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Why You're Still Single? (Tony Robbins Relationships)

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Why You're Still Single? (Tony Robbins Relationships) https://youtu.be/JgApoUoJLc8
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yelsa sedohr (18 days ago)
I'm single cause I'm shy.
John Jancar (1 month ago)
lol Women, if you come up to me and ask to date on thursday, and I say no. I would just like you to know, that I really mean no lol Not thursday, not friday, not monday. Just no. Thank you.
Mosi :DaDa (1 month ago)
Fucking gay part killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙌🏻
Mgtow (1 month ago)
50% of marriages end in divorce, 70% of them initiated by women. They get most of everything following the divorce, including the kids. Women get sole custody of the kids around 80% of the time, and the father loses almost all his rights to those children, except for the financial connection. Yet you blame men for refusing to play this rigged game? #Mgtow
Anais Montoya (1 month ago)
I feel like this entire video was taken out of context and slapped with the title "Why you're still single?". It's obvious that there is more to the story than that and I don't think Tony would have wanted this to be his final word on the subject. I'm seeing a snippet of a funny, light, and airy conversation just turned into a miniature video set to teach people a very silly reason why they're still single. Ugh...
kat x (2 months ago)
This makes no sense.
Karran Kumar (2 months ago)
I don't agree with this one, and I'm a guy. I believe it's too generalized, and harps on the stigma that women don't speak their mind, and men always speak their mind. I've not seen this dynamic in my life, personally, for I know plenty of women who ask for what they need without beating around the bush, and plenty of men who create limiting beliefs in their head. Instead of separating the audience into men and women, I'd like to see Tony tackle the issue without creating double standards. All he needs to say is, "Some people don't ask for what they need, whereas others do." I'm a fan of Tony, so no hard feelings. Maybe it's time, on some accounts, for him to change his approach.
Frederick Stoker (2 months ago)
Lol women are like this. Tells me something but really means the opposite 😖
Zara Royce (3 months ago)
Although I do agree with what he’s describing I think that it would ideally create a deeper relationship if the woman and the man for that matter could actually just say what they want and what they need directly because there can be misunderstandings and miscommunications what he’s describing is very imprecise I know it’s true and that’s why it’s important but I think that it would be an even better idea goal
CAIntegrity (3 months ago)
This nutcase just invalidates certain humans’ feelings. Leads you nowhere. This is just pickup artist shit.
Bunmi Sowunmi (3 months ago)
Ion know about y’all but this didn’t help me at all .... am I missing something
Emily L (4 months ago)
He's sexist
Maria H (5 months ago)
LOL... so a woman works up the courage to ask a guy, if he would like to go to lunch with her next Wednesday, and when his reaction is “No”, she is supposed to say “Oh ok, what about Thursday or any other day??”... I as a woman would *never* do that and, we all know, that if a man is interested in a woman, he’ll make sure to make a date happen... if he’s busy on Wednesday, he’ll offer a different date, but a simple “no” just means “no” to the question “Do you want to go on a date with me?”... as in *at all* . The girl Tony picked was right. Period.
Gabriella Ross (7 months ago)
jf senrab (9 months ago)
i,m single because i,m a repulsive moron ,theres no changing that
Andra Papuc (9 months ago)
Exactly this guy is a wirdo,,,in drugs or something. What a waste of time.
ad bc (10 months ago)
What is this Mickey mouse bullshit?
Dalma Mirabal (10 months ago)
Wow, how very dated info. I really dont know any woman who will not ask a guy to stop the car if she needs something. And since most women drive the car in the first place, she will pull over as she pleases. Sorry Tony... you suck.
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Calvin Crenshaw (10 months ago)
That's really insulting. Every time that he's about to make a good point, he turns it into a gender stereotype.
Laura Croft (11 months ago)
JCVSSNY (11 months ago)
How can he reduce all men and women in the world to this simple stereotype? To think people pay thousands of dollars to listen to this stereotypical machismo bullshit presented to them as "facts of life."
Chris Marano (11 months ago)
Wow this is cringey AF. Tony asking people dumb hypothetical questions and then taking their answers and drawing absurd conclusions as to why their single. I dont know whats worse...this content or his clapping.
Heather Wohl (11 months ago)
Hasn't he been divorced like 3 times?
Heather Wohl (11 months ago)
Maybe they are both single because that is what works best for their plan at this time.
Heather Wohl (11 months ago)
Half of the seven minutes of this video lacks content.
