterXx (7 years ago)
I am addicted to this song, well...to the sixties music in general but more than most to this.
Lucas (7 years ago)
Assim que terminei de ver o filme, comprei o livro e li. Por sinal, muito bom também! :)
Welton de Anhaia (1 month ago)
Qual livro?
Maria Andersson (7 years ago)
I really really really love this movie!! must read the book.. :)
CoBBeran (7 years ago)
Helga Poobum (7 years ago)
Like if Robin Quivers brought you here!
Craig Buckton (7 years ago)
Why , was it a sketch of him???
Daxel101 (7 years ago)
Zodiac the modern day Jack the Ripper neither was ever found........
Exilemainstreet (7 years ago)
Picking this song for the opening scene in Zodiac was pure genius.
EuromanMovieReport (7 years ago)
The Zodiac was obviously not one man, but a group of men (maybe a cult).
Dealyne (7 years ago)
YoLpIsBest (7 years ago)
@Raincitywarrior Can't wait what?
Raincitywarrior (7 years ago)
ok after hearing this song i have a craveing for the zodiac and son of sam movies and get stoned
Raincitywarrior (7 years ago)
@YoLpIsBest yes and i cant wait
1serious0mfr (7 years ago)
@polskie90 where did u get Ur info at?, im very interested in the zodiac killer and iv done a lot of reading on the subject and iv watched this movie a billion times and i know most of what's true and what's not and would like to get some of the info that u have gotten
SusieLa1 (7 years ago)
The song was by Donovan.
NASTAR01 (7 years ago)
@polskie90 Cheers for the advice, mate.
NASTAR01 (7 years ago)
@polskie90 Tbh, I've not yet delved into the actual story so I'm somewhat naive regarding the finer details. I have been meaning to, though (more so since I watched the movie).
NASTAR01 (7 years ago)
@midnighthanyou Zodiac. Based on the true story of the Zodiac killer.
YoLpIsBest (7 years ago)
@33rosyposy Halloween comes close.
maxy mofoo (7 years ago)
Wait...Robert Downey jr and Jake gyllenhal? Together? In a movie? WHAT IS THIS MOVIE AND WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF IT!!??
ozzykaja (7 years ago)
I have never heard a song that would fit better in to the feeling of the Zodiac than this.
mark (7 years ago)
@IBeGodly chilling my car broke down one dark night on a back road miles from any where a red car pulled up and a man in dark glasses and a long coat stopped looked at me for what seemed ages, he was the hurdy gurdy man !
Kimberly M (7 years ago)
The irony of the song being played against the backdrop of the film is that the song was about love and brotherhood.
TerryMalick (7 years ago)
Easily the best film of the past 10 years.
Maiden Utah (7 years ago)
So far, there are 2 people who may be Avery....
ahehehehehehuh (7 years ago)
GOoooD BYeeeeeeeeeeeee
Roller Girl (7 years ago)
This is the Zodiac speaking.....So many good quotes in this movie! Put some of them on here. Please!
Roller Girl (7 years ago)
You made my day too! Ironic that Ione Sky is in this clip and she is Donovan;s daughter!!!!! (I think David Fincher-director did that on purpose).....Brilliant!
PokrPro21 (7 years ago)
David Fincher makes the coolest movies! Dude is beast!
Dah Zodiac (7 years ago)
@poodtang1 I believe you mean: It is better to remain silent and be thought as an idiot, then to speak and remove any doubt. I shall keep a record of this when I go on my next kill rampage, and wipe out the little darlings as they come bouncing out.
poodtang1 (7 years ago)
@parkerlit It's better to remain silent and thought an idiot then speak and remove all doubt.
Dah Zodiac (7 years ago)
@poodtang1 but it is too fun.
poodtang1 (7 years ago)
To all you nut cases out there get a fucking hobby one that doesn't involve killing.
Justin Case (8 years ago)
love this trippy shit should check out the beatles white album,fits the movie so much 69 everyone must ov been fucked up LLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA
Cali Curmudgeon (8 years ago)
@A7XFoREVer646: I think it is wrong to say that Mr. Graysmith *deliberately* manipulated the evidence he had, bur rather that Graysmith "kept on finding what he was looking for", that is, he kept reinforcing his conclusion that Arthur Leigh Allen was the Zodiac murderer.
mopslikvonstein (8 years ago)
amazing movie, amazing song
Cesar Tinoco (8 years ago)
When i first heard this song i was like is he saying Hurdy Gurdy ? I thought for a while and said , nahh he must be saying something else. But now i saw this video and i realized he did said it
The Dude 2014 (8 years ago)
@Turbopower78 English please. This is America.
