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Will She Stay Or Leave? - "Imprisoned By Love" - Full Free Maverick Movie

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Text Comments (2542)
Simmypooh101 (3 hours ago)
Am I the only one that think Kim looks like Cedric the Entertainer girlfriend (Teri Vaughn) in the Steve Harvey sitcom?
wazza anoni (15 hours ago)
and the main actor wasnt that serious acting
Keshia Wilson (18 hours ago)
Bullshit what happen to the aunt
Anne Mitambo (1 day ago)
This woman is so stupid
Misha Jones (1 day ago)
I understand this story..I been there before...I ended up flashing out and almost killed him...some women crack under pressure....leave while you can some don't make it out ..know your worth Queens you are worth it and love isn't supposed to hurt
Shatari Ballen (1 day ago)
This is so sad it mad me cry
Maria Amukoto (1 day ago)
Delete this whole piece of shit its boring as fuck.....😡😡
Chris WILLY (2 days ago)
This man is the devil own self. The daughter has more sense than her mother and very brave.
Farrah Douglas (2 days ago)
That was a good movie
Roquell Millington (3 days ago)
I know this is just a movie, but I swear if I see this man on the street!!
DMV Sistah (3 days ago)
I'm so glad The Good LORD made me the way HE did & PASSIVE isn't one!!! I would have crushed his ass the very 1st time he raised his hand at me...His ass would have been running to the ☎ to call 911 for HELP...💯💯💯
Laura Sanderson (3 days ago)
I would have killed his ass and be in prison
Ashley H (4 days ago)
He ain't have to beat her like that over no bacon... Damn it's as shame how these cowards always find a reason to be abusive.
Andrew Oldacre (4 days ago)
Give him some..let him go to sleep..then run and get ur kids and never look back..
Paulinho Marley (5 days ago)
Esse é um tipo de cara q não merece a mulher que tem..
Dora Williams (5 days ago)
She better g her black ass out of their I d feel sorry for her because she could walk away she is not in bondage blind by love get out or you die
Rachel thomson (7 days ago)
but good movie tho the ending is really wrong really really wrong
Rachel thomson (7 days ago)
all of that just for bacon when i get more older there is no way i'm going to let a man abuse me like that but anyway she do not kn how to defend her danm self so she kind of looked fr it😐😕😕
Fernanda Cristina (7 days ago)
Good movie, but I got angry with her because she had oportunite to escape and she didn't do it!
Daisy Dukes (8 days ago)
To my beautiful ladies, never hide black eyes, scars, & wounds. Be strong, be careful, & stay beautiful.
Chocolate Princess (9 days ago)
Tracey so pretty
iam_ Mznikky (10 days ago)
I once had a boyfriend who attempted to slap me (he didn't eventually right? He later controlled himself) but trust me, that was the end 🏃. He never knew the reason I left till date.
Gerald Lazenby (10 days ago)
I'm healing at this very moment from being pistol whooped by my ex... It's been over a week an I'm in so much pain but thank God I survived an I hope every woman knows at the first sign of violence leave it's not worth ur life an the hurt on my kids faces was the worst feeling in the world.
Marielourna tunis (10 days ago)
nice movie a lot of examples i love it!!
Sidney Sanon (10 days ago)
If someone treating u bad leave them causes they ain’t gone change
Elizabeth Bertrand (10 days ago)
If u love someone u don't hurt them That's why it's better to live its not easy but is for your own good
Rachel Nixon (11 days ago)
Him and these Lil Caesar's bread sticks.
Imani M (3 hours ago)
Dry asf too 😂😂
A Lewis (11 days ago)
Tears come to my eyes
Andrea Nsuapim (11 days ago)
I want to know if her sister got off for that because she was trying to save her sister's life I wish they would have shown that in the movie oh my God
Andrea Nsuapim (11 days ago)
Then her weak ass got her sister in the middle of her shit by going back to that house with that sick mf shfh
Andrea Nsuapim (12 days ago)
I would have wanted to kill his ass je might beat the kids and the animals if they have them i feel the job should report this kind of shit and the children should be taken from the home if the mother will not leave why should they have to suffer this movie is maling me very upset omg
Queen Bee (12 days ago)
Gerald was a psychotic narcissistic husband...Why couldn't have the restaurant manager gotten in his vehicle & taken that phone call. 🙏🙏🙏
Kathy Phillips (12 days ago)
Very learning experience for women,If he hit you once he will do it again I know,I went Thu it and thank God he brought me out..😎
Alicia Wright (12 days ago)
First time it's his fault after that it's her fault. You don't allow someone to keep hitting you and than your kids HELL NO
mimi thomas (12 days ago)
These type of men make me sick when they go into prison they get real quiet then and polite 🤣 they know better. These type of men will learn the hard way they will be broken down. Karma is real
Wtf he is beatig the woman 4
Thulile Shabangu (11 days ago)
Cold bacon 😞
carol wairo (13 days ago)
The first slap was enough to make me leave
TheTrace28 (13 days ago)
Why would a working woman say she's got nowhere to go if she leaves a jobless man who is beating the hell out of her? stupid woman
Love 3 Wify Run Things (14 days ago)
am.watching let see sup .. I am blogger @beatining on Facebook its about women getting beat Also I have an other blog as well
Mochaluv (14 days ago)
The acting was HORRIBLE. But the storyline just the same is true. Many women face this abuse. I just wish they had the courage to get out at the first sign. Mind control, Fear and Threats, especially where kids are involved will make women endure abuse for extended periods of time, as a protection mechanism. To live through abuse makes you one tough warrior. I salute all women that made it out, I cry for all women that did not. Lord Have Mercy.