Chaya Gross (11 months ago)
Why does he need to use such vulgar language? Makes it hard for me to listen to him!
A New Love Official (11 months ago)
I don't see any wrong of me being single because the status of what we have in life didn't happen for no reason. Being single is a choice, and I'm happy with it.
gully foyle (11 months ago)
And here was I thinking i've never had a girlfriend because i'm socially awkward and lack the communication skills necessary to connect to another human being and have a proper conversation. Turns out all I need to do is learn to be able to tell when girls need to pee. Thanks Tony, that should be much easier to fix! :D
TheRebelliousrabbit (11 months ago)
oh i didn't know all men are so straightforward that they understand no means no :p
Astur Galicia (11 months ago)
No wonder he is still single, eve being a millionaire. A woman should be desperate to put up with such an assho...
coco MAC (11 months ago)
Women DO mean what they say, especially me, and women like me scare the shit out of this bully Abuser, Bully, Fraud, https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/982389487836778496
Marko Vujanic (11 months ago)
When do women come up to a men and ask if he wants to have lunch?
MedalChic (1 year ago)
Whoa, "women don't really mean what they say".... smh. I dislike when someone says "women", implying all women instead of a lot or some. I didn't get past 2:20.. he has so many good motivational videos, this was disappointing. If have to go, I say I have to go. Life is too short to give clues to figure out what we mean. Be straight up.
Alan O Brien (1 year ago)
Those of us less inclined to forfeit a critical judgment recognize the slick communication of this dangerous snake. His style and fast paced delivery is bewildering as well as confusing. Beware of handing yourself over to a very sinister person whos main goal is self agrandisement by flattery and outright intimidation. The cult of personality a hallmark of the American mind has left a train wreck of disappointment and emptiness.
sasquatch1 **** (1 year ago)
I like being by myself. Him being gone at work, is fine w me.
sasquatch1 **** (1 year ago)
He's single because he doesn't know how to put on a hat. Iq ummmmm50.
sasquatch1 **** (1 year ago)
Tony is single. Workaholic. Wife must hv felt all alone.
AsSeenOnTV (1 year ago)
Why can’t my gf/wife just tell me “I need to pee”. ......and I’d say “no problem babe”......stop all the BS mind games and just communicate like adults
Women are not all repressed weirdos who can't speak their minds, this may have been more of a thing in the 50's. Any woman I know, myself included, if we need to pee were going to say - pull the darn car over at the next gas station I need to pee! And the pointless constant swearing for such a professional as himself is really lame and takes away from his message. The other videos of his are much better, this one is a miss.
Arikm7 (10 months ago)
My grandfather used to say "profanity is a poor man's attempt to be compelling".
dana gabay (1 year ago)
i didn't know woman's r soo stupid and needy. this is bulshit.
huyền nguyễn (1 year ago)
what is this song?
Kiki 81 (1 year ago)
I am a woman. If I need to pee I say it. Is it the reason I’m single? 😏
Janely Marin (10 months ago)
Kiki 81 same lol
Tom Valenta (1 year ago)
Tony as far as I'm concerned, if a woman asks a guy a question like that, then there is something vary seriously Wrong with Her, Not Him!!!
Yumi Okubo (1 year ago)
Love it💐 Thank you😊
J (1 year ago)
He's Very unconventional. The cussing isn't necessary. Maybe that attracts some. Certainly not me. I'm going to try and find out, why he uses the methods, he uses. Some things have totally shocked me. I'm going to keep my eyes on him. I'm good at figuring things out. He seems to have this manipulative, bully side to him. Sarcastic, in his pursuit, of what's going on, with who he's talking to. Well, I'm going to listen to more of his sessions. I saw one program, that just didn't set with me, to well. But, I'm going to give him a chance, and see, if he's really making a difference. Then, I give this my final analysis. Who knows!
T Anderson (1 year ago)
I'm single because I want it that way. Relationships are too complicated. I love my autonomy and I don't care what people think.
Bhagyashree Patel (1 year ago)
What girl is saying lastly ?
Monica Melgar (1 year ago)
Unnecessary continual cursing ..unable to enjoy while listening
J (1 year ago)
Monica Melgar Yeah, that's odd. He has some unconventional ways. Only certain minded ppl, might buy into this. Those who might lack self-esteem. I'm going to,watch a few of his sessions and try to figure out, why he uses the methods, he uses.
Kimteang Chou (1 year ago)
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Kimteang Chou (1 year ago)
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Kimteang Chou (1 year ago)
You surprise her when her jumping higher or you to much fun with her ?
