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Funny story of Viktor Korchnoi's antics

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http://ChessNoir.com Right after their Rd 9 game at the 2011 Gibraltar Chess Festival, Wohl tells us of Viktor Korchnoi's funny advice for him.
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KingsExecutor (6 years ago)
he played it 40 years ago. theory evolved since then. and the bayonette attack is very strong against it. see korchnois games against the kings indian. he very often crushed it. well against john nunn he couldn't but thats another story!
bckm54 (6 years ago)
I played Korchnoi several years ago in a simul. He is as passionate in a simul as he is playing ppl like Fischer, Karpov, etc. He is a joy to watch...
NotSoLiberal (6 years ago)
Reminds me when I crush people playing Kings Gambit against me and then I tell them, If you dont know how to play the Kings gambit don't play the Kingns Gambit. So asshole of me.
Muhlo7 (7 years ago)
great korchnoi
Stephen Jones (7 years ago)
YtubeUserr (7 years ago)
Fischer plays the kings indian!
barsorrro (7 years ago)
Korchnoi is probably a fantastic chess player and a great master, but he's got a really funny personality. :)
John Breidenthal (8 years ago)
Korchnoi as gracious in victory as he is in defeat.

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