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Stack Tie Dyes... letting gravity have it`s way... (a quick ``how to``)

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Tie Dyeing in a stack = allowing ice or snow to melt and deliver your powder dye through your stacked material. Using a container to hold your spun dyes in place, stacking them on top of each other to a height of four or five shirts... then applying powder dye over or under ice or snow... and letting it melt as is... running through all layers as it does. ** Leaving the bottom dye(s) in the muck. Cool fun!! Cool results!! REMEMBER: You need to let your stack melt in a safe place! Don`t let it leak out on your floor... music credit: GALACTIC
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Katie Otteson (8 months ago)
Very interesting, ive never seen it done that way!
Shroomie (1 year ago)
soo cool

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