Kimteang Chou (1 year ago)
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Kimteang Chou (1 year ago)
How you support her from your heart ❤️?
Kimteang Chou (1 year ago)
If you ❤️ your girl ,how can you show your girl, you care for her ?
Leilie Strange (1 year ago)
🙄Roll my eyes. Such BS and very stereotypical. When you gotta go, you gotta go.. no time for mind games.
RealityHurts923 (1 year ago)
First of all in a world where women are superficial, often cheat and can take half of everything you have in alimony and child support, whats wrong with being single?
RealityHurts923 (1 year ago)
Tony Robbin says it and everyone claps. I say the exact same shit word for word and I get called a woman hater snd misogynist. Oh and Im probably a rapist. Smh
Jo Montanee (1 year ago)
Honest to God, Tony, I never ask any men if they need to do anything just because I need to do it and wish they can read my mind. I always ask because I care about them and because they are the ones who drive a long ride to take me home so I want them to be comfortable and happy for a long ride. That's all. No mixed message, no mind reading. Just a simple act of female nurturing.
Arikm7 (10 months ago)
By asking them first, it's almost like you're begging for permission!
Jo Montanee (1 year ago)
Anyway, if men care enough to ask me back if i need too it shows that they are thoughtful by nature or upbringing.
Ice Ice KODI (1 year ago)
wow. this guy is annoying. he got rich on telling people that he has all the answers.
maryelin catire (10 months ago)
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Dunlop Hunter (11 months ago)
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Mad Life (11 months ago)
do u hve the fucking courage to talk in front of all these people alone ?
archilonshadowheart7 (11 months ago)
he fed millions of people and tells everyone the answers are in themselves he brings it out of them by asking them questions and he became rich by getting people to fix themselves and people come to him. hes given his money away to so many causes. so whats the issue?
Jefferson H Valencia (1 year ago)
Keep hating
AllAboutLifestyle (1 year ago)
So much stereotyping! I have so much respect for Tony Robbins but this doesn’t make much sense, and a lot of conflicts in relationship also come from stereotyping because you see the person the way you are subconsciously told to see them. It’s also this crazy notion of “women don’t mean what they say” that causes so much sexual advance without consensus. This type of stereotyping is shallow and dangerous. I’m frankly very disappointed in what Tony said here.
Kerrigan Lee (1 year ago)
...I am single because, and please make note, 'I do-not play mind games'. I have met my fair share of ladies in which they continue to play games. Continue to play men for one reason or another. And one of the main reasons why I see this happen is down to their self esteem. Low confidence etc. The other is for an agenda. Well I am wiser in this world now thanks to those experiences, and if I come across anyone now that plays Me, plays 'hard to get' etc, I just say (in my head be it) "Oh f**k off and play someone who's stupid". It's a shame but many a human being is out for what they can get.
K H (1 year ago)
When I say no, I mean no.
K H (1 year ago)
When I have to pee, I say.... “I have to pee!”
Jerrene W. (1 year ago)
I agree that we are not always straight up but in my experience many guys are not so straight up either. My last relationship I tried hard to communicate but he would avoid it all together. I'm working on me and trying to overcome other issues before getting involved with anyone, but it's hard work to be in a relationship.
Laura Croft (11 months ago)
John M (1 year ago)
Jerrene Westover if he avoided it, you're probably better of out of it, because that's a classic thing that a narcissistic control freak does. Did you ever notice him use the kind of language where he'd subtly make fun of you or try to erode your confidence....
people these days are more into smartphone that's one of problems too
Beth A. (1 year ago)
"Do you need to pee" ...the explanation should have been much different. TONY YOU are the single one here.
givebasicinfo (1 year ago)
What? Who are these women- if I need acted like this - I am sorry that's generalizing on such a big scale - so tired of men in this country thinking being like this - also, he praises the guy and the dissis on women- what the hell is wrong this dude being so fing sexist - there are so many other ways to get this across - not making fun of how we as women are - so tired of this shite
Bluekiss 2525 (1 year ago)
I'm getting furious why single men/women are always getting taunted. I am single and most of my colleagues are married or in a relationship, and they make me a laughing stock because I am single. Damn.
Laura Croft (11 months ago)
Bluekiss 2525 ME TOO
Missterious Misstress (1 year ago)
Tony clapping like Nicole Kidman.
Santilla V. (1 year ago)
Ummmmm, not all women feel this way. Some of us are straight shooters. We say what we mean. I don’t want anyone trying to read my mind.
