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Nike Air Force 1 Low White On Feet Review

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Goat: https://www.airgoat.com/
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Yusuf Islam (3 months ago)
If anyone want to Know Sizing Air forces shoes I wear size 8UK For adidas Perfect Fit and For Nike air force size 7UK fit snugg but is tight as same time
Bunheng Choeun Hak (3 months ago)
How is it compare to the Stan smith?
BradLoaf Gaming (18 days ago)
Bunheng Choeun Hak damn better than stan smithsjcckspsp
davis (3 months ago)
I got those AF1s in size 10.5 and it’s in great condition
i Crylicc (4 months ago)
Ur review is trash
Bandito Missed (5 months ago)
Any one know where I can get the high straps?
Yusuf Islam (3 months ago)
there called Air Force High
Bi Cha (4 months ago)
it the air force 1 sf
Imma kill u (7 months ago)
Can u play b ball with? Cuz i moved on my father's house and forget to bring my bball shoes
HD o ICEBOUND (2 months ago)
+Luke Scratch no, birdball
Luke Scratch (2 months ago)
basket ball?
SneaksReviewz (7 months ago)
I ordered such a nice looking AF1 with ochre yellow accents but they didn't fit me good at all. Heel slips out on the back. I picked my own size online didn't know I had to size up. I find the sole really stiff and hard as well can't imagine them being really comfortable. Used to wearing Adidas nmds
Logix (7 months ago)
Yeah, my leg was even swollen after wearing it the whole day.
Ollie (7 months ago)
Size down*
Smokey (7 months ago)
Definitely a comfort downgrade from nmds lol
YOEL 15 (8 months ago)
What size are u
emda (8 months ago)
are they thick? i dont want my feet to sweat ..
Smokey (8 months ago)
emda Not really.
emda (8 months ago)
Smokey so not really for summer?
Smokey (8 months ago)
emda Yeah, they're pretty thicc and on the heavier side.
Miggy Rubenecia (10 months ago)
I hope someone replies. I'm thinking about buying AF1 online since I can't find one on stores. My feet are size 8 but I wear 8.5 shoes (with good amount of allowance). I've heard that you should get these half size smaller. So should I get this on 8 or 7.5? Thanks in advance
1Kellapitter (1 month ago)
+Marcos Martinez Yes, definitely get half size smaller than normal
Marcos Martinez (2 months ago)
We have the same foot size 😂and I want to order them online. So do I order 7.5 also?
Thanos Than (9 months ago)
Miggy Rubenecia (10 months ago)
Smokey Man, thank you for the quick reply.
Smokey (10 months ago)
Miggy Rubenecia I'd do 8 if you normally wear an 8.5 👍
Goku Jorge (10 months ago)
I've got the same door
Niko Mauu (3 months ago)
Goku Jorge hahahahahahaha out of ALL THINGS u had to mention ur DOOR...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jorge Soto (10 months ago)
Do you think I should go a full size or just half a size I'm a 9 so should I go to 8 1/2 or just a 8
BradLoaf Gaming (18 days ago)
if you want to loose the laces get 8
Jorge Soto (10 months ago)
Smokey alright thx bro
Smokey (10 months ago)
Jorge Soto I would go 8.5 👍
Roger Moore (1 year ago)
Is it good for walking?
Straitel (5 months ago)
Jimi Wexler lol
Eirik Terland (8 months ago)
Jimi Wexler (9 months ago)
no you can't actually wear them, they will instantly disintegrate.
Goku Jorge (10 months ago)
Don't crease them
Smokey (1 year ago)
Roger Moore yes
Holy Saint Of Allah (1 year ago)
I had no idea white AF1 had those black craters all over the front. Such a disappointment.
Holy Saint Of Allah (1 year ago)
Smokey (1 year ago)
10D U Dang that's a hard one. Maybe Nike x off white blazer mids
Holy Saint Of Allah (1 year ago)
No shit Captain Obvious, I know. What is your favorite shoe(s)?
Smokey (1 year ago)
10D U they're not painted on or anything, they're just holes. Probably for ventilation :/
Darren Isles (1 year ago)
What's better af1 low or vans old skool?
Ariel Ramirez (4 months ago)
Got both, Vans are more comfortable
Tom Mccluand (1 year ago)
D L Air Force 1
Cian Byrne (1 year ago)
It all depends what you want they’re completely different
Smokey (1 year ago)
Wild Klan lol thanks for the sub man!
Wild Klan (1 year ago)
D L af1
Pisces TreeRoots (2 years ago)
you did a good job it's an informative video.☺ now I need to rest I'm sick of being sick.😷😴
Pisces TreeRoots (2 years ago)
lavatron08 it's okay I should feel better soon it's just a sore throat. hopefully I get better by next month by the 11th I have to do something then. still really good video bye.☺
Smokey (2 years ago)
Ilana Gibbs Thanks! Hope you feel better :)
iSkrt (2 years ago)
good video!

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