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Hurdy Gurdy Man Hurdy Gurdy Cover

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The Donovan song. He didn't know what a hurdy gurdy was when he wrote his classic song.
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draco argentum (2 months ago)
I was watching the Donovan video, and I thought “wait one minute, the song ‘Hurdy Gurdy man’ doesn’t have a hurdy gurdy in it...” so I looked for someone who have covered the song with a hurdy gurdy, and ended up here.
Spoopy Sauce (4 months ago)
I’m so happy someone’s done this lol
Fred Altensee (3 months ago)
It seemed the thing to do. :)
Dan McLeod (1 year ago)
Very meta
jocivaldo barbosa (1 year ago)
Fred Altensee (1 year ago)
Thank you.

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