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Behind The Fashion: Kiki Clothing

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Watch and SUBSCRIBE now http://bit.ly/SubscribeAnAfricanCity You have been asking about the fashion behind 'An African City'! Watch Marie Humbert ("Makena") interview Titi Ademola of fashion brand Kiki Clothing. Learn more about Kiki Clothing here: http://kikiclothing.com/
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Text Comments (34)
Ejuesti Bubu (2 months ago)
Inspiring designer love the fact that she stated that she was also inspired by an African designer Love the fashion in this show the creativity is amazing
ZEMAVOM DONDE (7 months ago)
Revolte city
men mwe (2 years ago)
Is it just me or does it seem like she has a black eye a black eye
Lu Asare (2 years ago)
I must say their Fashion sense is on point, I love it, where can we buy some
leggy Reid 4c (1 year ago)
http://www.myasho.com sells some of their clothing.
Ketsia A. (3 years ago)
This was nice to watch because I did admire a lot of the fashion on the show. Just a note, it would be nice if both women were facing the camera because it seems we get more of Titi's profile instead of her overall face.  More importantly, when is Season 2 coming out??? Inquiring minds want to know.
Judy Bukenya (3 years ago)
When is the next season coming out? PLEASE!!! Don't do us like how HBO did us with #1 Lady's Detection Agency!😠😠
F Fashions (2 years ago)
+JaliCreations https://anafricancity.vhx.tv/
F Fashions (2 years ago)
+Judy Bukenya http://anafricancity.vhx.tv/
Judy Bukenya (3 years ago)
oh no! I didn't know that!
JaliCreations (3 years ago)
+Judy Bukenya the director or producer died on that show thats why they didn't continue, but i was heartbroken about that one as well
msrtmills (3 years ago)
Kiki has some very nice things in the store, but I can't afford to buy any of them! I do like to look though.
Bauke Coddens (3 years ago)
+msrtmills What price range is her clothing? I can't find it anywhere...
Musah Inuwa (3 years ago)
very nice #AfricanCity keep it up...
fofoissofly (3 years ago)
When is season 2 going to be released?
fofoissofly (3 years ago)
Ok great! Thank you! 
rikyrah (3 years ago)
I want this answer too. 
Pamela Bayo-Affrica (3 years ago)
That is my question 2
LadyMaryNW45 (3 years ago)
Pleeeez bring us a Season 2.
Shenelle Malcolm (3 years ago)
When does the new season start
SWEETELLE690 (3 years ago)
I'm i the only one bothered by her interrupting her when she's talking? Oh well
MidnightBlack (3 years ago)
BeautyHaircareNMore (3 years ago)
The fashions are Gorgeous!!! When are we getting new shows???
Bernice Njoroge (3 years ago)
does she ship internationally?
Miss Vanou (3 years ago)
I hope!
lovecutemakeup (3 years ago)
I comment this on every single african fashion show: what is the point of making such beautiful things if they are nowhere to be found? I love african fashion and it makes me sad that I can't buy ANY of them. Am I missing something?
ZEMAVOM DONDE (7 months ago)
Urgaml son
Belange Mutunda (1 year ago)
lovecutemakeup I am an African designer and live in Iowa ! Let me know if you want some African print accessories because my business is about African print accessories
Jehan Dabone (3 years ago)
Glad I could cheer u up! Xo
Nana A. Lartey (3 years ago)
try the piper twins they're two young African designers based in new York google them
lovecutemakeup (3 years ago)
+Jehan Dabone thanks for cheering me up guys. Lol. I just wished I could have some of those african designers pieces without having to fly down there. They are losing lots of customers. I am sure other people would like to buy too.

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