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Content Box with Hover Effects - Html Css Creative Box Hover Effect Tutorial

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Text Comments (104)
three code (12 days ago)
You are so creative and talented on these, keep working.
Ayan Mandal (17 days ago)
How is that process working on boxes width(400px - 30px)
Cris Jordan (25 days ago)
Great,. God bless you online tutorials
야씬 (1 month ago)
Thank you very much as always! You help me out a lot <3
Jyothish Narayana (1 month ago)
place the files to make the code understand easy when we having the mistake in code
Jamil El Chami (1 month ago)
you saved my life thank u so much the tutorial super amazing and helpful :)
Alonso Perera (1 month ago)
Please ¿Quién sabe como hacerlo responsive?
Krishna Thakur (2 months ago)
How to link differnt type download and attach link please tell me sir
João Bortolosso (2 months ago)
Thank you so much, very good your tutorial ! help me a lot
Abhi Kumar (2 months ago)
It's icon not proper workkkkk
Saarthi Kainth (2 months ago)
Thnx sir .......very helpful .......but icon not proper work
Rar VsR (2 months ago)
Why u use calc function
Jhon Hernandez (3 months ago)
Can you put please the source code link?
Hira Ijaz (3 months ago)
Is it responsive?
Sirc Ivan Maglinao (3 months ago)
I like it. I mean the music. What's the title? =D
sai adivarekar (3 months ago)
Icons are not show when file open with firefox and chromiun
ocheny interesnyi Odin iz luchshih kanalov i razrabotshikov)👍
adeel wali2666 (4 months ago)
Can you made drop down menu using HTML CSS
Mr. Smart (4 months ago)
Please can you tell me the songs name
Holla Holla (4 months ago)
Mr. Smart check in the description of the video
One Freerunner (4 months ago)
The animation doesn't look good in microsoft edge and internet explorer. Does somebody know how to fix this?
ᴍᴜᴄʜ ʟᴏᴠᴇ (4 months ago)
I made a pen for this (scss): https://codepen.io/bryte_jab/pen/mvPZOP?editors=1100
Daebak (4 months ago)
This isn't a tutorial. This is no different than pasting viewable code on a page for people to see. There is no lesson here.
Adolfo Rise Saenz (4 months ago)
LISTO CASO RESUELTO.... solo me falta afinar unos detalles, SOLO ES CUESTION DE PRACTICA (MAS DE 5 VECES por ser principiante)
Adolfo Rise Saenz (4 months ago)
no me aparece el icono, ya realice 3 veces la practica, paso a paso, el icono de SERCH no me aparece, NECESITO ALGUN PLUG O EXTENCION ESPECIAL
Tin Almazar (5 months ago)
Your video is so nice and so helpful Thank you❤❤
Anaya koirala (5 months ago)
does any one have the codes source please
Michito (5 months ago)
alguien podria ayudarme? quiero añadir otro item, es decir, que queden 4, 3 asi --- y uno abajo para que quede asi - - - - no se si me entendieron :v
임은혁 (5 months ago)
I'm very grateful Works 100% on Chrome There is an error in Explorer 11, Edge Can you solve it? Thank you for your help.
Shashank V Ray (5 months ago)
Given the channel name that includes the word "Tutorials", it's not that you just make videos on YouTube which really does look awesome upon tutorial completion, you even need to help us by posting your code in the description of every video. Trying to copy your code is too hard by keeping open, the Sublime Text on the left hand side of the monitor and your video on the right hand side and then pausing your video every now and then and typing it on the screen; that doesn't seem like it does, to hear me saying that! Please do share your codes. This might be the 6th time of me saying this in your comments. Disappointing one of your subscriber isn't your aim, I guess
Ed Rowell Kilat (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for being active in uploading your tutorials. I just wanted you to know that you were one of the reason that I keep on hoping and never giving up on web designing or in coding. There were times I feel insecure and giving up because I don't know how to create or code something but because of you and your tutorials, you were giving me many ideas and also you were giving me confidence that I can. And someday if I will be successful, you were one of the reason why I achieved my dream to become a web developer. So thank you so much.
Online Tutorials (5 months ago)
Welcome bro :)
vivek aher (5 months ago)
Nice one bro... Awesome
Robert Beauchamp (6 months ago)
This is both highly informative and weirdly relaxing to watch. 10/10
Taskil Mahmud (6 months ago)
The tutorial is awesome But from yesterday I have been watching ur videos from morning to night cuz currently I'm learning html. ur videos are tooooo good for learning. I'm not complaining I'm just saying it would be great if u used different different songs for different videos Although this song is good too
Taskil Mahmud (6 months ago)
in ur video named "Responsive Navigation Bar With Html CSS and Javascript - Responsive Sidebar Menu For Mobile" from 0 to the first 46 seconds it is shown what is it and where to find it ? is it free ?
Taskil Mahmud (6 months ago)
pls help from where did u get that thing I mean that browser where it shows the pixels count on the top u shorten it and then widen it to show how responsive it has been I have seen it in many of ur videos what is that ??
