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AnastasiaDate- Younger women with older guys

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You can hardly find anyone indifferent to it... The issue of older men and much younger women. If you are 50 and she's 30-is it OK to have a relationship??? AnastasiaDate.com is the leading website for international online dating with European single women. AnastasiaDate brings together international singles with the highest response rate in the online dating world! _________________________________________ AnastasiaDate also offers the following dating services to meet your needs: LiveChat http://bit.ly/13GTDYM CamShare http://bit.ly/1wShAGj CallMe http://bit.ly/1Je8tWZ Flowers and Gifts http://bit.ly/1Az7xqc Contact Customer Support: http://bit.ly/1x4qYd4 +1 (800) 699-7215 Follow AnastasiaDate on Social Media! https://www.facebook.com/anastasiadate https://twitter.com/anastasiadate http://www.youtube.com/user/anastasiadate https://plus.google.com/+anastasiadate
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Text Comments (52)
paulmaking1980 (8 months ago)
Very hot sexy Russian woman!
surojeet chatterjee (10 months ago)
Why ur so damn gorgeously beautiful and sexy lady? 😉😍😘
Ravi John (11 months ago)
Hi,"daria i want and need you bcos i love you so much. Will you marry me?
Ravi John (11 months ago)
Hi, how can i get the Russian girl to marry with her.
mortalcombat (11 months ago)
russian women are superhot good attitude very respectful.. ..way better than american girls.
prepare for the worst (11 months ago)
yep id marry her lol
sidahmed hadidi (1 year ago)
Mojito (1 year ago)
i have a feeling this girl is very funny
Muhammad Yasir (1 year ago)
Hallo. i Love Russian Women i Love Russian Women... i am Germany.....my life.....
1957khartung (1 year ago)
Sweet JESUS!
Lloyd Dailey (1 year ago)
someone like her would make you feel young again !
Victor Utu (1 year ago)
Lady please how old are you
Nageshk Koppaali (1 year ago)
why you are so beautiful??
Velyo Tinkov (1 year ago)
Hi Daria, I like your vlog. However one advice. Looking away from the camera as if there is another camera or person you are looking at is NOT a good idea. Not at all! Believe me.
John Reba (1 year ago)
Marry me PLEASE!!
Nick Sofialakis (2 years ago)
A Gorgeous Russian Cat!
James Caterina (2 years ago)
are you availiable sexy woman,I like you
Themba Nyathi (2 years ago)
ok l choose you
William Stryker (2 years ago)
I'm actually a member of the site. I don't want anyone who's too young. The girl I'm talking too is 33 and I'm 38. I have a 20 under rule
Lloyd Dailey (2 years ago)
beautiful, sexy lady !
Cody Peeks (2 years ago)
Is it weird that I tapped on this while asleep?
Sunline (2 years ago)
wooow she is BEAUTIFUL
Manu Chavda (2 years ago)
i m for you meet? pl. replay.
Manu Chavda (2 years ago)
hi. i like you.
Jason Toki (2 years ago)
Nice, yea I'm still single,
TheRonmaio (2 years ago)
I love this woman
Rob D (2 years ago)
If I was Kevin Costner I would get on a plane and find her.
PB J (2 years ago)
She looks like a WAY hotter version of Angelina Jolie and the accent is crazy sexy!
Brent Arnold (3 years ago)
Ok I choose you! How do I meet you?  ; )
Brent Arnold (3 years ago)
A guy can dream  can't he?  ; )
Chris Pleckan (3 years ago)
where is she I want to meet her
fmoa (3 years ago)
hmmm..long dick style
Nilton Santos (3 years ago)
Wow ,,,,Belissima,,,,
AD conty (3 years ago)
you so excellent ladies biutifull and intresting
Ted Graham (3 years ago)
Kevin Costner for example... rotfl
Cody Marmon (3 years ago)
Wonderful lady.
ademir santana (3 years ago)
you are beautiful
lsengines (3 years ago)
Good girl.
Ghuss zooby (3 years ago)
that's the diffrance between ozys girls and her,good girl keep talking Im going to marry her now or 4
nurul soheil (3 years ago)
Really it's possible ?
Denis Salvá (3 years ago)
A beautiful lady. Many girls from Ukraine find a man....wonderful women..but..and the ukranian´s men? I believe than have a good guys in Ukraine and i believe in a bad and sad situation after the Crimea War. I don´t look for a girl like a sexual object.I look like a human. This is my preocupation about the ukranian girls: bad men search for a girl, just for fun. Many promisses, but no marriage.
Ron Parker (4 years ago)
I'm 63and great lover im.amangreat..shap
Ron Parker (4 years ago)
Love that green dress
Ron Parker (4 years ago)
In love with you
Khalil Elsamrh (4 years ago)
A relationship that is more than wonderful and I live a happy life with I deal with them all the romantic in all cases and they are also be
Don as ld Salas (4 years ago)
mike k (4 years ago)
Well said!!! It's all about the heart and understanding each other
Nick Vidal (4 years ago)
"all women are made the same way"... hmm
PrinceAuron1988 (4 years ago)
I want to ask a question to Anastasiadate or someone who is or was with a Russian woman. since I am 25 years of age, would a Russian woman or a Ukrainian woman between ages 27 and 32 be willing to date a man who is younger? I want to know out of curiosity and share with me to the best of your knowledge.
30svich (5 years ago)
страшный ударение, и вообщем она шлюха
Luis Guzman (5 years ago)
Well i believe its not a big issue. I was in a long distance relationship with a russian woman who was 28 and i 22yrs. It doesnt really matter about the age what matters is ths love both couples feel for each other.

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