Optimus (11 months ago)
True dat... I can’t stand all these generalisations...kmmt
Aalpha Splatt (1 year ago)
Santilla V. MATURE women don't communicate in that way.
Lilyinflux (1 year ago)
I agree, this is ridiculous. How about we start to actually communicate clearly. Why on Earth would you want to date someone who acts this way?
Tootleg Boy (1 year ago)
True, he sounds really childish in this seminar. I don't know any women who are so "mysterious" to interact with!?
Jo Montanee (1 year ago)
So true.
Natalya Quinonez (1 year ago)
Dude you're extremely sexist. But ok
Connect Consulting (1 year ago)
Tony Robbins assumes too much and he is leaving his audience with the dominant thought that women don't say what they mean. The problem with that statement is that it's a) a generalisation, and b) it comes from someone who has significant influence in the world. A friend asked if statements like these are what shapes and drives 'rape culture' because, if it is accepted as true that women don't say what they mean, they will be saying 'No' but actually meaning 'Yes.' I see how a developing mind could accept that assumption as true if exposed to this kind of BS.
Any woman who can't say she needs to stop for a pee is a total idiot. I mean what I say. I'm a woman. This is a total load of sexist, steriotypical crap.
Clarebear1973 Cooper (1 year ago)
Paula Stephenson (1 year ago)
I like him a lot but I'd like him more without the filthy language.
Brunette Coleman (8 months ago)
Steven Mark Ryan (10 months ago)
If you'd been to any of his live events, you would be aware that he uses such language as a TOOL for learning and creating change, by causing pattern interrupts to shake people from their usual thinking and patterns.
JCBeFree (1 year ago)
Paula Stephenson lol... Grow up
Maha Abdul (1 year ago)
If I need to pee.. I'm gonna say I need to pee! I'm not gonna ask him if he needs to pee or not, this does not make any sence.
Arikm7 (10 months ago)
I know... the question isn't why is guy single, the question is why on EARTH would he want to be with someone who requires a degree in cryptology to understand what she's saying of "meaning"??? Good grief, find someone who says "hey, I gotta pee!" See how simple life is?
J (1 year ago)
Maha Abdul Okay, I've asked my husband if he's had to pee. Only when we're traveling a long journey. So, I don't have to feel so guilty.
cecilia dake (1 year ago)
Maha Abdul I’m with you. This is one of the stupidest, demeaning thing I’ve ever heard.
Natasha Iszler (1 year ago)
I like Tony but this one doesn't resonate...women can/want to communicate clearly, the problem is the fear of being alone in a society that sees single women as lacking something
Arikm7 (10 months ago)
preach it!! Being single is NOT a result of not having someone... it's having enough that you're good with your own company.. :) Some fears have to be challenged head on.. Live your life on your terms.. :)
Sandra Bella Nirvana (10 months ago)
Natasha Iszler lol
Laura Croft (11 months ago)
Natasha Iszler YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why the "f" word so much if this really is good advice? Such vulgar...unrefined language from Anthony Robbins. Kindly sharing with you what I've come to learn; that teachers should be extra careful with words and may God provide help. James 3: 1 (isv)- "Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more severely than others."
Arikm7 (10 months ago)
Exaclty! they get all bent out of shape about someone using the F word, but think nothing of how jesus lied and spoke to people in such a DISGUSTING manner.. Calling a woman (who begged him to help her daughter), a "dog" (or "bitch"), calling the Jewish people "sons of the devil", "murderers", "White-washed tombs" "murderer of the prophets from abel to zechariah (another lie since neither abel nor the zechariah who was killed in the portico--- and the jews didn't even exizt at the time of abel) and essentially damned people who didn't worship him. So it's OKAY to outright LIE about people but oh, don't use the f word! It's okay to call people "whores" "sluts" "fags" "reprobates" "sinners" "heathens" "children of satan" .... don't get me started at the hypocrisy of xianity. You can use all kinds of epithets but don't use the F word!!!
