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What Can You Expect From Modern Horizons?

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Magic the gathering is about to start spoiler season for modern horizons. What sort of cards can you expect to see in this set? what kind of mechanics? where does this innovation set fit in the grand scheme of magic? Discord Link - https://discord.gg/ZGsfjkN https://www.twitch.tv/magichistorian Twitter - https://twitter.com/BigDaddyHatch Paypal- https://www.paypal.me/MTGPurple Patreon-https://www.patreon.com/MikeHatcher Amazon Wishlist: http://a.co/beAuMMs ********************************************************************* I LOVE MAIL! SEND ME LETTERS/THINGS/LOVE!: Mike Hatcher P.O BOX 5091 ST CATHARINES, ON, L2R 7T4 Canada check out my lovely editor(and love of my life) on her review channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYykpL7g6QVY2o2iWfMBNtw "Overworld" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ #TheMagicHistorian
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Text Comments (86)
Sylvain Lafleche (4 days ago)
As a casual MTG player. I really don't see the value in paying twice the price for this set? Can someone explain to me why its so expensive and why I should bother investing in this?
Alex Nas (6 days ago)
Modern Horizzions = New Legacy format. what made Modern different was that many decks were missing key pieces that decks in Legacy had.
Dee Light (8 days ago)
I might sit on one box just in case the format remains broken a year from when this set drops
Tommy Tesla (8 days ago)
I hope they add Soldier of Fortune. Need to bring my shit teir build to the big leagues lol.
Derp Derps (9 days ago)
You look like a 60yo Ninja
pleravens (9 days ago)
Masques block confirmed.
lolimmune (10 days ago)
Any time I hear "draft environment" in modern specific sets , I hear "set full of trash with a few decent chase cards"
Derek Troxel (10 days ago)
Another one mana black instant speed free creature sac outlet. Viscera Seer is great, but we need more enablers for Aristocrats. Edit: Honestly, if Cabal Therapist is ACTUALLY in the top ten of most powerful cards from the set, the vast majority of the set won't see play. Cabal Therapist is good and all, but it's kinda borderline for Modern already. Compare to War of the Spark, where 20ish cards are seeing play in Modern, Legacy, and/or Vintage already. That doesn't bode well. For reference, the WotS cards seeing play (fringe or otherwise) are: Gideon (Modern white aggro/Mox Amber legends), Jace (Modern Leveler combo), Davriel (Modern 8+ rack), Vivien (Modern experimentation), Narset (Modern Days Undoing, Legacy Miracles, Vintage everything blue), Ilharg (Modern Goryo's Vengence), Finale of Promise (Modern Phoenix/Living End experimentation), Liliana's Triumph (Legacy Diabolic Edict replacement), Dreadhorde Arcanist (Legacy URx Delver [yes, that's actually happening]), Awaken the Vitu-Ghazi (experimentation in Modern Hardened Scales Affinity), Samut's Sprint (Modern Neoform Grishoalbrand tech), Nicol-Bolas (Modern Control experiments), Domri (Modern Niv-Mizzet control lol), Teferi (Modern UW Control, Legacy Miracles/Infect, Vintage experiments), Niv-Mizzet Reborn (Modern Niv Control, lol again), Dovin's Veto (UW Control in Modern and Legacy), Neoform (One of the new boogiemen in Modern), Ashiok (Modern mill boards), Dovin (Modern Mox Legends prison/taxes), Kiora (Modern Angels by MarenMTG, experimentation), Saheeli (Modern Surge Node combo, testing as alternative for Young Pyro in Modern and Legacy), Bolas's Citadel (Modern testing), Karn (THE boogieman of Modern out of anything that can get to four mana), Ugin (Modern Tron, Legacy Eldrazi), and Blast Zone (Modern Tron, etc.). Basically 10% of the set is seeing eternal play. I have a hard time believing this set - even one designed specifically for eternal play - will see that sort of immediate impact. I think there will be a ton of testing, but unless they really go insane and turn the format into Legacy-lite I think Modern Horizons will have the same impact on Modern as War did and less impact on older formats.
Debbie Allan (10 days ago)
I wonder how much sealed and draft will cost since it's at a different price point. If it's twice as expensive for a box will sealed be 60 bucks?
Dimitrious Devilboon (10 days ago)
I thought this bitch quit magic?
Merch by Powl (10 days ago)
Since they don't want to print already existing modern cards in this set this will increase the prices for all the modern staples... new people will enter modern and want to play already exisiting decks but there is no new supply like snapcasters, death shadows etc. I hope the "best card" is going to be at least counterspell or any other blue counter :)
Edas Vess (10 days ago)
What's the best place to buy cards online in Canada? There's a lot of shady stuff going on with MTG stores and I figure online is worse so I figured I'd ask a veteran sorry if this doesn't apply to the video... don't know who else to ask also keep up the good work
Steve Keenan (10 days ago)
Therapist bitter blossom/ dreadhorde invasion would be cool combo, if neoform didnt have turn 1/2 kill... Sol ring? Shield sphere? Phyrexian walker?
