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Hurdy gurdy man - The Spectres (pre-Status Quo)

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Segundo sencillo de Status Quo (1966)
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david boyd (9 months ago)
what a great sound
Clem Dallaway (1 year ago)
This is amazing, I was born in 75 and this has been a lifetime anthem for me
John Robertson (1 year ago)
Wonderful pop music
Wieder ist ein großer von uns gegangen,am 24.12.,mein Idol meiner Jugend,eine Klasse Band,er wird der Band und mir fehlen!
John MacCoghlan (2 years ago)
This is music! They help a lot in creation of psychedelic music.
shaun Hourigan (3 years ago)
I love  this one of  the  best  pre status  quo  song I have  heard in a long  time
shaun Hourigan agree with you Shaun!
devl385 (8 years ago)
kittyprydekissme (8 years ago)
Thank you so much! I haven't heard this in YEARS. I'd looked for it on Youtube before, but I never found it until now.

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