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You Have To Become Better Than Other Men In Order To Be Happy

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Evolution Daily provides dating advice for men in 2019 that actually works! Every week I create videos on the subjects of dating, pickup, masculinity, and I teach YOU how to live an extraordinary lifestyle. My mission is to teach YOU how to become a powerful man, capable of confidently maneuvering throughout YOUR life, attracting the women that YOU want, having the relationships that YOU want, and achieving the success that YOU want! For Bootcamps, Courses, and Coaching: https://www.evolutiondaily.com Make sure not to miss a single video from Evolution Daily! Click here to Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp_3ZnE5OjPbQCO_LbhObGA?sub_confirmation=1 Always feel free to email me: [email protected] Thank you for being subscribed to Evolution Daily.
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Mehdi AupaATM (2 months ago)
I love you bro
Brotein (3 months ago)
Hey man I got a question I want you to answer honestly from your experiences. A guy that would be considered a 7 or so. How does that guy manage to get a girl who is an 8 or 9 when there are so many other more attractive better looking guys out there. Why would a girl that is a 9 date a guy who’s a 7 when she has many other options?
Brotein its a chance game and if your a 7 then go for a 7. Also your 7 is different from what I consider a 7.
Guapo da God (3 months ago)
Yo man dope ass content...but I don't have a car...can you do a video of you doing pick up on a bicycle/scooter etc....i have this thing that for some reason doesn't allow me to approach chicks while im on a bike...i feel broke and lame as fuck lol idk why... I keep telling myself that you need a car to pick up chicks for some reason....i know i probably could do it on a bike...but i wanna see how it would be done...or do you just approach like normal.. It would be greatly appreciated...thanks!
Frederick0220 (3 months ago)
Aaron “I Want You Guys To Become Killers” Alexander 😂😂😂
Frederick0220 (3 months ago)
What on earth is an “energy”’ coach?
mario meza (1 month ago)
It’s a coach that teaches you spirituality. Mainly through meditation. And it’s not religion related
SOLIDSNAKES35 (3 months ago)
I respect your confidence Aaron but I think you should check out Tom Torero. He's putting out brilliant content on a consistent basis. A true master of the game for many years.
Magic US (3 months ago)
So glad I found your channel bro!! I’m growing in game every week!! And I appreciate your help in my process
montanez707 (3 months ago)
Thanks Aaron. Making Game Great Again🇺🇸
Great vid man. I really appreciate the message. 100% agree. Keep up the great work Aaron! - Charles
Be better today than you were yesterday
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Nickolai Kautezki (3 months ago)
MichaelWB (3 months ago)
if you're worried about your hair, check this out on Amazon, seems to work wonders on women: High Potency Biotin (10,000mcg) with Organic Coconut Oil | Supports Healthy Hair,Skin & Nails | Non-GMO Verified & Vegan Certified |120 Veggie-Softgels
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Ok I will check it out for sure. Thanks bro
Hom Tom (3 months ago)
its so silly to watch people go like this, and go from 6.1 to 6.2 after their monk mode , while fat whores get better treatment than them. you in 2016 actually had better "looks" as far as a hot girl is concerned. a lot of this nonsense you now believe in backfires at you . anyway I am developing my own modus operandi for men slowly but surely. its a powerful system you will hear about it in 3-5 years one way or another. its one where you both get results and improve the world.
Marcus Vieira (3 months ago)
Some of my red pilled and MGTOW homies need to chill out with porn. Your expectations of what girl you deserve or should be getting is not centered in reality. I know a introverted friend who struggled with women who has passed on girls that were a cute 7/10. Which pissed me off. I told him I rather sleep with a cute 7 than masterbate to a 10/10 porn fantasy. Learn game and redpill info (female psychology) and increase your sexual market place value. (Fashion, grooming, physique, status, hobbies, travel, etc) work on your confidence and charisma. Do this for yourself not women. This will improve your overall life and you will begin to thrive. Women will notice you and you will improve your sex lives. MGTOW is not a fucking excuse to not improve yourself. If you do or don’t wanna pursue women its your choice. But not improving yourself is not excusable. If a middle age ugly minority (Me), who got an MD, from a family of poor immigrant janitors can get his shit together so can you. I know plenty of ugly minorities who are my friends that went to school, hit the gym, learned pick up (game) from courses and are slaying these bitches. Yes we had to work harder. Life is unfair bros. But these naturals (pretty boys) can’t touch us. These guys don’t have killer instinct. Im fucking hotter and younger girls than when I was in my early 20s. Its a competition don’t let them fool you. If your like me and get below standard girls on Tinder the only way to get higher quality women is what I mentioned above. I often can’t believe how a ugly 37 yr old dude is fucking this 20 yr old 8/10 college student. But than I remember how much I worked on myself and why I deserve to have great women in my life. It all counts guys. If your like me and have a low SMV you got make your strengths overshadow weaknesses.
Hom Tom (3 months ago)
you do all this toy shit to serve others , most actual high status people don't bother with this
Gold Standard (3 months ago)
To be 100% honest ,Ill just stick to being the best version of myself cause waking up and having to compete against 1million other dudes sounds stressful as hell. Its like saying if we were living in the dark ages and we have no laws. Anyone can kill whomever they want and suffer no consequences, rob, steal, rape etc. and you gotta be the next batman just to survive and live a comfortable and peaceful life. Yes i understand that in life there will be ppl you have to compete with (maybe even cut a couple throats along the way and no i dont mean literally kill someone...) and Of course im not saying sit on your ass and just be 'average' but being the best version sounds the best to me. Growing muscle, traveling, expanding you knowledge, improving your game, fucking a couple girls, making friendships and all that fun shit but if someone is saying " YOU GOTTA BE NUMBER 1#, YOU GOTTA BE THE TOUGHEST, SMOOTHEST AND BADASS MOTHERFUCKER OUT OF ALL THESE GUYS" is a fuck ton of pressure some dudes (and maybe even some alphas) maybe cant handle But hey, im just an 18 year old high school graduate with a regular everyday job and barley any real experience with life or girls (i did meet a couple girls that had crushes on me tho so that might count) And if anyone disagrees with me id happily read your argument 😃
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Being the best version of yourself is very important but where's the gold standard? If you shoot hoops in the driveway all day and never watch others or play against others you might thing you're Lebron. Then you get around some real ballers and reality smacks you in the face. The dating market is TOUGH and it's important to see what men who get women are doing and do it BETTER
ΛDI (3 months ago)
Gold Standard I 100% agree with you. Being the best version YOU can be is what is important.
DMS (3 months ago)
Really good shit bro, thank you
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
Absolutely dude thanks for watching.
Jake Medis (3 months ago)
I agree what you said about women. Not all women are crazy or users. I've been working on myself too. I do have a ok job to where I can save money. I wasn't doing that before and now I am. I'm working out 3 or 4 times a week. I look like a football player or wrestler already for my height and built. Thanks for this upload
NYC FLAME (3 months ago)
Seminars in New York? When? We need you over here ASAP!!!!
NYC FLAME (3 months ago)
I never know when my broh... do you post your seminars on insta?
Evolution Daily (3 months ago)
I just did one bro it was amazing!
MAGAMillenial (3 months ago)
Hey man ever thought about making some merchandise? Like Engage, or Thrive apparel, coffee mugs or something lol. Lots of people want to see men fail in today’s world, because of that communities like Evolution Daily have started to offer the solution to that, I think people would definitely buy products supporting that cause. Something to think about man!
DESTRAKON (3 months ago)
RSD been on that bs but i get its a business

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