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BlackShot Online SEA - Assert Your Dominance [NEW MAP] [NEW WEAPONS]

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Text Comments (37)
Draco Hirogane (1 year ago)
just downloaded the game but cant fking play it? WTF happened to BS??
Takumi Senpai (1 year ago)
How to play at Melaka actually ? I didn't understand
calpiswaffer (1 year ago)
no recoil..
Jeremy Er (1 year ago)
You guys have completely missed the point in managing your game. The foundation of Blackshot sucks. Buggy, outdated and non-user friendly. The unchangeable FOV and terrible wide-screen support makes me vomit every time I play the game. Stop adding features and start fixing the game to win back consumers. Heck, if I were you. Drop the game and make a sequel. Start fresh and stop placing this game on life support.
mohdhazren30 mazlan (1 year ago)
mohdhazren30 mazlan (1 year ago)
Miau Speedy (1 year ago)
melaka ada lmbang salib ke ? 2:13
Miau Speedy (1 year ago)
Hey There nope
BLACK MASK (1 year ago)
RhymeBeats (1 year ago)
Suhaime Anni itu gereja lah kat sna mmg ada
Akim Seramo_06 (1 year ago)
why no new bp weapon GM ...? cause it's not bring you money..?
Takahashi Kenji (1 year ago)
The rifle weapon damage is OP
rahman tiger (1 year ago)
Ifwatk (1 year ago)
lepas ni buat map pavilion ke klcc ke 😂
Mr. Nescafe Cream (1 year ago)
saya cadangkan GM creat the pekita meelee and mercun bola gernade. please..
shakir KëQ_kaneki (1 year ago)
Pisau motong la (pisau menoreh getah 😂😂
Mr. Nescafe Cream (1 year ago)
Ahmad Nashran (1 year ago)
will the next update of blackshot include rebalance of some weapon such as mdr, uzi blue, etc?
Hyper Flick (1 year ago)
is it fking cod?
Bryant Goh JunXian (1 year ago)
why no new bp weapon? p2w still
Akim Seramo_06 (1 year ago)
Bryant Goh JunXian bp weapon not bring benefit and money to gm ...haha
Mobile Lagging (1 year ago)
I cant open blackshot
Cat DevilCode (1 year ago)
more cash weapon. server still like shit. bug and hacker
that´s true
Amir Afzan08 (1 year ago)
weapon new yes
ismie nabil syahmi (1 year ago)
2 hit -__-
Muhamad Soleh (1 year ago)
Msr omega better then mcmilan omega and hope this map doesn't have any glitch
Allvoon_ BlackShot (1 year ago)
scra omega will be sick
NIKE NB (1 year ago)
x tahan lame map tuu
Matrix RazoR (1 year ago)
Danial Hakimi (1 year ago)
can i ask,why my blackshot say failed to update...pls help me me.
Muhammad Fkhri (1 year ago)
Neew Package .
Mohd Firdaus (1 year ago)
awesome 😍 mcmillan omega 😘
Galvin Rider (1 year ago)
sniper paling best ialah barret omega
arf (1 year ago)
Galvin Rider pegi mampow
Khairul Syazwee (1 year ago)
sniper paling best msr pheonix
Khairul Syazwee (1 year ago)
mcmillan omega tak pedih la

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