Cumar Abdi (14 days ago)
That's not really men
Trekila Whitfield (15 days ago)
I ain’t going for none of it! I stayed beating my baby daddy ass. He wasn’t beating mines 😭😭😂I was pregnant and all. I don’t play with no man!
jamaican bae (15 days ago)
So touching.... tears!!
Aicha Adama (15 days ago)
U happily end, why arrest her sister, it was a self defence. Very sad for her at the end, i do not agree
Nicole Rivera (17 days ago)
my husband hit me one time i nearly beat the crap out of him, then called the police and had him locked up. after that we separated and never to look back. im a strong black sister. and i wouldnt take no mess from no man. walking on too feet like me. women who allow this thinks she needs a man for face.
Sally Ousley (17 days ago)
Prime reason there are so many single woman!
Lilikeila Liz (17 days ago)
we should never ignore the signs
Azelea Jay (17 days ago)
Over some cold bacon really
Olivea Shawsmith (18 days ago)
senzo-esihle shabalala (18 days ago)
relevant story, terrible acting
Nancy Rowe (18 days ago)
Never trust abuser
Estherscott lenzy (18 days ago)
Rage and Anger are the first signs
Estherscott lenzy (18 days ago)
If he hit you once he will do it again been there done that it will nerver get better
angel lay (18 days ago)
Very smart young lady and pretty too great movie
Shannon Knighten (19 days ago)
You deserve so much more and i wanna give it to you. Wtf was she thinking listening to that bs
cynthia edwards (19 days ago)
I Really am trying to get through this movie because I believe it’s probably a really good message they are trying to depict, but the acting is so very bad that I’m not sure I can go any further!
Valarie McCray (20 days ago)
If you have aspiretv please watch ABFF with David Banner the show is entitled End of Story (The Last Time), it is an eye opener. It will come on again on November 19th at 11am. Record it if you not available.
brano vibze (20 days ago)
I know it's just a movie but I get so angry every time the camera go on that guy.....I just wonna #&@&# him up.....eeeerrreeee.....sigh # mad as fk #
Alice (21 days ago)
Love doesn’t hurt
Tiffany Pitts (21 days ago)
Definitely a good movie- god must have led me here. I’ve been in a relationship with my kids dad for 15 years I’m so scared to be alone and raise my kids on my own. He builds me up just to knock me down again. I’ve dealt with physical, emotional and physical abuse from their dad. My support system is not as strong as this lady has in this movie I wish I had some friends and a sister to stick up for me. My life is miserable with this man and my kids see that I’m unhappy... please send your prayers my way lord give me the strength to move on with my life... it’s crazy because he’s dark and my kids dad name is Gerald too 😑
Sparkle Johnson (21 days ago)
I thank God for making me strong enough to leave with my baby boy.
wonani goma (21 days ago)
heartless man beating your wife like that.this is happening in lot of home ladies fight for your right say noooo to gender based violence..GBV
Rickey Bailey (22 days ago)
If she were my sister and she told me her husband beats her he'd one dead nigga.
Suzette Malcolm (22 days ago)
Rule number #1 if you are finished with a man do not meet up for dinner or small talk. Once you have established you do not need anything from him, stay away. Every woman needs a little crazy in them. If he sees the crazy once he will think about it before he hits you. I have watched my mom and my five sisters physically abuse and I promised you the man that puts his hand on me will regret it. Men should protect their women not physically or mentally abuse them.
Leah A (23 days ago)
The kids also are being abused...dang i don't know why she told they friends he chocked her out bad real bad😔
Leah A (23 days ago)
I will not ever forrget the torment of domestic violence i went through it really bad along with child abuse. Now im singel and to afraid to date even though sarc teaches alot and my regular therapy which i s long term i also pray. Crazy thing this man has the same name! Its my birthday today 1030 and October domestic violence awareness💜💎💜month💜💎💜💎💜💎💜💎💜💎💜💎💜💎💜💎💜💎💜💎i pray for all families slave to abuse it takes strength to go! Not excuses and gifts. Peace&blessings💜💎💜💜
waayo arag wax waydii (23 days ago)
Hey guys dont make movie like this i was cry two hours fuck
Hula2018 Brady (24 days ago)
I hate seeing women battered and abused. I grew up seeing my mom abused by different men and when I got grown I was abused, but then I became a Kim and hurt a guy really bad when he put his hands on me. God has changed my life since then and I am now so blessed. I haven't been called a bad name by a guy less alone been hit!😘. I will continue to pray for battered woman.