David Hawkins (10 days ago)
I play modern so I'm looking forward to the set just hoping for chain lightning or something along those lines. #Burnthemall
Lee Davis (11 days ago)
The three cards Serra brings together Serra Aviary, Serra Angel and Worship. Correct?
Niko5654 (11 days ago)
I don't play modern but i'm really excited for cedh because with the high powerlevel of competitive commander there aren't many sets that can promise new things for my favourite format (even though lately wizards has printed some really strong stuff for it)
Duncan Cheney (11 days ago)
WOTC deaf
Duncan Cheney (11 days ago)
WOTC=1 timers
Duncan Cheney (11 days ago)
WOTC dgaf about an increase to the tertiary market... Only $ CASH $
Leroy Moody (11 days ago)
🤞force of will/ daze
I am from Brazil I am loving the videos I want Urza Pw too Like in all videos
Punchy Bug (11 days ago)
I'm hyped for Modern Horizons, I can't wait to get my hands on the Sera and Therapist lol
Matthew Turner (11 days ago)
I want to think this set will be amazing. I want to trust Wizards to do something awesome. Unfortunately, I wanted to trust them for Iconic Masters and Masters 25, and for the War of The Spark novel, and we all know how those turned out.
Wolves Alliance (7 days ago)
? All three were very badass! War of the Spark may be a bit to op but it's an awesome set
Matthew Moreno (11 days ago)
Congratulations on 15k!
Jeffxm003 (11 days ago)
I want to draft this set...or play sealed...or just get cards for my commander decks. So yeah this set is cool already
OptimalC (11 days ago)
WHOOOO!! I didn't realize how much of a thrill and welcome I would get in this video. It was a grand time in the livestream, being reborn and renamed by Uncle Purp himself (despite it being because he couldn't be bothered to pronounce my original name :P )
Trump (11 days ago)
if cabal therapist is upon the best 10 cards in the set, then its an epic fail, no one is going to buy the set if 100% of the cards are total trash
Firevine (11 days ago)
I just want it to not be shit. Oh, and I want Memory Lapse WotC you fucks do something right for once.
Weefy 117 (11 days ago)
What is the better version of naturalize hes referring to?
mehmehxxx (10 days ago)
Weefy 117 following**
LifelessAngel (11 days ago)
Guve us the one "who shall not be named", the Black and White mana aligned Angel of Innistrad that died by Avacyn's hand!
Adam Britt (11 days ago)
I can use that Serra planes walker for my selesnya angels deck :D
Michael Hilliard (11 days ago)
I'm not a M:TG'er and I'm excited for this set. Excited for the potential. But can a set like this for 2 more sets?
Jeremy Dean (11 days ago)
At $179 cheapest buy it now on eBay, they better deliver some goodies in this set.
I Hate Milk (11 days ago)
Wait you changed your name back? Why?
Dave of the North (11 days ago)
The new Planeswalker is Bolas.
Matt Lynn (11 days ago)
Will they ever make a WUBRG planeswalker, though? And how...who...would that be?
Anthony Kress (10 days ago)
+Matt Lynn very good Idea, from the novel's I've read about his lore, it seems like there's many interpretations of his character.
Matt Lynn (10 days ago)
+Anthony Kress That's an idea. I was thinking Jodah.
Anthony Kress (10 days ago)
+Matt Lynn if they ever go back to ravnica, heavens forbid, I could see something corrupt Niv Mizzet (Bolas escapes his spirit prison) and somehow he gets a spark...making. him a five color walker
Matt Lynn (10 days ago)
+Anthony Kress I get what you're saying. Parody sets are...funny...(literally) but not canonical lorewise (you knew that) and so your reply is answering my question, but I should have been more clear. WUBRG is basically all 5 personality traits in OCEAN, combined. All (real world) people are WUBRG (example: Planewide Celebration's citizen token). So, I am saying that it would be interesting to see how that would pan out in the canonical storyline.
Anthony Kress (10 days ago)
Legal in playing with friends, casual like.
291bossman (11 days ago)
i think it will be a disappointment.
Nunoyuki XXI (11 days ago)
"They have gotten greedy..." period.
johnnyscifi (11 days ago)
Ps: a planar chaos version of Serra would be badass. Imagining a black, or blue version of Serra. The creator of the Serra Sphinx I think i want to buy a box of Modern Horizons. Like yourself Mike, ive been around a couple minutes...:)
johnnyscifi (11 days ago)
Whats the next set, storywise after "War"? Also, isnt the new Ishan's Shade in modern horizons?
Tacklepig (11 days ago)
The next story set is codenamed "Archery" and will be on an entirely new plane. Apparently that one is a set that MaRo has been wanting to make for more than ten years now, at least that's what he said.
Grasshopper (11 days ago)
As a Modern player, I'm super stoked about Modern Horizons. You are right, it will be great not be locked into one world like Return to the Return to the Return of Ravnica the most boring city in the multiverse. Great content Mike!
Grasshopper (9 days ago)
+Daemon Redwyne don't care, don't care.
Daemon Redwyne (10 days ago)
Ravnica is one of my favorite planes.