Taskil Mahmud (6 months ago)
my pleasure bro........ (don't mind I just predicted u are a bro.😂😂)
Online Tutorials (6 months ago)
thanks :)
Riowaldy Indrawan (6 months ago)
doesnt work for me :(
Riowaldy Indrawan (6 months ago)
@Online Tutorials can you send me the code please? ( [email protected] )
Online Tutorials (6 months ago)
try again
SpacierPanda (7 months ago)
thank you so much m8 this was amazing
Online Tutorials (6 months ago)
Armin Smajlagic (7 months ago)
Change music dude,but tut was great,thanks ;)...
franshesco viran (7 months ago)
All these videos have terrible music
Muhammad Rizky Naufal (7 months ago)
im adding <a href> why this text start from left ? http://prntscr.com/l93yu1
Maya Swift (7 months ago)
amazing you are the king in html and css and please what's the name of the song you used in this video ?? thank you very much :) <3
Online Tutorials (7 months ago)
welcome :) song name in video description
Mohamad Naim (8 months ago)
Can you give me a download link??
Mubashir Gilani (8 months ago)
Thank you dear sir. I really need this script.
AHMED RAZA (8 months ago)
Tell me Bg music plzZ
Erick of Olive Tree (8 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Saravanan R (8 months ago)
Wow its very super.. kindly i am looking for some help.. I am mail executive for the comcast.. We are sending the mail for the customer. But the mail is going on spam.. How to send the mail on inbox..📩 And we are using HTML creative.. Kindly Help for Me..
u2good2b4gotn (8 months ago)
Can someone help me understand why all of my code is exactly the same - word for word and no errors - at 2:48 but I have no yellow box??? I am using IE.
nhân nguyễn (8 months ago)
can you give me your code. tks u very much. [email protected]
Nika Makhatadze (8 months ago)
Is it responsive?
Sr Bartowski (8 months ago)
Hi Excellent video. Congratulations! Is there a way to customize the icons with my own vector?
Sandeep 905 (9 months ago)
Your videos are very helpful for me. Please explain in responsive.
julian bojaca (9 months ago)
Wow, I suscribe
Online Tutorials (9 months ago)
mohd 12 (9 months ago)
Hello Mr I try this box 3 time but can't give like this box ??? I have problem with css!! Can u tell me why ?
Iman Zade (9 months ago)
what will media queries? how to apply this to mobile view?
PabloAvelar (9 months ago)
eres el mejor
akrem akremo (9 months ago)
جزاك الله خير
Frank TIelemans (9 months ago)
You inspired me again... I used your idea,, made it responsive with css grid and got this result: https://codepen.io/frank-tielemans/pen/oPxNmm I added some variables in the :root element so you can play around with dimensions en colors.
Online Tutorials (9 months ago)
Great Work
Виталий (10 months ago)
Rojay Arinze (11 months ago)
Can you voice over in English? Some of the procedures seemed redundant or unnecessary but I'm sure you did them for a reason. Great work btw, still trying to grasp it.
Android & Coding Tricks (11 months ago)
Which Software Are You Using???
FilezPlays (8 months ago)
Pretty sure Sublime Text 2
Chamara (11 months ago)
Thank you brother. Waited for this 😙😙
MADMAX GOd (11 months ago)
Please sir sare tutorial ka source code dedo
MADMAX GOd (11 months ago)
Bhai source code
Hector Jaker (11 months ago)
Wow you are my hero in html5
Online Tutorials (11 months ago)
good to see you after a long time
sandeep kashyap (11 months ago)
Very cute video
David Miller (11 months ago)
I really like that. Why don't you use Flexbox properties instead of the sizing and positioning trouble you're unnecessarily going through?
Online Tutorials (11 months ago)
thanks bro
Dominik Woźniak (11 months ago)
can u add responsive version?
MADMAX GOd (11 months ago)
Online Tutorials sir ap ki koi bhi coding ko ek bar me responsive kese banaye
Online Tutorials (11 months ago)
Gyan Rojgar (11 months ago)
Aapne css kahase sikha iske liye koi book
Online Tutorials (11 months ago)
shreyas D (11 months ago)
That music sucks. -_- Cool tutorial.
Jon Becker (9 months ago)
shreyas D maybe you like some other tracks of mine ;) check out my Spotifypage:)
Online Tutorials (11 months ago)
wait tommorrow
syed Zubair (11 months ago)
icon will not place in center...please help
Imran Khan (1 month ago)
try with line hieght according same width and same line hieght
Atif Jutt (7 months ago)
@Pacho V1327I recheck my code and it's not working without width:100% in CSS of fa icon ok that's your solution it's important because of text-align: center; works when it has some width ok thanks for waiting
Pacho V1327 (7 months ago)
@Atif Jutt Great! Thanks so much!
Atif Jutt (7 months ago)
@Pacho V1327 Please send your code at <[email protected]> i'll try to solve your problem
Pacho V1327 (7 months ago)
@Atif Jutt I have the same problem, but that not solution.
Usaid Raza (11 months ago)
Bhai plzzz dummy bnao html or css se
Usaid Raza (11 months ago)
Men Cloths dummy
Online Tutorials (11 months ago)
EMILIO LEON (11 months ago)
que cancion mas relajante! como me ha desestresado...
Michito (5 months ago)
PAWER CODE (11 months ago)
TakiDDine boufedeche (11 months ago)
Fantastic like every time big love from algeria 3
Py Best (2 months ago)
thank you ...me too from chokobestain hhhh
Online Tutorials (11 months ago)
love u tooo
The Engineer Vlogger (11 months ago)
Fantastic 👌👌

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