The Dude 2014 (8 years ago)
@IdontneedanIpod Consider investing in some Depends.
braddyboy82 (8 years ago)
Jimmy Page played guitar on this track.
shlemp (8 years ago)
@A7XFoREVer646 No one can say it has fictional parts, only the killer himself can prove that but then we don't have the killer..
josparkes1 (8 years ago)
I remember this song by Donovan from the 60's I believe !
shlemp (8 years ago)
@A7XFoREVer646 How could you say he manipulates things when you haven't touched or read any of his books?
Soulful7 (8 years ago)
@A7XFoREVer646 He said 8/10 and compared the photo to another, saying that both are round faces, it could be the other, theres still 2/10 that isnt certain, to the authorities, that isnt a clear answer, Arthur Leigh Allen didn't do it, he was a decoy, check other things beside the film and the two books by Graysmith, Graysmith a good for nothing attention whore, many made up facts in the book. Good Movie, Bullshit books, Interesting Documentaries, and Amazing story.
DJ (8 years ago)
@BigNick419andholding Actually the DNA didn't match Allens partial DNA profile.
BigNick419andholding (8 years ago)
@BeastMode26944 Aren't you forgetting DNA evidence recovered and then tested in the 1990's, after Arthur Leigh Allen's death named him most likely suspect, based on the partial profile developed by it? Nah, you haven't forgotten...
stfwho (8 years ago)
@darshan2good When the world is swamped in troubles and problems, someone shows up with a voice full of positivity and peace and love, like Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, and quite a few famous musicians.
Malcolm Reynolds (8 years ago)
this was a fantastic film. very realistic though
darshan2good (8 years ago)
what dose this song mean ???
DJ (8 years ago)
@fromdaghettowithlove It wasn't Arthur Leigh Allen or Rick Marshall. Any real Zodiac follower of the case would know this. Richard "Gyke" Gaikowski, Gareth Penn or Jack Tarrance are much more likely to be the killer. Nancy Slover, the police dispatcer who answered the phone the night the Zodiac called to claim responsibility for Darline and Michael's deah, identified Richard Gaikowski's voice as the same voice that called that night.
Daxel101 (8 years ago)
This song I always associated with been a happy one as it was one of the tunes that came with the Dumb and Dumber film, but since hearing with this film I think it worked better as a eerie piece for the tone of the movie
Chad Chess (8 years ago)
I love this video. I love this song.
Chad Chess (8 years ago)
@poodtang1 ... I have a theory about the Zodiac Killer, I read about it too, but the real Zodiac killer (Arthur Leigh) is dead. But some people say it was the Rick guy and someone recently decipered the code again and said it was someone else. I still think it was Leigh for a number of reasons that are too long to put on here. Bottom line the letters were not written by Arthur Leigh, there were two "Zodiac" killers. Anyhow its just a guess. But I have some evidence supporting my theory.
poodtang1 (8 years ago)
@oceans20113 Hell no. I wish i had god like powers.
crazyfvck (8 years ago)
Saw this in the theaters. Man that scene where he stabs those 2 young people in the back really bothers me.
poodtang1 (8 years ago)
@789123Y - the crimes seem like total overkill, why didn't he just shoot them in the head - shooting someone 5 - 6 times appears excessive - amateur, most times 1 shot to the head is a kill shot - it's personel when he stabs someone, he has to get in their face - women appear to receive the brunt of his rage - like Bundy somewhere along the line some women must have really pissed him off - way to hold a grudge Zodiac
go0fy11137 (8 years ago)
@IBeGodly I couldn't have said it better mate. It took me ages to find out the name of this!
calo10able (8 years ago)
@JammyFitzer this song was in a trailer and a movie called l.i.e. with brian cox it was a awesome movie
Hilton Demoh Chueiri (8 years ago)
The 60's really were the golden age of music and art!
JammyFitzer (8 years ago)
great montage...good work!
Hilton Demoh Chueiri (8 years ago)
Eu vi o filme e tb fiquei louco Pela Também música ! Sensacional ! Parabéns!
Cali Curmudgeon (9 years ago)
@1LoWu: I think they were going for juxtaposition: the hippy peace and love vibe of Donovan's song in stark contrast to the serial killer who was haunting San Francisco and vicinity at the time.
Court A. (9 years ago)
Now this song will forever be an embodiment of "Zodiac" to me. I must admit...it really creeps me out, it makes me think of the first murders and the horrible Lake Berryessa scene - one of the best cinematic murders i can remember.
Sunday a (9 years ago)
Incredible song!But i hate,why they used her in Zodiac (2007) movie!?This is very good movie,by my opinion,but,after watching,song remind me on that sick bastard killer.I hope,you burn in hell,sick litlle chicken shit!
werysek78 (9 years ago)
@Johnnyo743 spun...!
werysek78 (9 years ago)
SPUN !!! not ZODIAC !!

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