Alan O Brien (1 year ago)
C Lema So you must be Christian and your only concern is his use of the F word. My mind is frustrated at how gullible Christian morons have become. If you quote scripture to correct such verbal behavior well heres an another scripture. Teachers should be NOT LOVERS OF MONEY or proud boastful or inclined to power.. This horrific trait is endemic in Christian pastors and congregants alike. If robbins is to be seen in the light of basic christ like behavior, he is an actual celebrity cult leader and has amassed millions of dollars and lavish life style on the backs of those blinded by delusional worship of an individual spiritually bankrupt and destined for shame. I know the primary character of true immatation of Jesus. How hard it is for the Rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus own words to the man of wealth. Now that's reality, stop working yourself up over Robbins he is the essence of egocentrecity and nonsense. You should avoid judging conmen on the outside of the sheep pen, wen theres an epidemic of wolves reaping the rewards of deceit and fraud within the corporate church of America. So relax and enjoy the rest of your journey into delusional worship of the beast within as without. Christianity has mushroomed into a major escapist DreamWorld and Jesus is a side issue for corrupt men of evil intent. Reply if you are challenged
Lilyinflux (1 year ago)
He actually explains the reasons for the language at each seminar...The language breaks through peoples mindsets (state) and allows them to be more open to new ideas...(this is a paraphrase of the concept, I am no expert) There are many ways to teach. Acceptance of others who are different seems to be a widely believed Christian concept as well.
ɾίtα † (1 year ago)
N Lema ...
Jones Jão (1 year ago)
To hell with games. Dont hide behind an excuse; which is attainable through other means
Jones Jão (1 year ago)
1:39 right there. They dont mean what they say.. Well fucking change, then. Adapt.
Cami G (1 year ago)
Seriously we are not that complicated and yes I would test a guy a little but in general I say what I mean I mean what I say I don't think it's too complicated... truth men play too many games.. I like Tony Robins but this is BS... seriously 😳 if woman are like that guess what stop generalizing and putting everyone in a group cuz no not all of us are like that.. my goodness..
chillout1109 (1 year ago)
Cam G By claiming that "men play too many games", you yourself are generalizing, and yet you are upset that he generalized all women. More people than you realize play the generalisation game. It's just reality.
J OneLife (1 year ago)
8 out of 10 dont want to marry and play around. They just want 1 or 2 dates tks to the internet.
Ava Masquerade (1 year ago)
Any woman who acts like this is a total asshole. Like who is he even talking about?? I don't know a one that does shit like this, not one. Hasn't this guy been divorced like 3 times anyway?? Why would you even listen to him about women?
Ava Masquerade (1 year ago)
Your barometer for what constitutes a successful relationship is set absurdly low...to the extent that I wonder how many bad relationships you've been involved with that so effectively managed down your expectations and standards, but ok, do whatever works for you.
HoldMyBeer (1 year ago)
Charity Ava What are u talking about? Failed 3 times 4th success I don't see what is ur problem
Ava Masquerade (1 year ago)
Milomir Markovic Yeah, experiences of repeated failure. But why don't you go ahead and take your cues from this guy, it'll at least occupy you and clear the field for the rest of us.
HoldMyBeer (1 year ago)
Your brain is so small, because he have experience from those 3 marriages?
Jones Jão (1 year ago)
Charity Ava, thank tou
J OneLife (1 year ago)
Im in a city of narcissistic men and women we have the highest single rate but the incomes are high....
Natalia Panic (1 year ago)
musicvixen24 (1 year ago)
I feel like a guy that was interested would say no to Thursday but say but I'm get Friday. I think the first example was better.
B. Colwell (1 year ago)
This is hilarious but I'm a little surprised to hear Tony Robbbins perpetuating sexist stereotypes instead of dismantling them. Or maybe it is stupidly idealistic to think that people can or should evolve and become better. Or my definition of better is wrong. This needs further research and revision.
musicvixen24 (1 year ago)
B. Colwell I hear you. But as a woman I can see myself asking a guy if he has to use the bathroom instead of saying I have to go off the bat
Tessa Attale (1 year ago)
jovee Viernes MoTus (1 year ago)
Damarcus Mitchell (1 year ago)
Because i chose to be
Leila Adams (1 year ago)
I don't think men are single only because they can't read women's minds. I think one of the big reasons why both men and women are single is because they have this unbelievably superficial expectations from the opposite sex. The second big reason is that they have very low self esteem. In other words, they reject themselves before the woman/man they're interested in rejects them.
Master Blaster (1 month ago)
+Chinchin Chokhlei what are you waiting for? let's get merry right now ; )
dai maytham (10 months ago)
Leila Adams thats great . Thats how i feel i mean i always rejact my self
archilonshadowheart7 (11 months ago)
superficial expectations, Tick. reject yourself before they can reject you, tick. i agree, and thats unfortunate people refuse to delve deeper than the outside, all dating sites, your going to swipe yes for the more attractive people and your gonna look at the ''hotter'' people. hoping they have some interests rather than just looking for people who you click with and like what you like and thats easier, its a matter of you going out and doing what you enjoy and that way no matter where you go you will find someone who has something in common with you and thats a conversation starter at a minimum. the whole game people play men and women is crap, it doesnt have to be that way. theirs too much guessing and not enough honesty and direct straight forward questions and answers.