Gary Dalkiewicz (11 days ago)
Lmfao... soon as you said " old gram pappy magic people like me" I thumbs up the video. Love your work dude!
Leroy (11 days ago)
Taking bets: we'll see a lot of Terese Nielsen reprints with new art by other people out of spite. Mostly excited to see how useful these "new" cards will be in Commander/Oathbreaker.
ManCave MTG (11 days ago)
Rystic study. Would not be a big modern card. Needs a reprint for other formats.
nightkids29 (11 days ago)
Imperial seal
Cavemantero (11 days ago)
I expect more broken shit and not being able to play magic the gathering...they are slowly turning the game into hearthstone and its a BAD BAD move...because hearthstone is a shit game.
ensane1984 (11 days ago)
the way you explain modern horizons makes it sound like modern core set 2019, also if they are bring in cards from before 8th edition aren't they just turning modern into legacy?
Jojoforpres (11 days ago)
Basically. The players came up with the Modern format to avoid the notorious power nine and other broken degenerate garbage. So now Wizards is printing that degenerate garbage with a modern frame to get around the players rules and spoil the format. Same thing happened in Commander. The players made the singleton one hundred card format to limit blue's busted power levels, so Wizards printed a bunch of new broken blue cards to undo the format.
Locke 34 (11 days ago)
Im still on record as half and half on this set , I'm excited for all the reprints and new takes on cards (serra and cabal, ive heard urza and mishra too.) But double the price for draft chaf and bad interpritations of old favorites (Hey guys heres 2019 it's urza! He drinks starbucks and likes vegan food! Also he identifies as a goat!) , kinda scares me but I am genuinly hype for this and hope it turns out well.
Matt Lynn (11 days ago)
+Jojoforpres I figured that. I didn't want to entertain that angle. I was about to go on about if he saw Zedruu and decided to backspace.
Jojoforpres (11 days ago)
You misunderstood. He SEXUALLY identifies as a goat. He is attracted to goat. With how furries only WOTC is lately, I wouldn't put it past them.
Matt Lynn (11 days ago)
Dude consumed an entire plane (Serra's) to make a battery for his toy (Karn). So you may be on to something with the goat thing, they consume anything.
krepsy K (11 days ago)
I love new cards. Spoiler season will definitely be the deciding factor if I'm going to buy it though
bricesonc (11 days ago)
My dumbass already pre-ordered. I don't care. Being old school, I think I'm going to have way too much fun playing with as much nostalgia as I expect will be in it. Have not seen anything yet, and I'm excited.
Andre De Ath (11 days ago)
oh great. new master sets to ruin modern.
hammertim2007 (11 days ago)
My feel for Modern Horizons is that this is simply going to turn out to be a re-branding of the Maters sets and nothing more. I hope I am wrong however to justify the cost of the set there would be absolutely no excuse if half or more of this set turns out to be completely useless in the Modern format. I suspect that the greed of WTOC will corrupt this set and make it overall trash that they then demand double the value for. I am simply not willing to pay 350 per box if only 25-35 % of the cards are trash. If they double the price before taxes in Canada you would be looking 320 minimum per box.
Jay Morales (8 days ago)
hammertim2007 No WotC is going to put alot of effort into the first try. The next Horizons is where they are going to start to get greedy and lazy and offer less. And then less on the next one. And less and so on.
Cavemantero (11 days ago)
yep..then they will make an op set and hike the price up to $500/box based on secondary market single prices
Peter Nordstrom (11 days ago)
it's not rebranding a master set if they can't printy goyf, lily, snap, bob, etc.
SyntheticEvil (11 days ago)
I could care less but, I'm not a modern player.
Pill Chomper (11 days ago)
I'm getting ready to pick up sedge slivers along with the other good slivers this Friday to prepare for modern horizons. Should they release any if at all.
Alex Mendoza (11 days ago)
Yes! Deliver us a dark God and I will be happy, all hail Yawgmoth!
Daemon Redwyne (10 days ago)
Yes please!
Cody Criss (10 days ago)
Sanguine gaurd 😎
Alex Mendoza (11 days ago)
+Zach McMillan black sun zenith?
Zach McMillan (11 days ago)
"Father of Machines! Your filigree gaze carves us,and the scars dance upon our grateful flesh!" - Phyrexian Scriptures - Name the card.
benjamin Mckinney (11 days ago)
Hoping astral slide makes it into modern someday...but thinking it will not make the cut.
Willem Kilian (11 days ago)
I'm pretty excited, just wonder what the price tag is going to look like.
SyntheticEvil (11 days ago)
+BadAtMagic never mind, they have their's for 199 (flipside) now. I could have sworn that I saw $239 the other day. My mistake.
BadAtMagic (11 days ago)
+SyntheticEvil tcg has a pre-order at 190 😂😂
SyntheticEvil (11 days ago)
Flipside gaming has booster boxes for $239.99 for preorders. Not trying to advertise for them, just the only price that I've seen so far.
Epic Anime (11 days ago)
mike likes moms spaghetti.
Pyre Dynasty (11 days ago)
Palms are sweaty.
Willem Kilian (11 days ago)
First on the horizon!

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