Anthony Ferguson (24 days ago)
Love hurts but if a nigga touch mines then may God be with him on his journey
Nichole Gaskins (24 days ago)
Lord i thank you is all i can say because I'm better then that now.....I was in an abusive. Relationship with someone I got tired of it so i lefted after i loss my last child with him i lefted his ass ladies leave never let a man put his hands on you....but I tell you one thing if he did me like that. I would've took that damn plate and went upside his head with it. That's all too it he's just a coward that hit woman know your worth A real man knows a real woman when he sees her and a real man can't denied a womans worth....Y'all neec to listen to Alicia keys Woman's worth
Armida Villa (24 days ago)
I was married at a young age 18 & he was 31 , I thought I was in love end up having 2 daughter's the best thing that came out of the relationship. He was very abusive. One day I made him over easy eggs and he didn't like them well he end up raping me and after he was as I fought back I got a broken jaw . I remember I sat in the shower crying and begging god to just take me . I was so young and all he did was hurt me over ND over . I thought I would be able to change him . But nope years went on with the abuse , I slept outside with no blankets freezing. He broke my spirits and broke me down , was told I was fat ND ugly . And to think that noone wanted me . I will NEVER let another man lay hands on me NEVER !!!!
Annette Wheeler (24 days ago)
Why go back at the house
La’ Veah Lovee (25 days ago)
I know the feeling.......shits sad asf
Ness Ness (25 days ago)
I love this baby girl did good
marcrina daniel (26 days ago)
the dinner date got me vex. the daughter has more sense. a man would keep doing it because he sees he has no problem.
Helen Preston (27 days ago)
What about auntie???
Helen Preston (27 days ago)
What kills me is that she is walking in the lions den. Come girl, and he's golfing off on signing the papers. Get real, u know the next move!!!!!! Chai
Zachary Lavender (28 days ago)
Maryjane Rodriguez (30 days ago)
Poor film but true
brenda nakhumicha (30 days ago)
Can someone tell me if she went to the house!
new world shortly (30 days ago)
Yes us mums take he beats to protect our children horrible men so violent just lie the devil Ladies. Don’t stay around pick up your kids and run get them arrested . This mum was wrong she put her children in danger We are all stress ...
FREDA PAYNE (1 month ago)
Thank you. Another good one.
nicole palacio (1 month ago)
i would have already killed hi in his sleep!!
Ava Long (1 month ago)
Tracy was a damn fool period
ThePrissyScribe (1 month ago)
TOO many ads for me! I left at the 9 minute mark.....
jabreeia deshay (1 month ago)
Magdalena Shivute (1 month ago)
I will never allow a man lay a hand on my . The 1st time he doesn't it I let him hit me as much as he want than I stodgy my ground and give him very a good beat with everything I saw I almost broke everything in his apartment and told him never try hit a woman ever .I work out with my pregnant I never gave a fuck about him till now
Parr & Cook (1 month ago)
That bacon must have been cold cold 🤦🏾‍♀️😴
Seanne Davis (1 month ago)
This movie was so real it had me crying all the way through it.Some women don’t go through domestic abuse to this extent but intimidation, arm grabbing, slapping, choking ,being pushed into objects,called names , or thrown down is just as hurtful and serious as severe domestic abuse. Even if they don’t leave visible bruises on you all the time or put you in the hospital.
Savannah Moncatch (1 month ago)
With the kids to
Savannah Moncatch (1 month ago)
I would be leaving
Everlyn Kivihya (1 month ago)
Gosh this is bad women should learn to love themselves first before anyone so that when anyone tries to lay a ✋ on you just leave
L. Tate (1 month ago)
Trick better not snap at me don't yell at me don't look at me crazy don't think about disrespecting me you ever seen balls hanging from the back of a pickup truck
Alphyz Qrw (1 month ago)
Why to fight a woman? Go to WWE to fight brook lesnar
Alphyz Qrw (1 month ago)
If a man treats his wife this way, is he expecting his daughter to have such a man like him? Men who are this way what you do to someone's daughter is what your daughter will experience. What goes around comes back around! I'm a man I'll never treat a woman this way in my life.
Chiles Russell-Taylor (1 month ago)
I am following Reece Odum on Instagram. She is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is so Brilliant as an actor!
Marquisha Jerry (1 month ago)
This is so corny with him taking all long getting into his car, like really. We all know what's going to happen next ugh. Hurry this movie up to the end. I've seen movies like this before, and we kind of know how it's going to end rather. Sorry, but If she get back together with him she's crazy. Do you'll think she's crazy for trying to grey back with her abusive husband🤔😏?
Sienna (1 month ago)
Tracy looks just like Aaliyah with a cross of LeToya Luckett 😍😍😍😍❤
Andrea Capers (1 month ago)
I grew up in a similar environment and if anyone on here have children- let your babies be your motivation to leave . It affects them emotionally mentally especially when they get older ... y’all aren’t victims your a survivor. If your going through this leave before it’s too late remember GOD GOT YOUR BACK
Passion Johnson (1 month ago)
She blast that fool 😄

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