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Jacquard Tie-Dye T-Shirt - Project #24

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United Art and Education Original Art Project: Learn a few basic tie-dye tying techniques with this fun project! To view and purchase project materials, follow this link: https://www.unitednow.com/jacquard-tie-dye-t-shirts-project-24
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4121Z0N4 (30 days ago)
Wow it's hard to get a more succinct video of how this is done, thank you
Eileen Ayude (1 year ago)
I've made shirts recently just how in the video and they come out dull any tips to help with that?
UnitedArtAndEd (1 year ago)
Sorry to hear you had poor results. I guess lots of things could have contributed. Just some thoughts – Did you pre-wash the fabric? Was it cotton, or something maybe less absorbent? Was the soda ash not dissolved enough in the water? Was the water warm enough? Maybe they didn’t soak in the soda ash long enough? The shirts should not be rinsed after they come out of the soda ash water and should remain wet until you dye. After dyeing, shirts should be sealed in their own plastic bags for at least 24 hours (you could even do 48). Otherwise, you could always contact Jacquard to see if they have more tips? Good luck!
Knittyneeds (2 years ago)
Vivid colors are great and stunning BEFORE MACHINE WASHED. .none of my T shirts remained WHITE where it was supposed to be negative once taken outta the machine. I followed every detail adding Ash 24h rinse and machine wash .... All your advise will be greatly appreciated. THANKYOU
Juan F (2 years ago)
DKA BLAKEY (2 years ago)
Could I use a shirt that has a graphic?
Chrissy Higdon (2 years ago)
UnitedArtAndEd (2 years ago)
+Krank ReloadZ Good morning! Sorry it took a while to get to this. It's so hard to tell. It depends on the graphic - if it's a rubbery-like iron-on kind of graphic, then, no, this won't work on top of that. If the fabric where the graphic is feels soft, it means the ink was probably silkscreened, which could mean it will take die on top of it without resisting it. But it might actually change the color of the existing graphic. Sorry, too many variables! Is there a way for you to find a similar shirt to test it with?
Jorge Fontainhas (3 years ago)
Where do you buy your dyes?
1Corinthians2:2 (8 months ago)
I've seen the Jacquard dye at JoAnn's Fabrics.
UnitedArtAndEd (3 years ago)
+Jorge Fontainhas I'm sorry, we don't have any information on that. Good luck!
Jorge Fontainhas (3 years ago)
I'm from Portugal, and the shipping it'll be too expensive, i would like to buy dyes from europe, do you know where?
UnitedArtAndEd (3 years ago)
+Jorge Fontainhas The Jacquard dyes can be found here: http://www.unitednow.com/product/5632/jacquard-tie-dye-kits.aspx?item=12733 And they are on sale for the rest of this May! Thanks!

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