Matt THX (1 year ago)
Attraction is important though don't you think ? I agree with you and it seems in the west to many women and men let themselves go in thier mid to late 20s and look like crap by 30 ... or is that just me ! i am in my late 30s live in the UK and here it seems the only way to find another partner after my divorce is get trendy! be superficial make social media the centre of my existence as chatting face to face doesn't seem to be the done thing anymore and aim for a woman 23 to 29 with no kids or big problems .. but most importantly NEVER LISTEN TO THE NAYSAYERS people love to project thier own sense of limitation on other
i need singles advice club so someone can tell me what to do
LoveMe,com (1 year ago)
There are maybe reasons why you're still single and whatever that reason is maybe if you'll work on that, surely you'll find your match.
Mrs Lauren90 (1 year ago)
Single woman here and have not changed profile picture to prove it.
Tracy Marais (1 year ago)
Given his high public profile, I'm disappointed that Tony Robbins thinks only men say what they mean and women don't. This kind of attitude leads to the high rape culture in the US... "She said no, but us men know she really meant yes." What's wrong with direct communication irrespective of gender? Many women do just say, "I need to pee. Please stop at the next bathroom / rest stop." When it comes to creating elaborate stories, men do this too. The Ladder of Inference doesn't only apply to women.
Dimba (1 year ago)
he clapps his Hands so elegant and full of rythm:-)
RJ MacReady (1 year ago)
Mr. Banana hands from "Shallow Hal." LOL
Sharmella Krishnasamy (1 year ago)
We haven't met. Still finding me, I guess. Hahaha!
adrienne gellman (1 year ago)
archilonshadowheart7 (11 months ago)
Male opinion here and i'm just dying to chime in, guess i get a kick out of it.Well yet again in the same comment section Leila hits the nail on the head. No man should propose to you randomly, or within a ,month of knowing you thats insanity. life isnt Serendipity, it isnt The Notebook, it isnt your favourite romcom. date a person for a while and if he likes you and you've got the same long term goals marriage,kids then go for it, you might compromise and pick one. you might maintain the simple gf/bf dynamic without any changs for awhile but high standards are absurd, this doesnt mean have low standards it just means if you get along, you get along and its fuckin fantastic, its your fault if your single because you throw men in the trash can for ticking everything on your checklist except rich, tall/dark and handsome i mean c'mon where are your morals? also think about it, where do men go to meet women. Bars and clubs and dating sites.... not very good ways to reel in the ideal guy. what if you don't drink? that leaves work. if you work in fashion store you 24/7 dont engage with any men and then i can see why you might complain about being single this leaves the only thing one can do, be themselves. when you go out to do your hobbies, or have an outing somewhere you'll do nothing but run into people who have the exact same interest which is why their, there. also^ Charity. making themselves ''phenomenal'' do you not see the alarm ringing in that statement?
Ava Masquerade (1 year ago)
Also, please take my discards, they can get SO annoying.
Ava Masquerade (1 year ago)
Leila Adams Here's to all the people that can have incredibly high standards because they busted their tails making themselves into phenomenal people. You clearly missed the hell out of that boat.
Esohe Obi (1 year ago)
adrienne gellman some people like me will give their arm to even get any man to propose to them....You should be thankful you even have men approaching you for marriage.....I bet you're not even attractive yourself
Leila Adams (1 year ago)
What are you? Are you Scarlet Johansson? Are you Marilyn Monroe? If not, shut the fuck up. How do you know nobody wants those men? It's clear that the only reason why you're single is because you're a bitch. A big stuck up bitch. Nobody wants to be with a condescending nasty cunt like you!
Wail 9# (1 year ago)
One more think .negative dad , is negative home , then life. That I'm still looking for non Arab girl for good life and future for my kids with great mother and wife.different culture . Smart and kind . Blood line
The Tao Of Badass (1 year ago)
Wail 9# check the tao of badass videos for your better relationship . ^_^ have a great life brother
Wail 9# (1 year ago)
A lot of kids slave for them fathers by god names?! God never say that !?! Never say make all people around y happy by your slave kids . After done money .through them in the bin !!!! Heaven or hell for this daddy . I think the love BBQ in hell

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